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Marrying Millions: Brian Can’t Fulfill Gentille’s Birthday Wishes (Season 1) | Lifetime

Marrying Millions: Brian Can’t Fulfill Gentille’s Birthday Wishes (Season 1) | Lifetime

Oh, my god! Look at you. Tonight’s my birthday party,
and it’s a royal theme. It’s queens and princesses,
and prince, and kings, and I just love the fantasy. It’s completely messed
up that Brian is late. My friends already
don’t like him, and I’m not too happy about
the way he acted last time. So I’m really frustrated. I’m running a
little late because I had to get the costume,
the gift, the flowers. Had to figure out how
to put this costume on. And wanted to do
everything perfect for her. Hello. How are you? You guys snuck in. Thank you. So do you. The princess arrived. Hi. And you match. She’s right in front of me. Honey, you’re late. Even though you look terrific. Brian looks great, and
the flowers are beautiful, and I appreciate that. But I would have appreciated
it more if it was an hour ago. Oh, should I open it? Not now, I don’t think. You know what? I’m sorry. You know? You were late. Let’s see. Well– Oh. Oh, my goodness. Pearl necklace. I went antiquing. [laughter] I don’t think so. [laughter] I really don’t understand
why she was mocking the gift. And I was kind of heartbroken. I understand I was late, but I
went through a lot of trouble for that. I’m glad you came. Yes, I’m glad I came, too. I’m glad you came in. Face. Why am I getting smacked? Because I think
you deserve it. I’m practicing,
and one of these days I’m just going to nail it. Well, you’d better– Gotta, like– You know? You’d better speed it up. I’m trying not to be too
annoyed with Brian right now, and I just don’t
want to deal with it. So I’m just going to go mingle
and try to enjoy the party. Creative. So creative. Happy birthday, beautiful. Hey! You’re beautiful. What am I doing wrong? This party really sucks. I’m getting attacked
from every direction. Nobody’s treating me nice. I can’t even catch a break. We were talking first
about the first night we met, and how it was so
rude, the comment that you made about me putting
a strap on in [inaudible].. I don’t even remember that. Did you take it personal? I’m sorry. Thank you. Thank you for the apology. You’re welcome. That’s great. What does it take to
be on your good side? All right. Deal. And I’m not joking. Sounds good. Ladies and gentlemen,
need your attention up here by the stage. This is a gift from
[inaudible] friends. What did you guys do? All right, ladies
and gentlemen– What did you guys do? This is JT. [shouting] Yeah! Woo! Woo! [music playing] I had no idea that
my friends were getting me a male stripper, but it
would be kind of rude of me not to partake. Woo! [shouting] I go out of my way to
apologize to her friends. Now they get her a stripper. This is [bleep]. Oh, the guy’s still up there. Yeah. It’s, like, a 10
minute strip dance. [inaudible] is up on
stage with some dude’s junk up in her face. I’m her boyfriend. I’m not going to stand
there like an idiot as she disrespects me. I’m done.

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  1. He needs to leave her shes mean thats why she's single now they act like hes nothing and needs to work to prove himself it goes both ways money isn't everything

  2. all these entitled women want a servant not a partner. Gentille seems to be very nice but Brian is not the servant type. Let these women grow old together because no man can be what they want (Brad Pitt looks and Millions in the bank) Good luck!!

  3. She was not rude y’all are just too sensitive he’s late first of all rude and then gives her fake pearls of course it’s going to irritate her it’s her birthday party everyone around her already hated her bf she wants him to redeem himself and just made it worse as a weathly person you always check the jewelry given to you

  4. She said it would be rude to her friends if she didn't partake in the male stripping activity. Clearly she doesn't care that she's actually being rude to her boyfriend by interacting with the male stripper. It's clear that she cares more about what her friends think than her boyfriend.

  5. Gentille  wasn't gentle with Brian who spent 1/3 of his salary for that necklace. Brian walked away like a mad lil' girl.  His walk was a bit too feminine.

  6. Brian is bullshitting his woman. She needs to listen to her friends. They pereption than she has about Brian. He is playing her. If she marries him she will see the real Brian. This guy is a pro at what he's doing. His woman is an amerture when it comes to Brian. She had better get out while she can.

  7. She was hurt and mad at him and probably that's why she just let it looser. Dude you don't do things at the last minute you have to do that prior so when the Birthday day arive you're ready. If you in love of some one you really want that person to be there with you not leave you wait for you. Being one hour it is so dysrespeful it makes her think you don't really love her and don't care about her feelings. The gift was even that that great have got her fake pearls. If you ask me pearls representing tears so it was not really the right gift to give to a girlfriend on her birthday in the first place. She was not trying to being dysrespeful to her boyfriend but just to forget about the whole thing and just have a good time on her birthday.

  8. Your explanation of you being late to your girlfriend Bithday it just showing how NOT mature you are. You should make her feel she is special specialy on that day of her Birthday and concentrate on her not your feelings. It's not her fault you did decided to do things on the last moment and you expecting her to feel sorry for you when you actually hurted her feelings by not being there on time. You're acting like a child not a grown man.

