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Married at First Sight: Jamie Leaves Elizabeth on Their Anniversary (Season 9) | Lifetime

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  1. Elizabeth should have simply apologized and explained why she acted the way she did, so Jaime could get to understand her better…

  2. Instead of him getting aggravated why didn't he just give her the compliments she was fishing for from him? Like "yes babe, you were stunning coming down the aisle" easy peasy and viola no drama. I'm old lol so I've learned how to give and take in relationships, I have made mistakes like this when all I needed to do was say a kind word, pay a compliment.

  3. Both crazy. Just different levels and ways of expressing it. When Elizabeth started talking about her dress and hair, he could have complimented her then started talking about the overall wedding day. He could have given her a chance to express her thoughts about it but he immediately went to anger and frustration. They both severly lack communication skills. Neither one of them need to be in a relationship much less marriage. I think the both need counseling.

  4. But for real, if you are looking at your wedding album twice in the same day on your anniversary, at least one of those times you can reflect on how far you have come and what progress needs to be made instead of just appearance.  Jamie had the right to mention it.  I just hope that he did not bring it up like in an attack.  But also Liz should see the point as well since they are still like strangers participating in an experience.  I see both sides, but the communication and listening skills is not there.

  5. Tbh Jamie was wrong. I don’t see why her pointing out that she looks amazing on their wedding day a problem. If anything he should be hyping her up about it too. He’s insecure and childish. He’s not ready for a marriage clearly

  6. Elizabeth has been spoiled by her parents, especially her father. They made her think that she is flawless and above reprimand. So this is the result. I’m not going to spoil my children. In fact, I want them to struggle a bit so that they can become strong. When the love is there, anything can be overcame.

  7. they r 2 different people he seems to be trying n they r on a date nothing about how good they looked together something is deafiantly wrong with her

  8. I can understand Jamie getting irritated with her, but is it really worth picking a fight? He could have said something at the moment, maybe made a joke. Jeez.

  9. It baffles me that everybody hates Elizabeth. I really get her and like her a lot. She is however probably bipolar. Jamie on the other hand is the mean crazy one. Covert narcissism.

  10. Why is everyone just attacking Elizabeth like no woman would love to be complimented on her wedding day, I mean everything should be about her from the beginning to the end, that's why the woman comes last to the alter so all eyes can be on her and that's how to make a woman happy.

  11. If Jamie was also mature he would not have participated in her tantrums? Instead correct her statements by approaching this in a very mature way. Babe we both look good or ask what do you think of my tuxedo and make positive statements about both looks. That way they would continue positive behaviour but no. Jamie only problem is this giving! He has never had to give without getting something in return. Ap for him to plan all this and for her to only compliment her looks. Means he did so much and she is not returning the same amount as given. Love is not always expecting something in return. Elizabeth can grow in a marriage if her partner is aware on how to add positively to what she is lacking.Jamie the same but he has to stop lashing out in anger with mean words

  12. Shea such a baby. Hes not the only ones ikk n the pictures with her. Yes he has no hair haha but she still could have made more comments on how good they both looked? Conceded much? To toxic

  13. Dr. Pepper Schwartz said it best. They both hit below the belt and love to hurt when they are angry. They don’t belong together.

  14. Imagine Elizabeth is saying Jamie screwed up so she is so perfect. You deserves to be alone , you need to see a guidance counselor

  15. Dude If I made comments about my dress and hair in our photos (which I do) my husband would comment on them too and himself lol. Who cares that shes commenting on her looks? I dont get why he is mad to be honest. MY husband watched this and said hes just trying to cause trouble bc he would have commented on the way they looked in the pictures too.

  16. OK, It was not Elizabeth's fault. Jaime has a disconnect someplace (lack of understanding), women focus on their look/themselves especially regarding their wedding.

  17. Jamie is mature and ready for a stable wife but Elizabeth still has a lot of growing up to do. This isn't going to work.

  18. Jamie has little to no redeeming qualities trust me but she is on a whole other level. Elizabeth is just completely clueless as to how annoying, spoiled and self absorbed she is. Occasionally she has a clear vision of who she really is and sees it but then quickly plays the victim. Both not wanting kids makes total sense now because God forbid it not be about themselves. How the experts thought they would be good I don’t know. I knew it right away.

  19. Am I the only one who thinks she's a spoiled brat?! I mean, nothing wrong with it but I think they matched them wrong! Jamie is way too sensitive and he needs someone like amber (the twin chick)!!! She's very supportive. She's also very passive. Idk, maybe this one's for ratings because they always jumping on Jamie saying he's wrong and I dont feel like he is.

