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Marriage in Decline – The Jim Jefferies Show

Marriage in Decline – The Jim Jefferies Show

>>Who knows why some things
have staying power and some don’t
and policy issues. Blues Traveler The kids
from Jerry Maguire and smoking in hospitals all things that we thought
would be around forever but didn’t quite survive. And now another longstanding
cultural institution may be on the way
at words.>>Maybe going out of style
amongst Millennials.>>The current marriage rate is
at its lowest point in a century and it’s dropping of course
it’s dropping when it is finally
being honest with ourselves that it’s not normal. You made a couple
we married for 50 years and no one says yes that chicks
that’s par for the course. It’s always
Oh my God.>>What she’s saying. You always get
the same response. She says well it’s all
about compromise. And the guy chuckles and says
Yeah Yeah she’s always right. He looks down the floor
and a small portion of him dies. Well people say
Well marriage is hard work that.>> I don’t want to come home
from work and have even more work. I
don’t even want to go to work
for work.>>The problem with marriage
is that we’ve turned it into something
that was never intended to be.>>Historians divide marriage
in America into three different areas. And the first era
was really about helping people achieve their basic
physiological survival sorts of needs in the these days
you need someone to watch your back
since most of your days were spent avoiding shit
that could kill you.>>The marriage contract
was like hey Quique you grab that potato and I’ll look out
for velociraptors.>>Till Death Do Us Part.
Oh that was that was quick I guess when you left
the bottom half.>>Goudeau I can have six
and eight to not it wasn’t until recently that love
was even part of the equation.>>The modern idea of marriage as being mainly about love
and companionship only emerged
in the last couple of centuries.>>The institution was
too sacred was too important. And so spouses were workmates
rather than soul mates.>>Where did this idea
come from that spouses had to be soul mates. Even if you’re in love there’s
no such thing as a soulmate. If they really truly
was only one person in the entire universe
capable of loving you. You’re a.>> Definition of marriage
has Shanes today.>>People who get married think
they’re entitled to happiness and fulfillment nois bullshit and most of them are in
for a real shock when looking not only for love
and connection to the marriage
and sexual fulfillment of course but also for the more tricky
complicated sorts of need fulfillment needs like self
actualization personal growth and a sense of vitality. Because of this additional
complexity more of our marriages are falling short
leaving us disappointed.>>No wonder
you’re disappointed. Vitality in marriage. No one says I was gonna go
skydiving this weekend but instead of doing something
why Khula getting yelled at by Becky
for not making enough money.>>I’m going to politely jerk
off in the basement next to a box of cat turds
cafe DGM Spanish. Good evening.>>These are chuse institution
of marriage is an outdated relic
of a lesson Lighton time.>>Marriage is an institution has curtailed women’s freedom
for centuries. I know feminists have taken
their husband’s name because they say it’s easier.
You’re basically being branded. So anyone who sees
you name names immediately who you belong to.>>Women are property . I just have to say that loud
from time to time to remind myself women I.
Will.>>Never make a woman
change her last name so people knows
she belongs to me.>>All they have to do is look for the disappointment
deep sadness in her eyes.>>She’s a Jefferys. If you’re married
and you’re happy that’s great.>>But marriage isn’t
isn’t right for a lot of people it doesn’t mean
they can’t enjoy relationships. Why does it have to be
for a contract or nothing. There’s no other option
for the rest of us. So proposing a new type
of partnership is based on the traditional wedding vows.
It’s called,>>I love you for better
it’s a way to tell the person you wish
that they are the one for you.>>At least for the moment
until you change your mind or find someone. Until someone stops closing
the door they take a shit because that’s a. Point you’ve crossed a line
that cannot be uncross until your high school
crashes divorce is finalized and you can get in a word chill. Why of you guys
completely blind. I mean there are dogs
for that sort of thing or until one of you
wants to have sex with someone
else. I mean they’re dogs
for that sort of thing.>>So for the couples out there
in a happy i love you for a better situation.
Congratulations. Oh I think you’re gonna
really temporarily make it.

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  1. marriage is work — that stupid statement always made me laugh, work?? the fuck would I want to come HOME from WORK only to be burdened with MORE WORK!!!! that's totally insane!!! the only people that say 'marriage is work' are the miserable fucks that are rationalizing their misery LOL

  2. Another bs video made by the hypocrite rim job jeffries either apologies for the lies or leave Comedy Central we will mention this topic till you’re held accountable for your comments and are fired your choice rim job jeffries

  3. Another bs video made by the hypocrite rim job jeffries either apologies for the lies or leave Comedy Central we will mention this topic till you’re held accountable for your comments and are fired your choice rim job jeffries

  4. Getting married is about money has always been for centuries. Now women these days take financial advantage of the situation. There was even a study that there's a decline in newborns. Men don't want to deal with women because we too worried about getting robbed.

  5. Get married anywhere, have a wedding. Need protection? Arrange a legal two party domestic corporation; no problem when it comes to separation, all prearranged.