  9. What the H*ll Is gentille doing with this loser! Brian reminds me of an ex I had that lived with Mommy and never cut the umbilical cord. She can do so much better and it's not just a money thing, it's the fact that the guy isn't independent. I would respect him more if he lived in a run down apartment over living with Mommy.

  10. I think to many people saying bad thing about the girl having too much fun with the stripper but this is not like she is like that every day it's her Birthday it's just for fun it's not like she knows the guy and cheating on him behind the boyfriend back.

  11. She was not robbing on other guys and you definitely could see she was missing her boyfriend when he was not there she looked like she was hurting him not showing up on time for her.
    I think her friends should not get her the stripper because they knew she got a boyfriend but looks like he was not so nice to them at least this is how they thought so they just got the stripper in the way to get back on him and they achieved what they wanted it because he felt like she being disrespectful to him. Look probably she could acted different but since her boyfriend did not care about her feelings she just wanted to make him jealous and have some fun and release the anger.

  12. She survived the Khmer Rouges but complains for small things like being late to a party. I'd be just happy to be alive and breathing.

  13. He was late 1 hour which is not acceptableand he got her not nice gift which symbolizes tears and he did not gave her good reason why he was so much late in the first place. If I would be her I would be not happy either because he did not made her feel special on her Bithday. Unfortunately he is not the guy for her she deserves someone better then him. She is beautiful lady and he should treat her like a princess making sure she is happy and having good time with him specialy when is her Bithday.

  14. Him acting like a child and living his girlfriend on her Bithday after being late for 1 hour is not going to score any points either. If you did not like you could just say it to her some other time after the Bithday you should tell her how you felt about it in much nicer understanding way without acting like a child.

  15. I am sure if you explain to her the next day she would understand better how you was feeling about the stripper and might do things differently next time. You have to understand her friends did that to get back on you and they wanted to see her with other guy just for fun

  16. They are on different levels and I don't mean financial. She has her girlfriends and he should be trying to make them comfortable and he was rude, as they were. Not a good sitch! Girlfriends knew what they were doing when they hired a stripper. Too many red flags on both sides.

  17. I think the guy is wayy to immature and broke… He might be fun and maybe good in bed…. But she deserves a real man she can actually respect

  18. Nope. I have so many issues with the way this guys "girlfriend" treats him. If she does this in front of others I could only imagine…

  19. Her friends are quite catty and mean to this guy, but Brian isn't helping things along. He seems out of place and obnoxious and doesn't do simple things like show to events on time. If he's on the search for the gold, he's going to have to work to win over the friends – and it seems like he isn't willing/capable of doing that. Really doesn't seem like an evenly matched couple

  20. She really mocked that gift in front of him and all of her friends while they laughed… he was probably so nervous and that’s why he showed up late. Terrible..

  21. This guy took the fake Pearl's back hahahhaha stop this
    ..and why does everyone get so mad at strippers.. everyone needs to work.

  22. I know she was angry he was late. But to publicly MOCK him in front of her friends, that already dislike him, is disgusting. Even if they’re not real pearls, they were a GIFT!! When someone buys you a gift you shouldn’t care about the price. If my partners friends hated me I wouldn’t be to eager to rush to a party where they are at. But I’d go for my partner. Equally so her friends we obviously trying to cause trouble in the relationship by ordering a male stripper for her birthday. It’s one thing if it was a bachelorette party. But it was just her birthday!! We don’t really have strippers at birthdays here in The UK.

  23. He's gotta stop trying to go after rich women. He just doesn't have it. He really doesn't know how to treat a woman, he doesn't even have looks. I don't know how he gets by when he's just a big goofy looking awkward man.

  24. He lives with his parents I bet in his bedroom if he has like a private area or hidden area with corpses inside he's so freaking creepy. The male stripper was extremely tacky. Although he's creepy that was uncalled for.

  25. I feel sad for Gentille because her friends seem so fake. I really have to wonder if Gentille is really happy with her life and all her money. Money can buy fun but it can't buy happiness. if she didn't have a penny to her name I don't think her friends would be around her at all.

  26. obviously she knows he isn't rich and can't buy her something nice (unless she gave him money to get her something. which is wrong because why its just a gift from herself but then why wouldn't he get something nicer lol)

  27. He looks like an ex junkie or something her friends are a bit delusional and over value themselves/aren't realistic the whole think is pretty cringeworthy

  28. I see where your mad honey , BUT he showed up MATCHED W you still.. THEN he Gave you a nice gift. I would appreciate him STILL.

  29. Regardless of his behavior…no one should be treated that way rich or poor.
    If you don't want someone leave them

  30. A stripper? How disrespectful. What an embarrassment. Brian there are plenty of other deserving ladies out there. Take your time and be patient.
    The lord will provide.🍋🍋🍋

  31. Lost all my admiration for Gentille the moment she flossed her teeth with his gift. I'm glad they were fake as her friends.

  32. Pls G run this man is alone living in his parents house for a reason, you can see he's been to jail, but for what????

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