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Marrying an Australian Guy

Marrying an Australian Guy

ready ready hi guys welcome back we have been away for a little while we apologize for that there’s been quite a bit happening on errand and we’d love to tell you about one of those things today yeah we did a little bit of survey and asked people what they wanted to know more about on this channel and lots of people ask us about the wedding when it’s gonna be where it’s gonna happen so we decided to make this little video and Jillian let’s mention that we’re actually engaged yeah so we divided the topic wedding in categories and just to make it easy and for us to remember as well so I’m gonna just like ask Elliot a few questions and we’re just gonna talk about it so when did we decide to get married um I can’t even remember I guess we talked about it just in general and it just became more of a reality as things progressed I guess yeah Julie it was so excited that she went told her mom and her dad not giving me quite the opportunity I needed to ask her dad prior because Brazil it’s not that of course there are some people that ask the bride’s father before but that’s not really common there so I just told my dad my mom and dad straight away and I knew it was look like shocked no you can tell your dad I have to ask your dad for your hand there yeah sorry about that and in Australia it’s quite a standard tradition for the agreement to ask the hand in marriage from the father what how was the proposal Oh breathtaking let me tell you from a guy’s perspective just look we’ll throw in the picture here as you can see beautiful beautiful location with a beach going on that tranquil blue water but Julia wasn’t wearing and she wanted to be where when I asked ed and he lied to me as well before so I was a little bit concerned because you said the ring wasn’t ready right yeah constantly lied yes so he lied to me so I was like oh my gosh I’m gonna say yes but I’m saying yes so guy didn’t lie to me to make this surprise so kind of like can I trust him can I trust him it was so elaborate that Julia would ask me have you called the jeweler to confirm it’s ready and to make sure that I had the verification there I actually called the jeweler and said I saw and so there they went there great still had the time stepped on my phone that I had called the jeweler for a period of time knowing true well I’d already got the ring and it was ready to go and also he showed me you showed me an email saying oh yeah this is not gonna be ready yeah yeah they got it wrong they said you know it’s not gonna be ready and then a few days later they replied saying all we might we might never get this straight yeah but I didn’t say that one it was a beautiful surprise and we were in a beautiful location so everything was just perfect okay so where are we going to get married actually we’re gonna have two weddings [Music] well yes yeah the first one will be here in Australia in the best death and registrations yeah and it will just be a very simple ceremony with very few people they’re quite family and that will just be so we officially married here in Australia and officially everywhere else it’s just like in Australia and Brazil all beasts I’ll still be single but for me to get married with Julia officially in Brazil and then I would need to be in the country for 90 days there’s lots of other documentation that’s required it’s quite extensive yeah so just be doing this ceremonial thing in prison and speaking Portuguese so I’ll be smiling and see me anyway you know seeing it’s like a scene you committed a scene I know that’s why I said refrain and why we decided to get married in Brazil well because Julie has such a large family we thought we would we would do it then just seemed like a logical place for us to for me to kind of meet your family as well and actually we we tried to find a location here in Australia as well we went to visit this beautiful place together there maligning Mullaney it was it was amazing it was awesome but like Elliott said a lot of people would have to to travel from Brazil and it would be like just really hard to organize and schedule everything so yeah it’s just easier because we’re going to live here in Australia as well hopefully yeah so it’s just a chance to see everyone in Brazil it’s been some time some time with my friends and family and what’s gonna be the style of the ceremony will be a Brazilian style ceremony or in Australia closer well the guy from a bit of a mix of both I mean it’s not standard for things like the vows and Brazil any speeches so we’re kind of just immersed both cultures I guess into the one way it was a mess because Elliot had this expectations about how the wedding should be and I had my expectations as well so we kind of tried to combine the ideas so it’s gonna be like a little bit of a mess so filthy magical mess yeah those things are gonna be Aussie tradition and feel things we’ll be presenting tradition so yeah hope everyone understand what’s going on yeah all main agenda I think yeah but the ceremony will being Portuguese because the the person that is gonna you know performed a lot of scene yeah but but there’s gonna be a person translating everything like real-time sir yeah I think he will know what is doing in real time in real