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Married Man Had 3 Different Women Pregnant At The Same Time (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Married Man Had 3 Different Women Pregnant At The Same Time (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. This is the case of
Taylor and Johnson
v. Barber.
Thank you, Jerome. You’re welcome. Good day, everyone. Good day, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
Miss Taylor and Miss Johnson, you both claim that you were
pregnant at the same time with the defendant
Mr. Barber’s children. BOTH: Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) JUDGE LAKE: You argue
that he is not been a father to your kids and refuses
to support them, but takes care
of his other child. BOTH: Yes, Your Honor. In your joint statement,
you said that despite having
issues with one another
in the past you’re here today united
to confront Mr. Barber. BOTH: Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
Miss Taylor, you’re suing
Mr. Barber for $3,608 in childcare expenses. TAYLOR: Yes, Your Honor,
that is correct. And, Miss Johnson, you’re also asking the court
to award you $3,880
in child care expenses. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Barber. Yes, ma’am. You counter
that the only reason you can’t support
the children you have with Miss Taylor
and Miss Johnson is because they ask
for too much money. Yes, ma’am. And they create too much drama. Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE:
So, that’s quite a defense. Now, Miss Taylor… Yes, Your Honor. …why do you believe
he supports his other child
and not yours? I believe that he supports
his other child because he is still sleeping
with his other child’s mother. COOPER: No, we’re not. He had three women pregnant
at the same time. He is a dog. He doesn’t do anything
for my child. That’s not true, Your Honor. I had to take care
of my child. That is not true,
Your Honor. Excuse me,
I’m talking. I’m talking.
You do not interrupt me
when I’m talking. Shut your mouth right now. JUDGE LAKE: Let’s settle down. TAYLOR: And let me talk. Miss Taylor, I’ll handle
Mr. Barber.
You just talk to me. Now, finish your story. I have had to take care
of my child on my own
for the last five years. He does not do anything
for her. He only wants to deal
with women that he can control. He is crazy.
He has lost his mind. He’ll only deal
with a woman that’s gonna take his crap
’cause he is sleeping
with her. Exactly. He won’t take mine.
He says I’m too difficult. I don’t feel I’m difficult.
She is not difficult. We just want someone
to take care of our kids. And I should not
have to sleep
with my child’s father just for him to take care
of her. So, what’s the problem, right? What’s the problem? Like… Who I’m sleeping with has nothing to do
with taking care
of my children. It has nothing to do
Let’s keep some order. Let’s keep some order.
(BANGS GAVEL) What we aren’t going to do
is talk at the same time. (PHONE RINGING) Oh, there we go. Mr. Barber? Is somebody calling you? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Jerome, answer it
and see if it’s a woman. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) They’ll probably
never call back again if they find out you’re
inPaternity Court.Shut it off. JOHNSON: Probably would. TAYLOR: I won’t be shocked. So, um, Mr. Barber, you wholeheartedly admit
that you’re the father
of all the children? Yes, ma’am. So, if I saw
the birth certificates… I’ve signed every single
of them. Miss Johnson? Yeah, he is on mine.
Is he on yours? Yeah, on mine. Is he on yours? JUDGE LAKE:
Miss Taylor? Yeah, he cut
the umbilical cord
and everything. What? Did he cut the umbilical
cord for you? Oh! How about you,
Oh, you’ve started
something now. For real? Oh, my bad. You cut off
the umbilical cord? You know that I was there.
You know that. Now you seem like
you’re getting emotional.
Did that hurt your feelings? You know what, like… I had my daughter by myself.
My mother is deceased. My family
could not get there. He was not there. I called him and told him
that I was being induced, he came,
he stayed for 24 hours. You know when you get induced
you never know when
the baby’s gonna come. JUDGE LAKE: I do. TAYLOR: He stayed
for the first 24 hours
and he left. I called him and I said,
“I’m 10 centimeters,
I’m getting ready to push.” He didn’t come. He didn’t come. I had her by myself.
