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  1. She was not honest with him and he says little about his sexual history? Quite a few guys in the sex industry have been gay for pay or working with many women. She was very clever to keep you in the dark for 4 years and working on the side all the time with others. I think the women that believed Tiger Woods also thought they were the only one too. Men in powerful positions do not have to be prostitutes because they can have sex as Mr. Weinstine has done without out paying much or anything for the sex or companionship. If they are Mr. Wynn, they just call down for a nice looking employee to force into a message and then sex Or like Mr. Cosby, they can put drugs in their drinks and then rape them. The clever ones, of course, are difficult to spot but I do think love or what people might pass for it, can blind these men and some women too. An 85-year-old is just fooling himself if he thinks that a 25-year-old has just fallen in love with him and only wants his sexual attention!

  2. I don’t understand the connection between her shitty family not doing the right thing and feminism. That said, I never thought about the fraud aspect of this issue. You’re absolutely right. I love your response to the sister. “What’s inappropriate about telling the truth?” NOTHING. Amen.

  3. This talk was all too real for me. 🙁 I am glad I am not alone. Thank you for sharing and offering such an open truth to a dark reality.

  4. I'm not sure you know truth when you hear or see it. Jesus replied to Pontius Pilate about this question, just before he was crucified: "Therefore Pilate said to Him, "So You are a king?" Jesus answered, "You say correctly that I am a king. For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice" (John 18:37, NASB).

  5. Acknowledging evil has been effectively outlawed in western Europe, with devastating results to a massive number of innocent individuals. (Google "grooming" and "England") Similarly, Leftism has infected the psychology profession and again, acknowledging evil is effectively outlawed.

    One thing I have learned while observing the Left's management of language is, IF YOU CAN'T NAME IT, YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Without a label you can't define it, refine your definition, communicate it, or develop wisdom around it. This is no accident.

  6. feminism has nothing to do with being on the side of even an evil family member.
    adultery is wrong no matter who does it. promises should be kept.

  7. Great Presentation, I was with what I believe was a Covert Narcissist for 8 years I was able to relate to what you were saying in many area's in the relationship dynamics. For me the last year was the worse my mother was diagnosis with Alzheimer. They say that Narcissist will discard you at the worse possible time that's when she discarded me that year I call the VORTEX OF INSANITY. She even admitted to me she was seeing some one and it was because I wasn't paying any attention to her and she was right I was caring for my mother and even when I got mom into a care facility I was still involved with mom's care and would visit once or twice a week up until mom passed away. They say that Narcissist have a personality disorder living with her and now looking back and now learning things about that time period she is proof that evil does exist.
    To all of you if that person is to good to be true, they want to rush things, you are the one they have been looking for all there life, you are there soul mate. Run from them block there phone numbers, there email go no contact and stay no contact you can not help them they are broken and they will never be fixed.

  8. Bringing feminism into this was the weakest part of the talk. No one there said anything about feminism or lack of agency on her part. Her family was simply trying to keep damaging shit off the internet. Most families would do the same. Even if it were gender flipped, I've actually seen the exact same scenario (cheating evidence posted online about a guy) and the guys family was also asking for it to be taken down. It doesn't mean they're making excuses for the cheating person. They're just looking out for their own families reputation and privacy. Now, this is important, you can disagree with them and argue you should be able to post the truth about this psychopath but you're wrong about saying its about feminism. It has nothing to do with feminism.

  9. I'm a woman who was married to a narcissist for 35 years, then straight into the arms of a psychopath for a further 18 months. My heart goes out to all you decent guys and thank you for this. My son was married to a toxic woman for 12 years, thankfully he has broken free now and has custody of their three children. i hope I can find real love with a decent man one day.

  10. Wow! I am amazed at how good at lying this thing is. That you got fooled is unreal.

    I personally got completely taken in over and over before discovering cluster b in gory close up detail, I still have hard time with the 100% bullshit part, seemed real to me.