  6. I like Chris Rock’s bit….relationships should be re-evaluated every five years, like renewing your drivers license.

  7. What's interesting is that there are hunter gatherer tribes that exist still and some of them have no religion or marriage, at least not as we've understood it. In a few of these tribes there is real equality between men and women. The book Sex and God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality talks a bit about those tribes and how many of them, along with having no religion, also have almost no instances of pedophilia or rape.

  8. Marriage was all about rich people getting together to get richer. Now it's about love, which is just a social construct.

  9. I want to have the same last name as my fiance. Why wouldn`t I? I think it is a beautiful thing to have the same name as your family, and when you get married it is the beginning of your own family.

  10. “If there’s only one person in the world that can love you …you’re a c*nt”

    Damn ain’t that true.

  11. subtitles worry me are they stupid or do they change talk like they want it to be ……………………????????

  12. About religion: it was formed centuries back and no longer fits into the current world structure but we are still clinging to it. We should evolve.
    About Marriage: it was formed centuries back when it wasn't about love but partnership. We shouldn't evolve. We should stick with out centuries old understanding.

    I am not for marriage. But the logic conveyed here seems inconsistent with your other arguments.

  13. Read song of Solomon and then tell me love wasn't part of the marriage equation until recently. Thousands and thousands and thousands of years it has been the same. We haven't risen above it. We still need each other and marriage is ingrained.

  14. Men my age (35) all are completely satisfied with porn and video games. That is not a condemnation, just a fact. All of them who have kids, didn't want those kids, and are not together with the children's mother, who they often treat like crap.

  15. Women are property, kinda. They are special property, just like pet. They need affection, need basic living things. But, women aren't treated like dead property (chair, home, car). I said they property because we "buy" them in the form of marriage, that doesn't mean us as men should treated them unequal. Us as men should also treated them as companion.

  16. That's what the idiots don't understand, you keep everything unreachable to the masses they will get around it. The crap these pigs hawk will become irrelevant because they are inaccessible

  17. *The economy is in the shitter
    *Divorce laws and family courts are stacked against men.
    *The more men a woman has pre marital sex with, the higher her risk of divorce. Promiscuity destroys women's ability to pair bond.
    *Promiscuity (and with it, drama and stds) are skyrocketing

  18. The idea of marriage is fine, love eternal is great. Spending $50,000 to throw a wedding that nobody else even wants to go to that's more trouble & stress than the whole marriage after that, that's just stupid.

  19. For some reason I just noticed the map of Africa behind Jim is facing the wrong direction #jimjefferies

  20. Marriage works because men make it work and try they best to keep the family together woman are just ready to leave and always on the edge

  21. If they took tax breaks away, weddings wouldnt be a thing anymore, they would probably just be a christian thing, which is weird because christians used to be able to have several wives who all used to wear hijabs BECAUSE CHRISTIANITY IS AN EARLIER MUSLIM. Also, if you think that America made marriage into love, your fucking stupid.

  22. My kids have mentioned that my wife and I having been married for 22 years makes them rather unique in their friend groups.

  23. My parents said that they've been married for 30 years is because their solid friendship and partnership. No lovey dovey shit.

  24. Marriage is the foundation of civilization. Without civilization will go through cycles of revolution. Generally married people don't have time to or reason to cause social unrest.

  25. I thank my stars the girls i crushed hard on in my youth i never "won"?. Once the hormones settle down you see relationships for what they are…hitting yourself on the head with a hammer 24/7

  26. I mean you can get married and have to spend a load, or just be together and still be happy and you can use all that money to do fun stuff. Like go to jim jefferies gigs

  27. Its just a waste of time tbh. Once you realize that you just wasted years of life doing nothing but socializing for the purpose of getting laid all because you are programmed by evolution to have impulses to reproduce. Unshakable yourselves from the chains of evolution! Be free!!! I wasted a lot of my 20s doing that stuff, I can safely say my daughter is the silver lining of it all. But I think id rather die alone than throw myself in a marriage after dating a few years. Fuuuuck that.

  28. Marriage protects the CHILDREN, it's not about the adults. And any time you are having sex, children can happen. The idea is to make sure men don't go around making three women pregnant at once and then running off without supporting the babies.

  29. I love Jim, and even the watered down version on the show is nice. But you can really tell when segments of his text are written by different types of comedians.

  30. Well at some point when you are 60 you will probably realize why people do get married. Everyone needs a companion they can trust or talk to through the hardships of life despite money. Friendship or non binding relationships are unreliable for the most part in worst case scenarios. A person willing to commit their life along with you to being there through the worst is valuable. Id love to get married however few people are lucky enough now days to find someone willing to commit and share a lifetime together as there are plenty of opportunities for casual/reasonably happy non binding relationships. The only expectation from a marriage in my opinion should be for a person to be there when it counts, the rest does not matter be it love or sex.

  31. Most of my friends are single, although the single men aren't too happy about it. Among couples I know, my one friend isn't that happy but he lives on the westside, so it must be partly financial. My other pal is happily married, has gone thru problems and they stayed, and they have a son who is a champion fine young man. I am old, and I truly wish I had had some kids. I do have a psycho GF, uhm…each human is on a journey, and we should help each other to lead better lives. Towards that end, get married if it feels right, and working on the relationship is the work part.

