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I just got back home and I made probably the most special purchase I’ve ever made in my life. Today I want to propose to my
girlfriend Masumi and like really nervous but, I just bought this ring pretty crazy I went to Japan like a
little bit less than two years ago didn’t expect to meet a girl there and when she gets home we have like these mountains next to where we live. We’re
out in the Carson Valley area I’m at my parents house where I grew up act like we’re gonna like go on a hike or something and then just propose So wish me luck and a year past and I really found myself I found confidence and around
that time I met Masumi at the guest house it was true it was real. We got to be
friends first and that’s beautiful but, like I said what I wanted was
something genuine Real Love, True Love A lot of people say it doesn’t exist but, I found it and as soon as I had it, I wasn’t gonna let it go. I’ll do my best & I
hope you do the same let’s enjoy our life. I love you And Masumi, Welcome to the family Welcome to the family (Spanish) Luis congratulations first and foremost Masumi congratulations first and foremost Congratulations! (Japanese) Uhhhh, you… You are like You’re something really special man Cause you went from 35 cent burritos and
sleeping on a couch in Inglewood in the ghetto to achieving everything that you
really want to achieve, everything that we talked about since we were kids and you kind of serve as a beacon of hope for people To achieve everything that
they want to do and a lot of people didn’t really believe that it was
possible to like find true love and do stuff from like the background that we come from but, you found something real and you proved that as possible to make everything that you want come true so congratulations Thank you for serving
as hope for me and everybody else I met Luis like, long, long ago Before any of his success I met him when he was
like, all or nothing filming street skating every single day It’s really crazy to see what truly loving something, like doing something, from purely out of your heart will lead you to, and it lead you to this bro. you really deserve this shit Bro, you were like living off of 7-eleven food, and now your like traveling the world like you live in japan you go where ever you want like, you built a name for yourself like, you did that on your own, you feel me? I couldn’t be happier for you bro like, you deserve all the happiniess and success coming your way and you deserve all that shit bro, I swear to god like You gave your friends a chance, you know? like to travel the world and like
do what they love and I really appreciate that shit bro like You could just be living on your own like off of the brand but, you brought your
friends into it, you know? like to travel the world and like do what they love and I really appreciate that shit bro like This is amazing bro, I came from nothing and you changed my life bro for real I’m thankful for you, Im thankful for which i got bro Like i just wish y’all best for real, like family bro I love y’all to death Congratulations bro pretty much my life was a whole 360 from where i was living like in paris It’s crazy like, how it really like impacted my life like, a lot I was able to be blessed with like real friends like even when I was going through the hardest times of my life you kept pushing me to be the best version of myself. I’m so grateful for you and Masumi, I’m grateful for you too Thank you so much Luis, Congratulations! This is tough, sorry I don’t have anything written down or anything but, love you man and uhhh I just hope that you guys just have a long
fruitful marriage and that you guys can just have a beautiful family coming soon and for many years to come you guys are happy, so yeah and uhhh I I pray to God that you guys are left
with many fruitful years of happiness and you guys carry each other in the right
way and respect each other and you guys always do what’s right and I’m glad to
not just call you a business partner but, neither a friend but, a brother I
appreciate your presence in my life what you’ve done for me and how you’ve
changed my life and I just want to say that. This is beginning to a new chapter of your
life so cherish it Fuck man, just this is you, this is everything you wanted you fucking won I said everything I wanted to say ERASED Gang 2020, we taking over.

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  1. If anyone speaks English and a different language fluently and can help me subtitle this video in a different language, that would be a huge help. This is probably the most meaningful video I've ever made on my channel and I just want to make sure all my international viewers can understand it clearly. all you have to do to add subs, is click on settings on the bottom right corner of the screen, click on subtitles and click (add subtitles/cc), and it should take you to the page. This all wouldn't be possible without your support! I love you a'll, for real. You've changed my life more than you know! <3

  2. Im really Happy that you found that what everyone wants. Freedom Happiness and a wonderful wife who loves you with every Muscle in her Heart! Congratulations! <3

  3. くうううううううう!!!!最高だ!!!!!いつまでもお幸せに!!!!!いつか会える日を楽しみにしています!!!

  4. Luis man you came a long way big dog. Enjoy this happiness to the fullest, its truly a blessing not everyone could say they have. You inspire me to really go hard at what I love doing. And I’ll do just that. Keep goin hard bruh <3

  5. Hermaaaaano video culiao hermoso.
    Todas las blessings de Chile bro🖤🖤.

    Bro your video is so beautiful.
    Congrats 🖤.
    Blessings from Chile 🖤🖤

  6. Congratulations on the marriage Luis. Best of luck for years to come.

    I recently came to Australia for some family reasons and I was walking around the city. Brisbane city. I thought straight away, this would be dope to skate. So I’m telling you that if you ever want a cool, city skating vibe video go to Brisbane city in Australia. There is alleyways with ledges and there is so many rails. It’s a cool place. Check it out if you want bro.

    Again, congrats on the wedding. Lots of love man 😁

  7. nice wedding, probaly didnt spend that much but the resulting video is beautiful, it would be nice to hear from masumi though, even if in japanese

  8. Its cool how when you look back at this 20 years from know with your kids. Just imagine the vibes. Congrats 🎉🎊🎈❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Omggg ISH SOO BOOTIFUL 😢😭😢😭😢 CONGRATULATIONS!! I almost cried when he was saying his speeches. Congrats, and I love u 😭😘🤗🥳🥳😢😊

  10. Yo dude I’m so proud of u u came a long way i Evan cried. I really hope I get to meet u before I die it would mean the world too me. I remember watching you when u only had 5k subs now look at u bro. Your really something great much love bro.❤️

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