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Marriage Permanence Keith’s Testimony

Marriage Permanence Keith’s Testimony

I’m Keith Humphrey I’ve believed and taught marriage permanence for some 30 years now before I even had intentions to marry. For me It was just another theological puzzle. I wanted to see how all the verses fit together, and what was the correct answer? I was disinterested as to the outcome. I never thought that it would happen to me Later in life, I married and was happy for some years, but after a while my wife left me for another man It was then I realized that perhaps God had been preparing me for this time, or perhaps he had allowed these events to play out in my life as a way of making the teaching real to me. I lived celibate for many years and although I wasn’t actively pursuing reconciliation with my wife, I had this teaching and I felt like there was something missing I’d studied it out I thought it was done But it felt like there was something missing, then after over 12 years my wife and I came back together again. I realized that the missing piece was the idea of reconciliation Part of the reason why we don’t remarry after divorce is we leave the door open for reconciliation Why do we even need to address this unpleasant issue? Well, we see in the gospels that it was important for Jesus, and therefore is important. He rebuked the Pharisees For their allowance of divorce and remarriage and looking with lust as alternate forms of adultery What do we see in our modern church except the same problems of divorce and remarriage and the use of pornography? We must be willing to obey God’s word No matter the cost- even if it means living alone after a divorce waiting for a reconciliation that might never come Ultimately true happiness is found in the eternal kingdom of God and not in the temporal pleasures of this life

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  1. Watching these marriage permanency videos is very inspiring.. One thing ,so far, I have not seen addressed is, what if a person HAS remarried and is leaving or has left the adulterous relationship? Are they to pursue reconciliation, or is it too late for that and must they stay alone, from then on? Thank you and God bless you.

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