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  1. Lotta kisses on this one eyy me guyz to deliver the kissed …you did great again

  2. feel excited for next episode 15 thanks you 😀💜👍I like it the story it's make me laugh😀😁

  3. I am from Somalia, and Chewing Kat is not a culture. U guys correct that please. Its a bad image for Somalis.

  4. And again I say, she has great legs🔥. It always starts with pity and transcends to love ❤️

  5. I love this drama so much. Thank you KBS for wonderful family dramas. Lots of love from Northeast India.

  6. Thanks a lot for uploading but your making us suffer a lot…please upload like 2 parts at least …its just a request not an order dia…thanks

  7. I live for how protective Euntae is of his niece it's so stupid and lovable 😂😂 she's like noooo you ape and he's like EUNTAE SMASH EVERYTHING THAT HURT TINY SOFT CHILD

  8. Am I the only one getting gay vibes from Manager Choi & Jae-hyung? It seems Manager Choi is interested in him lol

  9. I died when the machine said the guy's from Somalia. He doesn't even look Somali. 😂😂😂The only thing that is from Somalia in that picture is the Khat.

  10. 20:25 Excuse me lady but Somalia isn't the most barren place in Africa. Go do your research all over again.

  11. Yaa Euntae that guy is not from somalia the machine gave u wrong information maybe the khat is from somalia u should tell the gallary director to correct the mistake and stop giving wrong information to pple and u shld target that, its strong point. :p

  12. Firstly khat doesn't grow in somalia , the guy who is chewing khat is not even a somali and somalia is not most barren country in Africa 😏

  13. Omg with rookie park tell him that i wont threaten you with the fact it made me cry and i look forward to their bromance

  14. how can Park Hyeosop knew where to find Lee Miyeon in YL building? even if he asked the concierge, they would never tell him where is the big bos without any appointment.. and he can just barked in to the board meeting room and knew exactly where it was without someone escorted him, consider that was his first visit.. the way he found out about Lee Miyeon was a bit eekkkkk..

  15. Khat is not culture in somalia ok idiot, it's a bad habit and haram(not allowed in islamic relegion) thing . it is more like a cigarette you choose whether you smoke it or not
    and most barren country you said, douch bag, it's a country that is trying its best to develop ….

    Do your research's right stupid ass writer.. who ever wrote that scene doesn't deserve to be called a writer >< A WRITER DOES THEIR RESEARCHES RIGHT am pretty sure you don't know what google is

  16. It's a bit offensive that people speak about Africa as if it's one country filled with poor people and mosquitoes. There are places in Asia that are worse than Somalia and lack and diseases are spread around all seven continents.

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