I was there. I pushed that baby out
by myself. But I didn’t show up?
I wasn’t there? You did not come… I didn’t show up?
I didn’t show up? …until hours later. I didn’t show up?
But why? You didn’t come
until hours later. Why? What did I tell you
I was doing? What did I tell you
I was doing? What were you doing?
I don’t know. What was I doing?
I was at work. I don’t know.
You always lie. You always lie and say
that you’re somewhere
and you… I don’t have to lie to you
about where I am at. JUDGE LAKE:
I can tell this is
an emotional subject. And, Miss Taylor,
I can see from your face
you didn’t see it coming once Miss Johnson said
he cut the umbilical cord
on her child. That hurt. He cut the
umbilical cord, but even when
I was in labor
in the delivery room, he was on the phone
with her and other women in front of my family
making me look stupid. I wasn’t with you
when you have my child? Uh, whatever. I was not with you? No. You said
we were gonna be together. Yes, I was there with my child.
I cut the umbilical cord. You said we were
gonna be together. Yes, I admit that I was not
a good person. I admit that. I’m not saying
that I was a perfect person. I’m not saying that. Yeah, whatever. But that’s not
what we’re on
trial about here. I want to see my children. JUDGE LAKE: First of all,
you’re not on trial.
You’re inPaternity Court.I never doubted
the paternity at all. JUDGE LAKE: I know you’re upset but I need you to calm down
and bring it down
a couple of notches. I know you’re upset. My past was not perfect. What I’m saying is,
yes, I’ve done some things
and I’m not perfect, no. I’m very sure of that. But these women know
that I love my children
and they know that. You don’t show it. How don’t I show it? I just took my baby out
two weeks ago. Yeah, because you found out
aboutPaternity Court.For you!
What are you talking about? That’s why. (GAVEL BANGING) No, you know it had
nothing to do with that. That’s why. That’s why. Let’s get some order.
Let’s get some order. Wow, you two. I’m hurt. JUDGE LAKE: But I also see
how frustrated
Mr. Barber is. Now I see a man
who is admitting
pretty much, “I blew it.” You got two of your
children’s mothers standing
at the same podium. Something went wrong. Exactly. But when you two go to speak,
I took a moment
to just observe you. I mean, you go to not level 10,
level 20 in a matter
of two seconds. And there is no understanding,
no communication,
no compromise, no resolution when you all are going
at each other like that. And all I’m sitting
and thinking is, I’m an adult judge
of this court used to watching people
in dispute and you all
make me uncomfortable
watching you yell and scream. I can only imagine
what a child would feel like. Because the truth is we need
to come up with a resolution
for you all ’cause I can’t have any
children growing up hearing
that nonsense every day. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These women stand
before the court today and say that you haven’t stepped up
to the plate financially. At that time,
Your Honor, no.
I was not. And why was that?
Explain that to me. Because at that time
I was going through
a lot myself. I was still a kid.
We were having kids. I have been in group homes
since I was 12 years old. All I know how to do
is take care of myself. So when my kids came,
no, I didn’t know
how to do that for their best, for the better part
of my children. I was doing music.
I’ve been doing music
since I was 12 years old. So I continue to do music,
I went to school, I got a degree,
so I can be able to take care
of my children right now. One thing my father
always told me is if you can’t take
of yourself, how are you gonna
take care of children? I have three.
I don’t have one. I had three and I had two
at one time. Being 18 years old,
on the street, by myself. I signed
the birth certificates. I never asked
none of these women
for paternity test. I don’t love my children?
I don’t wanna be there
for my children? No, that’s not true. Because you said
your father always told you… Repeat that. My father always taught me
if you can’t do anything
for yourself, how can you do anything
for anybody else? And then I would add to that
if you aren’t in position
to take care of yourself, why put yourself
in the position
when you’re making children… (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) True. …that you’ll have to
take care of. BARBER: My whole life
has changed.