  11. I bet you're glad you didn't have children! I'm a woman going through a divorce and custody woes with a sociopath. It made me wonder how men divorced from toxic women must cope knowing their precious children are in the hands of a reptile most of the time.

  12. You're missing a key point. How hot was this girl? She must've been pretty exceptional, or was it her attitude or her drama that sold her?

    I'm sure that psycopaths at certain points in human history survive better. THat's why they exist. You have to explain more about why you didn't notice anything about this chick. Fact is, a more dangerous one, you never would have known her history.

  13. Great video. Luckily for me when I made the decision to leave my now x-wife I didn't tell her. Had I told her I would probably be dead now. I pieced this all together later…… I believe she shot her former husband and got away with it. (She said he killed himself). She tried in the most ridiculous ways to lure me back for, "just one more night!!!!!…". Luckily I recognized the exact moment to leave while she was at work….

  14. I wonder how you ended up with a psycho, usually a normal person knows by guts and avoids relationing with em, you can be fashinated by em for some skills, sportmen, politicians and so on but to mate one or marry one? Usually doesnt happen, so I'd like to know how you ended with one for years

  15. Just don't get married. You don't need marriage to keep you together, you just need compatibility. If she turns out to be psycho, you can be done with her immediately.

  16. Two questions every man must ask when he starts seeing a woman:
    – Does she get along with her father?
    – Can you get along with her mother?

    If "no" to both, kick her to the curb.

  17. Ya know..even tho this was about a woman physchopath…it explained my ex to the dead on T!! And I truly believe both men and women that are physchopaths..THEY ARE ALL THE EXACT SAME…so there for..NOT HUMAN!! I believe this 100%…they do the exact same thing the exact same u up to tear you down..ALL OF IT..
    Its sickening too…I so need to finish my book on this as well…It was friggin NUTS…AND I HAD NO IDEA AT THE TIME SOMEONE CUD BE SOOOO EVIL..SOOOO WITHOUT EMPATHY…NOT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING AND JUST LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME AND TRY AND TURN IT ALL AROUND AND PLACE BLAME ON ME OR SOMEONE ELSE…I know what to look for now..but I didn't then..and I had NEVER in my life! He had me seriously thinkin I was losing my mind…I'm away now thank God…just as you are…WHAT PLANET ARE THESE PEOPLE FROM…?? FOR REAL!?? I'm just glad to be away and wud love to raise awareness on this subject…its too serious not to!! And as I said..both men and women do the exact same steps to draw you in and do everything the exact same way as a physchopath! How do we start this awareness..bcuz it is very dangerous and needs to be addressed a lot more.Wud love to know how to get started and help!!

  18. it just struck me… these "assholes" deserve someone to expose them using lots profanity to hell with being "professional" !

  19. "leaning into them " ! I think probably 95% of people are afraid to "confront people " when they're doing something wrong…. it scares them to death for the most part. I think 1 common reason is they don't want to hear their denial followed by they won't even see the things they are doing… and will then wonder… what's wrong with YOU !! < best part

  20. It's interesting that you chose to show the psychopath individual in this video: we get to see her, hear her, and know her from your point of view. But, aren't you adding more fire and feeding her more with this? By showing her the way you do is putting her in the lime light. Mr. Johnson you might still be contributing to her financial gain. One thing is the psychological idea of "mentioning her name" so that you "confront" your "enemy" but that should be done between you and your tight-support system, not the world. Men that because of lets say "curiosity" would like to meet her now. I would try to tweak your speech by having it more neutral in regards to the psychopath individual; leave her name/pictures/videos out. Lastly, modern so call "feminist" are not true feminist. Don't box feminism in ridiculous concepts as women out to get men. True feminist stand with you and heal you, such is the true nurturing female energy. We recognize your masculinity and respect your choices as man. We ALL need to become better humans. Nonetheless, thank you for your voice.

