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Marrying Millions: Gentille Agrees to a Low-Budget Wedding (S1) | Deleted Scene | Lifetime

(upbeat music) – [Brian] It looks nice. Let’s check it out, all right? – Here we are. – Here we are. – There’s so many gorgeous and beautiful chapels
here in Las Vegas so Brian and I
decided, you know, let’s just do it and not wait. – [Brian] I’ll get the
door for you, my beauty. – I can afford a big wedding. But, I don’t need to. It’s not the most
important thing in life. When you find someone that
you love and you care about, you just want to start
a family very quickly. So, why not? Oh.
– After you my dear. – [Brian] Hey, how you doing? – Hi.
– How are you? – I’m doing great, I’m Lisa. – [Gentille] Gentille. – Nice to meet you. – [Gentille] Nice to meet you. – I’m Brian.
– Brian, nice to meet you. – [Brian] We’re a
happy new couple, um. – Okay.
– Recently engaged. – Looking to get married? – [Gentille] Yes, we are. – [Brian] Yes, that’s
what you do right? – Yes, we do.
– Cool. – [Lisa] How soon did
you want to get married? – Honey? – [Gentille] I don’t know. – [Lisa] Okay, lets
go look at the chapel. – [Gentille] Wow,
it’s beautiful. – It almost feels like a church. – White. – Like a mini-church.
– Yeah, a little bit. It’s really bright. The photos come out
really nice in here. Sounds like you guys
are kind of in a hurry? – Well, I don’t think
we’re in a hurry. – Okay. – It’s not like
she’s knocked up. – [Gentille] He’s in a hurry. – I just wanna close the deal. I just– – He just wants a
quickie it sounds like. – I want a quickie,
I’m into quickies. It’s kind of my thing. – (nervous laughing) Nice. – This is cute though. – Brian is a very
interesting character. Um, he seems likable. He seems nice. – Gentille, she’s very wealthy. She can have any kind
of wedding she wants. – Okay, awesome. – So really you could
charge her triple for the same package. (laughing) – [Gentille] Yeah, let’s
not do that though. – No, no, I don’t wanna
spend up your money. I just want you to be happy. – Oh, hmm hmm. – Okay, I’m gonna leave
you two for a moment, just to discuss. Let me know if you
have any questions. I’ll be right out there. – We will do that.
– Okay. – I think that Gentille
likes the chapel and is very impressed with it. I’m just not exactly sure
this is what she really wants. – Yeah, I am a little
nervous but you know, I think I’m ready sweetie. And I want to start you
know, having a family. – You know what that takes? – This is yes, so. – And a lot of it. – Huh huh, okay. – I like how you’re thinking. Um, what we can do is we
can put down a deposit and move forward. You in? – Uh, I think this is good. I think–
– You can handle it? – I think I’m ready, yeah. – [Both] Let’s do it. – Let’s go.
– Yeah, let’s go find Lisa. – I was surprised that Gentille
agreed to get married here because she could have any
kind of wedding she wants. So she must really love me. – Lisa, hey.
– Hi! – We’re ready for like the, maybe your next
open appointment. – We can do it next week. – That’s quick. – Yeah.
– Okay? – Okay, yeah. – Okay, I can get
you in on the 10th. – [Gentille] Okay. – I think that Brian
seems a little more eager to get married than Gentille. The vibe I’m getting
is just a little bit like he’s really pushing
it to happen right now. And I’m just not sure if this is what Gentille is
really looking for. This is our platinum package. – Platinum!
– Yeah. – Is this the Elvis
one or non-Elvis one? – We can get Elvis
if you want Elvis. I think that maybe
she has the means and the desire to have a
bigger wedding with family and friends and you
know, the whole shebang. But I feel like she’s
settling on a Vegas wedding. – Let’s do it. – All right, let’s do it. – [Gentille] Here you go Lisa. – You’re getting this? You know what? – I’m buying it all. – How about then, um,
I do the honeymoon? – Sure. – But not too extravagant. – Okay. – I think that Gentille
is agreeing to marry Brian because it’s like a
use it or lose it. If she doesn’t marry
him, she might lose him. – Yeah, we’ll be
seeing you soon. – [Lisa] Okay, any
question, let me know. – Okay. – [Brian] We’ll be seeing you
the best day of our lives. – [Lisa] Absolutely. – Right? Bye. Come on honey, this
is a great day. Let’s celebrate.

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