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  1. I really like ms lee,no matter what she do.her fighting spirit will make us tell that shes really an amazing actress i've known…i hope she received an award

  2. Minsuk is finally paying for his sins..She broke Miyeon's heart and he is now all alone..I hope the third sister knocks some sense intro his head soon.

  3. I really like this ep in this ep the wedding the eldest daughter she looks really pretty and in her driveway she was crying that one was very emotional movement .and the love life of park yuha and euntaca , I really like these loving scene .and a very lovable and emotionally fight between mother and her son really really touchable

  4. What did they mean by the next episode is going to be special is it going to be the last one or something ????

  5. miyeon should just kick minsuk out, take all the privilege he got all his life for his mom, then the brat would come in line!

  6. She show piece… Always look & watch….not stand fr right….fr blind love fr his dirty son she leaves people WO honest WD her….its best she died in cancer… There s nothing change…after munsik world…hw its now

  7. pretty please please please kbs, make the other marry me now episode videos available to phils!!! i'm such a huge fan of this show and marshmallow Yoo Dong Geun and love his off the charts chemistry with Jang Mi Hee :)))))))))))) you'll make me one kbs subscriber over the moon in happiness!!!!!!

  8. Oh yess handsome doctor…you could fix many more benches at that house because we want you with the beautiful Ensue's mom so you could continue being her real dad

  9. …like father like son… Munsik has a shameless biological father who uses his son as a milking cow…. the same with the biological mother…

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