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Married at First Sight: The Couples Spend a Night Apart (Season 8) | Lifetime

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  1. Kate self-love is the best form of love to receive. 💕 you deserve better. Kristine realized they aren’t on the same page because she has a bigger load and is more mature. Luke it’s obvious you got on the wrong show you can exit stage left. Very dissatisfied with how you treated Kate. Learn from watching yourself how to express your feelings better and cut the chase. Your fear of telling everyone how you truly felt can be seen with how you deflected everything upon Kate throughout the season. Aj needs anger management. Stephanie honestly seems like a good woman just wish she can speak her feelings a bit more and take control at times. Anyway I’m done bye

  2. Am I the only one who thinks Jasmine and Will look like each other a bit? I wonder if they think that too.

  3. Kate needs to RUN!!!
    A.J. needs to get dumped.
    Will needs to get real with his emotions & Jasmine needs to REALLY consider marrying a man who didn't grow up with a father figure since she's completely down for a traditional union.
    Kristina… hmmmm. I think he wants it more than she does. She seems to want to drive the relationship more rather than compromise …

  4. Either there is alot of editing or Luke and Kate just waited to the last weeks to act like they like each other. Good luck to the other couples on decision day

  5. Someone please comment…… watching tonight and Kate wants a divorce. So freaking happy. She deserves better.

  6. AJ and Stephanie will eventually end up divorcing. He's going to snap big time without any cameras around. He's scary when he's in beast mode. RUN STEPHANIE! RUN!

  7. Will is not going to stay with Jasmine and I don’t blame him. Keith and kristian should be together she’s his balance.

  8. What about they only have the church wedding ceremony not the court one, after 3 to 5 months living together, in this time frame they have to decide if they want to stay together for the rest of their life. After they go to the court house seal their vows. And bingo, avoid the divorce drama.

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  10. Like Married at First Sight? Catch our new series Marrying Millions, Wednesdays at 10/9c, right after MAFS!

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