life exactly um okay so we already asked what language that will be and what what would some of those differences be between the weddings that they yeah like in in Brazil we don’t have the the tradition of the party right private party right aha yes sir we don’t have a bridal party which are groomsmen best and right my maid of honor that all this Jess so what we do is we have godparents so our couples close to the couple that’s it so it’s not I mean it’s important to be the godparents of a wedding but it’s not such a big thing here in Australia they they think it’s like a really big commitment and they take it really seriously really serious this person has to do a speech so it’s just like another level of commitment so Elliott was like struggling a little bit to understand the differences yeah sir I mean we’re also not gonna have well I think we’re gonna have a few speeches but that’s kind of really move read to have been speeches or other family members yeah Julia doesn’t want to do like the formal bolts dance for dancing there’s no table labels for every guest it’s just everyone walks in sits wherever they want ya know lots of people like having like they would have to get there find out where the table where their place is where the table is and if they we have to sort who’s gonna sleep with you know let them do whatever they feel like it just enjoy the party that’s how we that’s all you do and it’s some Brazilian weddings there’s no no no chance for everyone so they actually stand around and don’t worry so the main difference is we already went through did we have a lot of fight doing the process no I because Jill they did everything true he didn’t help any I helped emotionally with support that’s a lie yes it’s true I did build a website my face the website was 100% Elliott made exactly whole heap of information and I I did the invitations mm-hmm designed those by getting a design at the Internet changing some of the characters yeah and I mean you know I send that out across the world didn’t work just – spam yeah like we send the invitation on everybody like on their emails and nobody received an invitation so we had to manually contact people I’m gonna check the spam yeah no I didn’t get into my space it was honeymoon are we gonna have a honey well I kinda had an engagement honeymoon and that was in Vanuatu yeah threats I mean yeah it’s incredible place so that was you know pretty honeymoon I think we will take me around Europe but that will probably be I didn’t know that secret that but that will probably late 2018 I think yeah um so yeah we don’t have enough time and money because we’re gonna spend more than 20 days in Brazil you know I think it’s all no it’s not I’m gonna introduce you to Oliver oh yeah we’re gonna dog another major part exactly yeah so we have a baby now yes Oliver is not going to Brazil so when i’m not aware i’m a climb up yeah i’m home yeah i have to clean the hell’s like three times a day because he’s a puppy and doesn’t use the pad yes when he gets excited he we wait when he gets said you will meet when he gets scared when he’s very very happy yes oh he does eat and weep or if you pick him up yeah let’s finish this video what’s wrong okay yeah so we’re not gonna have how many women so far because we were being Brazil with our family front with my family and friends future family sir we’re not gonna happen any moment and because we don’t have enough money right now as well because it getting married is very expensive expensive you can sponsor our honeymoon on Pantheon where are we gonna believe f2 the way that’s the West well the last topic Julia thinks well where are you going to try and live in Australia that’s the ultimate goal but you know circumstances could change and we might end up and out of the country yeah I have another question I’ll throw in as a bonus one where are we doing our bucks night and hands not tradition yeah this is like this is that not just kidding yeah yeah it’s kind of like what if you’re showing this part of the face to someone very exactly yeah it’s not gonna happen because in person we don’t have this tradition of like just feed you the soap there nah we don’t do that yeah well storm a lot so I get my hair a mamatha my country anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video I was about to do yes that’s if you have some questions just leave them below we will get back yeah that’s not true because usually he never answered well I’d bail just come in swarms recently yeah but we’ll try we’ll do our best okay bye guys see you soon hopefully send us Bitcoin

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  1. Eu amei seu canal, por favor continue a gravar, tenho extremo interesse em ir morar junto com meu marido e filhos em queeslansd, e é operador de maquinas agricolas e eu sou contadora e descobrimos que nesta região da austrália tem muito cultivo decana de açucar por isso o interesse nessa região, porém não tem muitos canais que falam de veterinária, agricultura e queensland.. Continuem please ..

  2. Thanks guys, l enjoyed the video and learnt lots! How can you not ask your future Father in law to marry his daughter?cultural differences can be vast but love is universal. Any updates? I'm interested in the double marriage part.

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