  21. FANTASTIC talk – one of the best I’ve seen on this topic. I recently sent this to a counseling patient currently divorcing a psychopath (undiagnosed of course), and he was so relieved: “Holy shit! It’s not just me!!” Thank you for posting this … it’s invaluable!!

    By the way – for people who think “psychopath” is synonymous with a violent thug or serial killer, I just want to drive the point home that many (if not the majority) of psychopaths are what we call “successful psychopaths.” Not violent, Uber charming (when it serves them), drawn to positions of power. Scary, scary people who view us all as potential prey and/or toys or possessions. Besides the book “Snakes in Suits” mentioned in the talk, there’s also a documentary you can find on YouTube “I-Psychopath” which illustrates the corporate psychopath very well.

  22. So, now we know, the way to get over on a Narcissist is to pit them against a Psychopath. Payback is a bitch, tee hee!

  23. Can tell he's still butt hurt and wants to lash back at her (understandable) as evidenced through him exposing her full name and photographs which is completely unnecessary from a teaching stand point which is supposedly the purpose of this talk.

  24. Psychopaths, just like pseudo-intellectuals, are easy to spot. Rand as favorite "philosopher" is a dead giveaway. At least we can thank her for that…

  25. Is this for real??? Why didn't he divorce her instead of making himself look a total loser in front of a lot of people? And people would really pay for that shite??? Only in America. Sounds more like revenge. Or rather vendetta.

  26. Wtf is hard to understand here …. women have way better sex then us and crave it just as much if not more , and only in USA only man are horny and not females which is pure lie …..also why would you marry her if you knew she did escort wtf what did you expect … must of stepped on your own dick bro it sucks ..

  27. Woah woah wait…you threatened to end the 'marriage' in thirty six hours because she didn't want to have sex literally every day with you? You know that much friction can cause damage to the vaginal wall, so four years of constant daily penetration and finally saying uncle or asking to slow down might have caused most of the emotional cheating. having the threat of ending the marriage on her end probably made her want to be with others who wouldn't hold her fucking vagina hostage. The cheating is gross but you're………..weird.

  28. To do with the comment in the video about the psychopaths not being human . All of the top leaders on the planet at this time are psychopaths as have been many before – why the world is so messed up..To truly understand what psychopaths are and where they come from check out www.wespenrepapers and youtube channel – wes penre

  29. Why the need to swear all the time? it really detracts from his message and in my opinion it has reduced his credibility and his believability.

  30. I married one…….she sets out every day to totally tramp on me. No reasoning or talking to her. How on the hell do I deal with this.

  31. Why would you have sex with a prostitute without a condom? Why would you do that 1000 times? If you do that you're GOING to have kids that you don't know about or care about. And you're going to STDs. Seems pretty fuckin retarded to me. EDIT: OHHHHH you DIDN'T KNOW SHE WAS A PROSTITUTE. YOU WERE MARRIED TO HER. Fair enough.

  32. You know what's ironic? You're complaining about your wife being a psychopath and yet your favourite philosopher is Ayn Rand who preached extreme selfishness. (*I haven't actually read Ayn Rand, I'm just going on what people have told me).

  33. Could be worse. My buddy's ex hit herself in the eye with an iron skillet then called the cops and said he hit her. Just because she was mad at him. Cops show up and she's got a puffy eye and she's shedding crocodile tears. Of course they believed her. Nobody ever thinks someone could be so spiteful as to hurt their own body just to get someone else in trouble. It's such a good move for an evil cunt it's pretty much a checkmate every time. Hidden cameras is the only counter to it.

  34. Dude, no disrespect, but I have to ask. It's really hard for me to see the dates and stuff, but am I to understand that even one of these blood-red, crimson, neon blinking signs raised it's head BEFORE you married this maniac? If even one of them did, Whoduhdummy?

