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  1. Damn this drama is very boring..i thought it will get interesting if i continue watching but it sucks.. not good compared to five enough,all about mom,wolgyesu tailor shop,father is strange,golden life.. they are the best weekend kbs dramas

  2. 17:48 guys listen this part carefully, they are playing badboy(red velvet) in the background. I don't know why I'm screaming.

  3. Why so old now the husband of the gangster…movie my wife is a gangster 😍😗😚 I loved it so nice hahaha try to watch it

  4. Hw could he break d promise wd her…..& left her alone fr her dad's word….(not even he checked hw she living)even he knw she trust him…..after its he move on frm her so easily without any guilty he find another one fr her place & married her….& lived same place wer dey bfr planned to live….happily he had 4 childrens also….he s something

  5. …. the rude rich sister is also infertile that's why… a family of infertile and is doomed to vanished in the face of the Earth… the govt may takeover their wealth… and distribute them to social welfare…

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