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  1. If Yuha fails to look after her daughter by preventing this asshole korean family from sending her daughter into exile, then she does not deserve to be mother.

  2. It's probably just me but Jaehyeong's twin sister and love interest look exactly the same! Need to fix this strange problem!

  3. Is that a culture in Korea to make people beg on their knees. … ??? If so…..its Terrible….

  4. just a minute or two in this drama and I really hate the sight of that snobby bastard personally I would not divorce him but put him in a deep hole where he would never be found

  5. وين باقي الحلقات اني اشترك بالقناة بس اريد باقي الحلقات من فضلك

  6. Some women are Fools, they marry idiots who treats their children like garbage and they still stay married.

    If your husband hates your child why are you still to him…

    Ok she wants to divorce him 😂 that's good, she deserves better than that fool.

  7. KBS world. TV. ❤😍👍 Malaysia
    Facebook Like. Love 👍👌🏻😘😘😘 2019.

  8. …Seongun has no spline… he is a mere puppet of his rich family…. and what kind of civil law they have when the mother don't have the decision over her kids?… do they belong to primitive society ?…

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