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Married at First Sight: The Couples Make Their Final Decisions (Season 8) | Lifetime

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  1. As a former fan of the show, because who knows if I'll watch going forward, I thought this was the worst season ever. I only watched until Luke's disgusting behavior completely turned me off the entire season. What a pig. Smh

  2. I think Steph made the biggest mistake at all. AJ acts like a spoiled child who cannot control his anger and frustration. I think this will grow old very fast with Stephanie. I too wonder, as she has, how things will be when the cameras are gone. I think she is taking a chance here. Until he grows up and he goes for anger management I don't see a future.

  3. Let's face facts will never liked her and saw her as a slob just keep it 💯 we all knew this .. Plus he did not like her big nagging mouth

  4. When I look at Luke I want to puke! He seems so insincere and fake.
    I felt bad for Jasmine but she was being a bit ridiculous. I could tell Will was not attracted to her and tried to hide behind the statements that he made about the intellectual attraction. Will is so full of it.
    A.J.🤦‍♀️….A.J. is just a spoiled brat.

  5. I have so much faith in keith and Kristine ..there is just somethings special about these two idk…trying to figure it out ..

  6. It would have never worked out, these fellas were not attracted to them. Had they said something from jump all this BS would have not gone down. Keep it real people ☝🏽💯

  7. Will is not attracted to Jasmine it’s obvious.I think he was trying to be polite/respectful and not tell her the truth.Also not compatible

  8. Christine and Keith are so freakin cute he knows he needs a woman like her in his life 👏🏾👏🏾

  9. Luke has serial killer vibes.. he fakes “the great guy” persona but can smile at you while strangling you.

  10. Luke was never honest. I'm sorry the young woman did not think enough of herself to let go. Will was selfish, immature. Jasmine dodged a bullet.

  11. Let's really address the elephants in the room regarding this season of Married at First Sight. This season was a bust. The only couple that had a real chance of making it was Keith and Kristine. I have to applaud them for putting in the hard work…working hard to trust, understand, and support one another. No other cast member could have worked out. Luke is narcissist, Kate is broken & damaged to a point of being childlike, AJ has some serious anger issues, Stephanie acts like the classic abused wife who trys way too hard to appease her abuser (AJ) because she's terrified of his explosions, Will comes across intellectually superior to everyone, especially Jasmine, and Jasmine is a diva who expects a man to cater to her without reciprocation. In short, the experts got it wrong, wrong, wrong this season. These couples should have never been paired together unless they were paired specifically for ratings.

  12. You can’t force relationships like this lol just because it looks good on paper doesn’t mean anything. Love the show though lol

  13. Everybody that needed to get divorced got divorced. Unfortunately these mfs gonna be back on the streets looking for their next victim 🤦🏽‍♀️ lol

  14. Hold up at 2:31 she only wiped her “tear “ cause she saw the other girl do it omg 😂😂 I had to replay that

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  16. communication takes a lifetime to learn. I can't believe that guy gave up over that issue in a few weeks eek!

  17. Like Married at First Sight? Catch our new series Marrying Millions, Wednesdays at 10/9c, right after MAFS!

  18. I have been watching married at first sight from the beginning; and this truly was painful to watch!!!!! I felt so sad for Kate ,and you could see the pain in her eyes. Luke was unbelievable ridiculous and just not a good person period. Yes this is a Tv show, if you are serious about being married it will work!!!! You have to put in the same for the relationship and the marriage . If your not don’t do it . And don’t come on a Tv show to hurt another person. That truly wants to fine a partner , love , and future being married. Kate I really hope you fine you guy and your happy😁😁😁

  19. Looks like my long happy relationship with Lifetime is about to end as soon as all the shows I watch are at the finale. Starting October 25th Christmas shows all day and night!!!! Who is trying to run Lifetime into the ground by putting on Christmas Shows from October 25th through to Christmas? Wow!! Bad bad decision. That will be 2 months of Christmas movies which makes me want to puke. Also Lifetime has in some way lost touch with their viewers. First of all some people find Christmas very depressing and 2 months of Christmas movies!!! Come on–is this a joke? 2 months of Christmas movies when you have people out there that have no families and no where to go on Christmas. THAT IS SO INSENSITIVE. People are lonely, alone and depressed over the holidays and LIFETIME is just rubbing their noses in it by putting these movies on and 24/7 IF I HEARD CORRECTLY. Let's not mention the people who recently lost somebody who will be spending their first Christmas without that person. And 2 months of Christmas movies while some people sit alone and look at a spot where that person would be on Christmas Day. What a JOKE. We all need to be reminded of that don't we? Pllllease. If you are trying to save money but lose viewers you are accomplishing your goal. What a stupid idea. My sister's husband passed in August and she is a Lifetime fan. I don't think she will be any more though.

  20. Would give an arm to have just a date with that sweet blonde girl and this dude just going "Um…….. i don't know. Forgot how to speak" at everything she says like he turned into that girl from twilight movies. These matchmakers are not experts.

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