  20. He is mean and Childish. He probably was never into her. So he goes into marriage thinking he will live with a perfect woman. She was just being a WOMAN. She did what every woman who probably lived single for a long time would do. What is wrong with him saying 'Saying how he feels jokingly'or Taking a hint from it and using her reactions to understand her better. Nonsense! I don't even think she should be bothered, she just missed a bullet

  21. It seems Elizabeth only wants to have fun. When Jaime wants to talk, she gets edgy, whiney and acts like he is unreasonable. Even her dad said / implied she is a handful. And she thought that was funny, like cute. I hope she is watching the series and evaluates her expressions, her timing in whining, and her refusal to have heartfelt conversations when she is not in control. I wish them well

  22. Jamie should have left her at the altar good for you Jamie there's a lot of fish in the sea and a lot of them are not in secure good luck.

  23. The girl didn't do anything wrong. For women being a bride is a big deal and she was so happy that she looked beautiful!!! He should also be happy and compliment her and tell her she's beautiful instead he calls her selfish. She is better off without him

  24. He was waiting for her to make a mistake, then use it as a reason to leave. Now when people ask why he left, he has an answer. He was too much of a coward to tell her that he's unhappy. That he's the reason why.

  25. Jamie is very sensitive. He may need a deeper emotional connection especially with regard to their union, dear Elizabeth may never provide or at least, not until she continues to evolve as a person.
    She’s fun and quirky but in all that, may not go too deep. Her lack of confidence tends to bring her back to ‘self’ and her insecurities.

  26. I feel terrible for her. All she wanted to do was compliment her own beauty, and I won’t lie, she’s very beautiful! He could have agreed with her and moved the topic on, but instead he got angry very very fast and threw it into an unnecessary argument..

  27. I can't believe Lifetime even put her (Elizabeth) on the show. How could they do that to this guy? They must have just put her on for the drama and views.

  28. Oh me me me. He didn’t end the marriage. You did by your shallow, self-centered soul; then, you play the victim? Wow. Good job, Jamie.

  29. They need to call quits, it's to toxic and someone is going to physically get hurt. She is materialistic the truth can hurt. Leave girl go home to Daddy.

  30. Elizabeth is the worst her father never allowed her to grow up mature into her womanhood this will never work Jamie deserves a better person not only a better woman but a better person

  31. Jamie should just have corrected her; when she started talking about the hair, dress, make-up etc. He should have checked her right there and said, 'Hey stop making this about you, and keep it about us.' Why guys let girls walk all over them all the way up till the point of explosion is beyond my understanding. Stop enabling women to become a monster.

  32. Even after he's gone it's still all about her… She doesn't say what can I do to make this work… In her eyes it's poor me, how could he do this to me? Me me me…. Not gonna work with anyone with that mindset…

  33. I have been married for 25 yrs and I have never once looked at my wedding picture and said, oh…look how great, I look or my hair. No wonder he got tired of her being self-centered. I would have been too. You want a partner to grow old with by your side and all he got was an immature and very insecure wife by his side.

  34. I understand how she’s feeling at the end… she DID look beautiful and I would have said the same things… He was dramatic

  35. This is kind of a great example of how relationships are nowadays … It’s always a big misunderstanding where both partners misinterpret what the other says or doesn’t say what they wanna hear. And then they fight about it and mean things are said … and then the next day, the woman is crying and blaming herself for her current loneliness. Don’t ever say you’re not good enough…. you both don’t understand each other well enough. Don’t be mean. Treat your loved one the way you’d want to be treated. Don’t lash out. Communicate. And PS… real love makes it hard to walk away.

  36. Men like recognition too… Yes he should have admire her… But where was her praise toward him….. I love how I looked on my wedding but when I look at pics include us both. It was our day, not just mine!

  37. I've watched almost the whole season and I've read many of the negative comments towards Elizabeth and my thought is this, Elizabeth is simple and easy to understand because she is genuine in terms of personality
    which is some what child like. She is beautiful inside and out , and not a phony but a woman comfortable in her own skin. I hope to meet a woman like Elizabeth one day , crystal ,sage , and funky bed dance and all. 🙂

  38. She never mentioned him, if he was handsome, NOTHiNG! She is a narcissist. It's all about her! Send her packing back to Daddy. The Daddy relationship was uncomfortable to watch, very strange.

  39. He was upset that she was making remarks about herself jeez that's such a dumb reason to be upset with someone like I have no words they dont know how to communicate like adults and he is unstable

  40. His interpretation of her comments were totally inaccurate – she’s a girl! Of course she cares about her looks on her wedding day, the groom is just an accessory 🤣

  41. Well what's wrong with complimenting herself. She is the bride. All the attention goes to the bride. He acting like a woman. Woo woo wooo she didnt say I was beautiful. He is a man right bc only a woman would act like him. Crying and having a tantrum. No nothing wrong with Beth complimenting herself.

  42. In some ways it can be like narcissistic listening. Cuz she is self-absorbed in saying how beautiful she is and how she looked in the dress and everything. She is ignoring the fact of why he is mad and redirects the conversation back to herself. But at the same time Jamie also should control his anger and try to find a way to complement her at least once and then bring up the reason why he is mad. Both are narcissistic and choose to use selective listening.

  43. He called her a materialistic "what"?! 🤷🏽‍♀️ Well, I don't think they belong to each other. If they don't take serious whatever counseling they get, it's simply not going to work!

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