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  1. This oldies are so cute omg 😱 😲 😲 do they think they are still In their twenties? Hahahaha love them so much

  2. Wow..That boy is a real gangster….of course after meeting the real mom I now see why…berries don't fall too far from the tree.

  3. 1:00:00 I finally understand why he doesn’t want her to have a boyfriend or get married to someone else 🤯🤯🤯

  4. I juss lyk mad dog's concern ,caring and protecting yuha …he's falling fr her wthout knowing …l luv it

  5. Miyeon and hyoseob are the cute couple of this drama i like them the way they do.they make us laughs and cry sometimes they are lovable couple..miyeon/hyoseob fighting

  6. haha the old couple is so cute! The way they behave like 20 year olds are really funny and adorable to watch xD

  7. Jerk…he came fr show little simpathy to dieing patient…mk her last wish true….writer s too favour to him …..he lived happy love life….old age also he s healthy….

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