I mean… JUDGE LAKE: Tell me… I’m an engineer,
so I actually can make money. I travel. I do things
to actually provide
for my children. I can provide
for the children, I can take them…
Clothes, shoes… You haven’t done
none of that. Wait, wait, wait.
Please, please,
like… That’s not even true
’cause I just took
my son out. Like, come on, man… You haven’t… Mr. Barber, look at me. Have you sent Miss Taylor
or Miss Johnson
any money consistently? Recently?
Consistently? No, ma’am. Miss Taylor, I need
to hear your side. Mr. Barber, give her a chance.
We have listened to your side. Miss Taylor,
has he sent anything
to help you with your child? He bought my daughter
two packs of diapers. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And how old is your daughter? TAYLOR: My daughter
is five years old. JOHNSON:
I never got two packs,
I never got a pack.
And, Miss Johnson,
you’re saying
you never got… He never bought
my son no diapers. I made do whatever I had to do
to get my son diapers. He brought my son three pairs
of shoes and three outfits. TAYLOR:
That is so sad. He had three women pregnant
at the same time. He is a dog. When you two were pregnant,
did you or did you not know
anything about the other? I didn’t know about her. Later on in the pregnancy,
we did find out
about each other. I found out about her
on accident. I didn’t know
about her, um… She didn’t know
about me. He told us things
about each other after we found out
about each other like, to put us
against each other but I didn’t know about her. TAYLOR:
He wanted us to fight. I didn’t know who she was. He wanted to basically
up his ego… “Oh, I got
two girls pregnant. “They’re fighting over me.” He had three girls pregnant. You say
he had three? He had me,
he had another female
and he had her. So you’re telling me
he had three women pregnant
at the same time? TAYLOR: Yes, Your Honor. At the very young,
tender age of 18. We were all 18. All the way… Wow. Let’s hear from Miss Cooper.
Miss Cooper, please stand. Thank you for joining us. What do you have to add?
Do you feel like he treats
your child differently? Um… No, I don’t. I feel like he loves
all his kids the same. I just feel like… Me and him came
to a common ground
through co-parenting. Our relationship,
what we’ve been through,
none of that matters. JUDGE LAKE:
Is he good to your child? Yes, he is. Very well. JUDGE LAKE: Loves her? Loves her. She is the daddy’s girl.
She only wants to be with him. We can’t say that.
Unfortunately. So, you think he is capable
of being a good father
to their children. Of course. And in your estimation, since you know him,
what do you think
has been stopping him because he acknowledges
paternity. He admitted to this court,
“I might not have been right
about everything in the past. “I got a lot wrong,
but I owned up to my kid.” I honestly
feel that it’s not about
the kids for them. It’s more about…
They are bitter because things didn’t
work out for them
how they planned. And I kind of feel like,
they had the kids
out of spite. TAYLOR: For real? Out of spite? Huh? Spite? I feel like they are still
in love with James.
Um, I’ve actually… You know,
it was one Christmas where he asks me
because he didn’t want
to directly, you know, talk to Moniquea, and you know,
ask her and see
what the kid, what my son
wants for Christmas. You know, asked her, she said,
“No, tell him he don’t have
to give him anything. “We’re good, we’re fine.
You’re dead for my daughter.” JUDGE LAKE:
So you have seen firsthand
them refuse Christmas presents? Yes, and even Carol had said
that “You’re dead
to my daughter. “You’re not her dad.
You’re dead to her.” JOHNSON:
I never said that. Like, who wants to deal
with all that? TAYLOR: She does not know him. I don’t have time for that.