  32. Women want commitment but can’t stay committed they mostly cheat more then men or they wanna wait when their old in 30s or 40s when men can get someone younger

  33. It’s obvious that most of the comments are written by young losers,stoners/virgin gamers that no half decent woman would like to marry in the first place! But anyway just to clarify for all the cool rebels here you don’t necessarily ask for permission from the government to marry you basically inform them of your plans to get married so that the big bad government can make sure nothing foul is going on such as marriage of an underage person or abuse of immigration laws etc… if there is no foul play the government then provide a document for the couple to prove it’s a genuine wedding it’s not seeking approval it’s proof of legitimacy to protect people! The government have zero right to deny a genuine marriage it’s a right also the states approval is gained to benefit from the perks of marriage in law but a couple can get a religious blessing without state approval.
    What I find funny is most you rebel babies will end up married and happy, your views aren’t new or courageous every kids says it’s for generations but then you grow up…just because a stupid prick of a comedian plays up to your childish views it doesn’t make it right…Jim Jeffries has proven himself to be a lying sack of shit that just uses shock tactics to impress kids and has a big audience in America Because of this to the rest of the world he’s not funny…
    And I know the youth today pretend to be cool and all but really long for peers approval thru social media but just to let you know weddings don’t have to be big and expensive neither do engagement rings that’s the social construct you have created for yourselves

  34. Marriage is for Suckers these days…ESPECIALLY if you re a working class slave men! …LMAO>>. poor suckers who still bite tha bait! Be Free! VICTORY

  35. Women are vile and dark creatures. Alimony and Child Support suck for men and women just aren't worth any of that shit. Cheaper, safer, and saner for men just to stay single to support himself. There is nothing NOTHING in marriage that benefits the man. It's all geared to let women stay home all day without ever going to work, lets her have access to the man's finances, and gives her access to the man's wealth in the event of divorce. What is fun about that for the men? Fuck marriage.

  36. Marriage has historically been designed for men to have it good, the woman had to mind him like a 'child-to-a-parent, and often the man was allowed to have multiple wives, and society expected a woman to forgive a man for cheating. A woman was unable to work for money and was totally dependent on the man financially, (which is why women have historically collected jewelry).

    Once a society gets to the point women can financially support herself, then marriage always goes on the decline. This isn't a man bashing post either, it is statement of historical fact. I am not blaming men for enjoying the best situation possible in the past.

  37. i don't get why people keep repeating this bizarre theory that marriage wasn't always about love. Have they read any myths or legends or ancient literature? the marriage is always predicted on love. the only time it isn't is with rich aristocrats who do it to get tracts of land which is a tiny tiny portion of the population. and even then it's still important that the love exists. look at the love scene between henry V and Katherine in Shakespeare. they had made the deal but it was only going to go through if they loved each other.

  38. I was married at 21 in 2011.
    He cheated in 2015, we separated, and he's been married sense.
    I've been extremely careful with my heart since then, I never thought I would be ok with tying myself to someone like thay again, but I wouldn't mind having a civil union and a public celebration with the man I am currently seeing. .

  39. "If there's only one person in the world that can love you, you're a cunt"
    Well my situation is different. No in the world can love me. ):

  40. Why does marriage even exist? Ffs I don't even see the point of relationships, just a nice good fucking should be enough

  41. I think ppl need more community – family & good friends that aren't judgmental & truly care about e/o. If we had a community then we would put less stress on our spouses.

  42. It's common knowledge that marriage is a failed institution and who the f*ck voluntarily puts themselves into an institution?

  43. Thats why you having dysfuntional kids growing up without family support structure. Girls without father figures becoming promiscious and boys raised by single mothers turning into soy boys…

  44. Marriage benefits females most of the time, that's when the power shifts from the guy to the girl and later so will the money.

  45. Jim touched on the real reason for the decline in marriage rates. With each generation, women gain a more equal footing with men. I make more than most men in the area I live. I also don’t need permission to buy and own land. I can go out and get a piece of a~~ anytime I want. So, why buy a whole pig when all I’m ever going to get is a little sausage when it’s alive and even less bacon when it’s dead? Men aren’t the major breadwinners they once were. They don’t have good pensions and retirement benefits. And, they sure as fu€k don’t have great health insurance. At least, not any better than I already have on my own. So, why would I sacrifice my freedom, my identity, my rights to come home to a lazy shit that expects me to carry a majority of the burden of paying bills AND housework? As Jim said, “I don’t want to come home from work to even more work!”

  46. Bottom line, Females are bat shit crazy !!!
    No guy with half a brain will marry a soulless demond from the boules of hell, witch is a modern females !!!

  47. Iam 23 about to finish my university degree and Iam definetly not planing to get married ever. I am pretty bullheaded so if I say I won't get married, I won't even if someday I actually want to. I would rather live a rather wealthy single life than beeing married and having kids at the age of 28. You can have short term relationships and sex but nothing permanent.

  48. He didn't mention how expensive the whole process is. Buying a ring, throwing a huge party, having to deal with all your drunk relatives…

  49. 1:52 what’s that dish called , indian dressing , a little chinese (red/blood) too , southeast asian dressing

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