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  1. Whatttttt😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲!!!! Park Hyesoep ..just Why on earth would you break up with Miyeon?😲😱

  2. Just here desperately waiting for the Love, Fantasy and romance of EunYu couple❤❤❤😂I have high hopes man, just know😉

  3. i feel bad for the son who was abandoned by his mom, but raised himself to be obedient and must have worked hard all those years to please his current mom and now his life is changing again ………when he even doesn't like the girl everybody is forcing him to like her sooner or later he will end up with that twin girl but still it is sad

  4. That youngest is so stupid what money did she see when her sister was married to a rich guy that she expects to see now with her dad?

  5. I hope Munshik doesn't fall for Dayeon. His end game is probably gonna be the twin sister but they're probably heading for a love triangle before that -.-

  6. I ship!! I ship!! I ship!! I ship!! I ship!! I ship them!! I ship choi munsik and park jaehyung so much I don't knw why😂😂😍😍

  7. can anyone say me that in which site i can find all episodes 50/50
    this drama requires 50 ep so why only 35 ep in every sites

  8. Dat twin daughter s really greedy.
    & his father always not have any confident wen it comes her…once lost everything dat time also he leaved her said he don't have d confident,.. Shamelessly she come again behind f him….BT again he rejected wen she have everything said he doesn't hv confident….

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