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  1. Thankyou for ur hard work.. i realy enjoy all the episode…. im gonna miss this Drama😢😢….im going to watch this again someday…Marry me now have a great and happy ending❤❤

  2. A good drama with all family elements like love, silly fights, support and understanding.Lot of charecters had pure hearts which spreads positiveness in socity.I felt it is too small even it has 50 episodes.gonna miss this.

  3. Hard times are in every continent not just Africa. When I thought it's only in Africa where we have people sleeping in the streets, I was shocked to find that then in Europe, the same happens. So don't paint our continent as a remote place, villages, cities, mad, poor, rich are everywhere. Besides that, the drama was 👌. Miyeon killed it, lol

  4. I am a fan of KBS dramas.Why KBS drama always draw Africa as a dark and remote continent? Please adjust your view you are totally ignorant about Africa .Especially you south Koreans, Don't forget what we Ethiopians did for you our family member died for you .check your history .we have supported you once you.

  5. Incredibly talented actors including the little cutie.they made me tear up quite a number of times.Thank you so much KBS n thanks to everyone who worked hard for this beautiful piece.wish you all the best 💓💓💓💓

  6. In fact I hv bin takin d actors as my family now dey hv gone ,mis dem so much I salute da writter en a person hu selected actorz wooowwww

  7. Why do Korean always talk about Africa badly and also Africa is not only one country but west , east south and north Africa . am pround to be an african

  8. I'm disappointed by Koreans since they have started looking down on Africa, how good they think they are to lowly criticize the whole Africa. No critical thinking was applied here in this episode. Do they even think of our Africans who volunteer every year to teach them English and universal integration. So sad

  9. KBS just always lights up my year with these amazing family k dramas. This drama was so beautiful. All the couples were fun to watch. I will definetly miss it. Thanks KBS and gud luck to the cast in other dramas. God bless u and success in ur acting careers.

  10. Miss you all ☹️😭😭😭😭why is that drama finished so early.but happy that they all are live happily ever after 😊🤗

  11. Why do they think Africa is hard place to live… ?? We live here our entire life na sio ngumu the way they say it… But the way they pronounce it is the hardest… Aprika kubaffffffff its Africa n its a continent not a country

  12. Thanks 4 the upload.i love learning athing o 2. Rm any movie.and this one thought me to work hard 4 ur old age….she worked hard 4 be who she is .am blessed 2 have watched this movie till the end

  13. Thank you kbs.this is one of my favorite movie special I laugh I cried and I'm to emotional specially when munshik cry I really felt it too. Congratulations everyone. I love korean

  14. Thank you for the drama 🎭. Wish I could find an other drama where I can meet munsik, huijin, Eunsu, Aente

  15. Thats not fair !! Why hyunga & moonshik endup being single!!💔🥀i was waiting from the start😩 i really wanted them together !! Lmao Im all broken now😂💔😩 anyways !! It was awesome!!!

  16. Can this drama continue. I wish the mother step son marry the twin sister they make a good couple and he doesn't have to explain himself.

  17. Sub indo nya gak kelur ya padahal final inging tau cerita akhir nya sangat sangat keren alur cerita nya seperti kisah nyata bagus banget dn romansa nya pun alami 😘😘

  18. They should apologise for this nonsense about Africa, how can they say there is no school, what rubbish is this

  19. the drama is so sweet but im little offended, who said Africa is the worst place to be .come visit here, then you will know you really offended me.

  20. Wow I enjoyed the ride this drama offered. I really enjoyed the screenplay also; the characters' lines were smartly written.

    Now I wish I could meet someone like Lee Dayeon in real life. What a woman. About the story now, I know that towards the end the drama tried to hint a tiny little something between Hyunha and Monnshik but it would have been slightly uncomfortable for me if it were to happen as i completely LOVE the thought of them living as siblings, that love is powerful too, it's not all about romance. I really enjoyed the drama though i also felt like the whole bit about how Eunsu came to be was not made clear to all the family members, which was a shame. But all in all lovely drama, fanatstic acting and i loved the theme of family.

  21. I finally finish this drama it was such a long journey for me . Gonna miss the special park park family. And I will miss you all too love 💚💛💜🧡 from Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

  22. i really enjoyed watching this drama …thank you kbs for the upload. It was such a nice experience although l got offended by how the African continent was portrayed.They should have done background research on it before writing their script. It proves that they dont know a single thing yet they dared to include it in their drama. Africa is not a country where one refers to it as if its one small place. There are different countries for example Zimbabwe, South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia to mention only but a few that make up the whole of Africa with some industrialized and civilized whilst a few can be considered remote, there is good education being offered here as well. if they mention it as one does it imply that one will have to visit all the countries donating aid?
    so please next time do a better job

  23. I hope viewers will learn from this drama with regards to dementia care. Nice of the writer to incorporate this segment. Much appreciated

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