I don’t. I never said that. She does not know him. The conversation
that she is
talking about… She hit me up
on Facebook
asking me, “Oh, J. Barbes
want to know “what to get your son
for Christmas.” I took it as, okay,
he didn’t have no problem
talking to me before, why does he have
to have you direct me? I didn’t make… Okay, but even if that was the case I think it’s been established that you all
have trouble communicating. So, if a third party… He tells people we’re fine. One of his children’s mother
reaches out to you, even though it may feel
a little funny,
wouldn’t you just give her some suggestions? She is not a mediator. He needs to… JUDGE LAKE: No, no, no. He needs to approach us. Miss Taylor, no one said
she was a mediator. The point is she is
your child’s
half-sibling’s mother. What does that have
to do with anything? Meaning, if you got a message just asking what your child
may want for Christmas, is it more important
to press the point to require Mr. Barber
to talk to you or is it more important
to make sure
on that Christmas morning when the boxes are laid out
there is one from Daddy? TAYLOR: Okay, so there was… When she did send me
a message on Facebook asking what size
does Ariel wear,
what size shoe does she wear, what are her requests
for Christmas…
So I responded. Do you think
she got anything?
No, she did not. Miss Taylor, you have
a list of expenses. Am I correct? Yes, I do, Your Honor. And receipts that you prepared
for the court… Yes, I do, Your Honor. …to enumerate what you spent and do you have that with you? Yes. Yes. This is a ledger
and also receipts for
childcare expenses. Now these expenses
that you’ve presented, they accurately depict
what it takes to raise a child. Now, Mr. Barber, do you have
anything to add
before I make my ruling? No, ma’am. You now, it is
this court’s opinion that Miss Taylor is in fact entitled to $3,608
in back child care expenses. Moving on. Miss Johnson. Yes, Your Honor. Did you also bring receipts… I bring receipts… …and information for the court
regarding your claim? …and information. Yes, and I also have
a text message
between me and Mr. Barber where he stood my son up
on his fifth birthday. Saying that he was going
to get a gift and he did not. Jerome, can you
please hand me
Miss Johnson’s information? So I see Mr. Barber asking
if he is having
a birthday party. He says he is there. You tell him exactly
where it is and you also suggest a gift
that he would enjoy, a gift card so he can get
what he wants. JOHNSON: We argued on that. He didn’t wanna
give him a tablet. JUDGE LAKE:
He loves Ninja Turtles. Yeah. And then, Mr. Barber,
you consent, “all right.” And you say the party starts
at 2:30and then I see you follow up.
“Hey, are you coming today?”
And you ask,
“What time are you starting,”
Mr. Barber.
“2:30-3:00.”“So are you coming,” you ask.And then you tell her,
you’re working,
you have a session. We know you’re an engineer. And then you say, you told him
about the party in advance and plain and simple,
are you coming or not
so I can tell him.And you said,
“I told you what I’m doing.”
Meaning, “I’m working.”And your text begins that
you’re disappointed because you already told your son
his dad would be at his party. That’s something
that happens all the time. You’ve provided
countless receipts. These are for the uniform,
for school… School uniform. …diapers, well… These expenses are
all reasonable and legitimate. And, Mr. Barber,
seeing as though you have
acknowledged this child, signed his birth certificate,
you have a responsibility to share in those expenses and for that reason
I’m awarding Miss Johnson the $3,880
she is requesting
for this court. Judgement for Miss Johnson. Cash, please. You know, you got beat down
a lot in this courtroom today
because you haven’t been there. But I did hear
between the lines a level of truth that I want
to explain to you
that I understand because I want
to do you better. When you got
these women pregnant,
you didn’t know who you were. But now you said,
you’ve found yourself. You know
what you’re passionate about. You’ve gone to school.
You have learned
to be an engineer. And when you have a client you don’t want
to let the client down, but most importantly
you have to remember, you don’t want to let
your child down. Do you understand? You have to now
step up to the plate and be that father
that you wanna be, you say you wanna be. Fathers, parents,
make sacrifices. Yes. Sacrifice. They get it done,
without excuse. And the children have to know
they are their
number one priority. Are we clear? Thank you. Court is adjourned.
Good luck to all of you. I really hope
that I can co-parent with them. That would definitely
be the goal. I just really hope
that he looks at this
as a wake-up call. And he comes
to his senses and be a man and be
a father and be in
his children’s lives. We got, you know,
a little shopping coming up.
They know. Right? Shopping spree.

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