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  1. Why everybody keeps calling this girl naive?shes everything but not naive she choosed the grandpa for his money and she plays to be set for a life

  2. On all these videos everyone is so fixated on one partner wanting the other for money, and one partner wanting the other for looks. DUH! That’s the dynamic of the relationship and that’s okay because both parties are well aware. Now let’s move past that…

  3. That girl has no family. She doesn't have father or anything, because no girl with a loving family would EVER let their daughter take a path like this.

  4. Telling the truth isn't shady. She IS a child in comparison to a man of 60. It's gross. She's a child compared to people who are much younger than that. It's not an insult, its REALITY. People are offended by reality these days, and it's unhealthy.

  5. Girl that’s not name calling and think about a time you’ve seen someone from another country let’s say trying to marry a child— that’s not exactly YOU but that’s how we’re telling u y’all LOOK. There’s an ew factor u not gonna make people see different you chose the situation and it is what it is sorry you’re judged but people will look at him crazy for even Wanting you

  6. This young girl is too stupid to understand the baggage which comes from a marriage of financial wealth and a workaholic driven man. So sad for her future. Bill is just a creepy old guy.

  7. The constant belittling is so frustrating and disgusting. We get it, you’re old and bitter & she’s young and pretty.
    Your time is up.
    Thankyou, Next.

  8. She's being her age…..he will cheat on her…probably already has. There's a difference here…between a women and a girl.

  9. This is a problem.. rich bored old guy..serial cheater.. everybody else knows it but the young naive latest target. He separates her from her family and support group to isolate her so he can manage and control her! What a dog! This guy deserves to be alone! I believe his ex wife who was married to him for 20 years!

  10. I don’t care how much money someone has. I would not want to be disrespected for the rest of my life by someone who “loves” me.

  11. "How do I get the other women to accept me? :(" Honey you're a 20-something year old with a 60-something year old rich man. They will never accept you. They only see you as a gold digger who is trying to make fake friends with them.

  12. Bill is a creepy, possessive old narcissist. He’s going to chew her up and spit her out. She better save all her sugar baby allowance money.

  13. I could of told her that 😁. I read people very well the ex wife was very honest with no malicious intend. She's not lying.

  14. I don't trust this lady's motive. It's not her business to tell his current girlfriend about what he does. Allow the new girlfriend to find out on her own. She's enjoying every minute of telling the current gf that her man cheats.

  15. How is this man's sanity so bad? Unfortunately greed for money (in the case of the girl) will increase and shape an even sadder personality than she already is … They are and always will be different in everything … but same in ego and arrogance and lack of respect for each other … Some sad in spirit he and she 🙁

  16. I mean . I’m 27 . Even I understand you need to greet people with respect even when in a heartfelt matter . Let alone having the mental development which obviously probably doesn’t happen at age 20 but still. Be conscientious about the people around you and the surrounding dynamics and how to navigate. Bill asked them to meet each-other but immediately the younger girl wanted answers with no formal intro nor paying homage . Idk trash the comment if it’s stupid but it just seems really inconsiderate . You want the woman your husband was formally boning and married to help you achieve a successful relationship and that’s how she approached it . The ex wife behavior was mature she even overlooked the lack of regard

  17. So why was Bill so comfortable with his ex meeting her because al she's doling is making him look bad.. the wife was making fun of her calling her a kid..i wish them all the best and she should enjoy her time with him

  18. Girl, enjoy Bill. Ignore the clutter. Why will any women come to you to tell on your hubby. She misses him and what he was to her. Pour your love in Good measure to Bill…❣❣❣

  19. Hahaha is this girl stupid go get education girl!!! Hahaha first she is asking advice and truth to the woman who was married to her lover😂 instead of listening she is arguing with that lady. And obviously the man cheats because she herself is a proof too young for a man of the age as her grandfather. What can I do to change people stalking at Me??! 👏👏 Stay for the money!! You can't buy love neither you can buy happiness, the ex-wife is a proof and she's is done and out!

  20. She proves that she’s a child when believes she “secured the bag”. The ex doesn’t seem bitter just like “girl open your eyes before you trip”. Like No offense girl you cute but there are always women circling wealthy men for a slice of the pie

  21. i would definitely listen to his ex wife..I know some exes are bitter but women try to listen to the ex side of story

  22. Girl stfu “name calling isn’t cool and not cool she keeps calling me a child” girl you ARE A CHILD! Nothing wrong with that?!

  23. This gold digging child is not going anywhere. She's just dating grandpa for his money. He is repulsive anyway. Ugh

  24. TBH no amount of money can make me subject myself to being the main chick to a grandpa while living in a snobby society that doesn’t accept me surrounded by a weird family dynamic lmao but get it

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