  35. You'd be a more effective public speaker if you didn't rely on obscenity to build your ethos (credibility with you audience). Let the power of your ideas, clearly expressed, be what resonates with your audience.

  36. It's women, especially those catered to/enabled by Western societies. Most of them are psychopaths. They are looking for a man/men to prey upon/parasite off of. Everyone owes them a duty to care, they never accept responsibility for anything and everything's someone elses fault. The world is supposed to want to hear/care about their problems, but they could care less about anyone elses problems.

  37. Excellent video. But here’s what I think. You don’t marry her, you get the hell out of that toxic relationship and get a divorce. Period.

  38. Why use all that foul language…. "fucking," "shit," "dick." Geez. I stopped watching at exactly 8 minutes because apparently this grown man cannot verbalize a thought without sounding like an 15 year old hoodlum who's trying to sound cool. Everything else about him was great, but why be such a potty mouth, especially when you're speaking publicly?

  39. RE: 40:00 My experience was not as extreme as yours. However, I agree with your assessment here, because I thought the exact same thing. They have a human body… but the mental component is different. A need or purpose, plus a learning capacity… perhaps with no internal observer or qualia, and certainly no capacity for critical self observation. Some of the motivations of a mind, but without the rest formed around it. I suspect given enough time when more is understood about the brain they will be able to compare such beings to "normal" humans and find radically different neurological arrangements and patterns, more so than just the scans they do now. That is why I don't feel hateful or even angry about the way I am still harassed years later by one that I used to be married to. Its an animated thing that is still coming after me to this very day. Its just a thing, a process, some sort of structure, like a hungry spider or a virus. Its not that it "should" be doing something else, that's what it is. Once I could see it clearly, it wasn't even very interesting.The more fascinating line of investigation for me was; how did I come to embrace a parasitic simulation? Now THAT was interesting, fruitful, and quite compelling and gave me much to do for a long time after, a lot of cheerful and productive labor with a bright future ahead.

  40. I just watched one of your ex-wife's video interviews to see what she looked like and if I could detect any clues to her personality, knowing what I know about her from your talk. I came here to offer a warning to guys about women who choose to have such gigantic breast implants. Ask yourself why in the hell any woman would want boobs that size. They are way too big even for a large-framed woman.

    They'd play hell on a spine and the bra straps would dig grooves deep enough for a truck to drive through. This speaks to me that she was up to something non-virtuous, at least at some point in her life, because a rack like that was chosen for one reason and one reason only – male enticement. If the boobs were natural, the unfortunate woman with them would be going for a breast reduction for health reasons, difficulty finding tops and dresses that fit, or both. She is at best an exhibitionist who loves to fuck with men and at worst, a sex worker of some sort.

  41. How are you surprised that she was prostituting when she is fully dressed like a prostitute in all those interviews?

  42. The best litmus test for screening out female narcs/borderlines/sociopaths is recognizing the "DADDY ABANDONMENT ISSUE": Her father was either emasculated, dead, divorced from her mother or just as bad; in turn, she never learned proper discipline, conflict resolution or positive reinforcement techniques, all of which can only be provided by a father figure. By the time she reaches early adulthood, she'll either make impulsive decisions with her relationships/lifestyle, or she'll become a purple-haired landwhale/female neckbeard who blames all disappointments on a "racist and sexist white male patriarchy".

  43. Dude, you will always be attracted to psychopaths, because they are really smart creatures. Your favorite author, Ayn Rand, is a psychopath. Probably one or both of your parents are psychopath. No accident you attract psychopaths. They like you, and you like them. You have it in your blood. (I know you are a psychopath, because you have no problem swearing in public)

  44. I'm at college, studying to be a counsellor. I discovered this video, having watched some videos of Carl Rogers and Fritz Perls. This is truly fascinating stuff! I respect his honest as I myself am always honest about the bad things that have happened to me, growing up and even until about a year ago. Why am I honest about it? Because I want to help people by being brutally honest and 100% up-front, because then they learn from it, and I learn from it. I used to bury this stuff inside me and it never really does one any good. So use it as a tool to do something good. To show the world that, yes things can get dark and cold, and even lonely, but you can survive it and you don't have to be alone. I like to show people that, yes I've been through some very dark times in the 34 years of my life, but I've survived and I'm far better than I was before, now.

