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  1. My ex is just like Leroi but when I talked about God he didn't want to hear it and when I said I wanted to talk he said I have nothing to talk about. I asked God to divorce me and things are comming along and I never felt better. I'm glad it worked for this guys.

  2. I'm in the same exact situation and I'm physically sick once again. I'm going downhill physically and I'm afraid I'm not going to make it. I'm from the US and married a Canadian. The changes and loss have been hard enough on me. My joy and happiness are gone. I feel zapped … completely zapped.

  3. God is great… my husband and i almost got divorced in 2017 and God got a hold of me and i was born again and by his grace and mercy he saved our marriage and is working is us day by day. Praise be to the almighty God of the universe. Thank you for sharing your testimony. May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you

  4. It's called Avoidant attachment style aka Mommy issues, abandonment issues as a young child are usually the case.

  5. Great ending but not all men are able to get free of their inability to emotionally connect. God is the same God but not all men are the same.

  6. God is GREAT !! Thank you Jesus for this testimony… Jesus you are the king of the Jews. …. God bless this couple

  7. So good to see this hope you have brought. May God's love and Spirit keep strengethening and blessing your union.

  8. Thank you for this video. I believe God had me to stop this morning and view this because Kim and I have the same personality. Thank you Lord'.

  9. If only he would watch this.
    Father, I sent this to him. Please let him watch it with an open heart.
    Your will be done. In Jesus's name.

  10. Good for them, that’s a wonderful testimony and now they are a wonderful married couple. God continue to bless and keep them, by all evidences, he has and will.✝️

  11. Many people believe that marrying young or marrying too quickly means the relationship will fail. This is not true at all!!! I was 19 when I married my husband. We only knew each other three months. We have been very happily married for 17 1/2 years. Your commitment to each other is what is important. Ben and I are both committed to our marriage and to making it work. We take those vows very seriously. I love that man more and more with every passing year.

  12. This video is a lot more than the title states…

    Very good video! I hope more people will watch it and see how very interested the Holy Spirit is in being intimately involved in EVERY ASPECT of our lives.

    Bravo, Father!

    Bravo! 💕

  13. You just have to hold on to your FAITH in God ..Keep your Faith..
    Our Victory is our Faith in Christ Jesus in every tough times..

  14. So blessed by your story. God is really so good. In restoring your marriage and your love for each other., God has enabled you to become an inspiration to hurting couples to stay still and let God work in their marriages.

  15. My husband called me buddy today instead of baby..calls me dude…im like what is this? I'm a lady! 😆

  16. Im currently in a different place spiritually than my husband. He believes in Jesus but has no desire to read the Bible or pray with me. Whenever I talk about God he gets frustrated and doesn’t listen. And he disagrees with me even if it’s God’s word. And he tells me how there’s a lot of things about me I have to work on and i have to grow up. I don’t do this to him . I don’t find ways to make him feel he isn’t good enough . Or tell him things he needs to fix. But I just keep praying for him that God will give him a new heart. Because i think my husbands talks with me about our relationship, are just his way of telling me he really wants to leave . And he just doesn’t know if he can leave because I have 2 kids

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  18. I pray that God opens our spiritual eyes and ears to never expect a spouse to fulfill voids in our hearts that only Jesus can fill..

    May we never expect our spouse to be what we should be ourselves..

    Let's all surrender to God and be willing vessels to be broken, refined and moulded to that man/woman God called us to be..

    Singles let's learn from these testimonies as well so we can avoid such mistakes when we are in marriage

  19. I’m walking threw this right now. We don’t even share the same room. It is the worst feeling of loneliness to live with someone you desperately want to be together with in marriage but he is only a “ shell” of the man I married. I’m continuing to seek Gods help and rest( or honestly trying hard to rest) knowing Gods in control. It’s lonely but Jesus is near.. it’s sad butJesus is the one I’m looking towards for joy. I know God will answer. I believe I just need to continue to search my heart and do my best so God sees m trying. I know He is able to turn things around.. I just pray for patients and understanding. Please keep us in your prayers . I pray for all your marriages.! I seriously do.

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