  45. He mentioned that it may be genetic. For anyone that is a Christian, it may be possible that a psycopath is inhabited by a demon.

  46. oh…my…god!! you got taken advantage of by a woman? heavens to betsy, ive never heard of such a thing. join the fuckin club dude

  47. Could u not see just by looking at her ? But u guys are a sucker for a pretty face.
    Lesson Learned…..I used to do the same thing, just pretty boys and didn't care
    what was between there ears. Now I know better. I had to learn the hard way.
    Thankx for sharing… are exactly right !! Blessings ~

  48. I have seen this type of psychotic behavior in men also but I'm not sure what is more disturbing, this woman's behavior or the speaker thinking daily sex is a contracted right of his "not even really legal marriage"or any marriage. This sounds like a islamic attitude, true love has no such qualifier.

    I am not sure he doesn't need some analysis from a relationship therapist himself. He might need to do some honest re-evaluating of himself. His first problem is that his filthy language would only attract a low life person.

    The best thing he could do to change himself is to seek a relationship with God first. I didn't hear God mentioned as an emotional support in any of his speaking so I assume he is probably not seeking or even believing in God.

    Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like this company's focus is on scoring the most advantageous person you can get. Not about asking what is Gods plan for my life.

    But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
    Matthew 6:3

  49. The majority of American women, perhaps all women, have strong psychopathic tendencies. They want 'a man who is emotionally available' and 'an honest partner who is honest about how he feels and has good communication skills.' After watching this video I see that they are seeking the same thing as the female psychopaths he's talking about. A man who keeps his guard up a little for self protection isn't a 'target' for female psychopaths. Or for other women either!

  50. I watched the entire video. It was mesmerizing in that it impressed upon me how ill prepared I would be to deal with this type of woman.

  51. Not to distract from this talk, but the man professes to love Ron Paul…… It is a bad move to not disclose your line of work 'particularly considering the dangers'. Does he have a disease as a result of her behaviour, is it life threatening? 'How to Spot Crazy' is a terrible term. Thankfully I have never been through any of this myself and I am very grateful, but I am connected with people who have suffered from this type of behaviour. The impact it has had on them is terrible, as the speaker alludes to it is often the most trusting individuals that are harmed the most. Please don't only judge folks on some past… I would remind the speaker about the current situation with gender inequality (still, in 2018) for some Women, even in developed countries – these are not choices!!!

  52. Why just prostitutes? Those women are very real. They are everywhere. Do criminal law check abused women for being a psycho? I am sure these women can drive a man crazy, to the point that a normal man will become aggressive. I definitely think all “abused women” should be checked by criminal psychiatrists, to be fair for both sides, before they punish a man. I do not support abuse in any way, and unfortunately the women I know, who have been abused by their partners, drive me crazy, even I am a woman myself. Guys, be very careful with women who ask for help. Men like to help. It is their nature. Women-predators constantly need help. They will be very appreciative and will ask for more help. Watch for keeping your boundaries. And listen to your heart. No matter how amazing your woman is, if you get weird feeling, run. Do not try to analyze. Just follow your intuition. It helps in business too. Also it’s time to fight for your rights before you loose them completely.

  53. There is some evidence that neurofeedback can help psychopath, or potential cluster b, children.
    I haven’t seen any evidence it helps in adulthood, but if you can get kids treated while their brains are still forming, it may stop it from fully forming.

  54. The compulsive dishonest behavior will never stop. Every time it happens she will lash out create drama and provoke a reaction from you to justify her own behavior and avoid any feelings guilt. It's an absolute nightmare.

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