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  1. I don't think people realize how incredible Gentille's story is. She lost her father and siblings in the Cambodian Genocide (which the USA caused) and eventually arrived here and became a self-made millionaire. That's a real "American Dream" right there. God bless her, I hope she finds the right partner.

  2. Show hasn't even started yet and already she seem annoyed and tired of him.  Seriously, she is a millionaire, lovely looking woman with a little spice in her blood.  What does she see in this lower income white scrub who just moved out of his parents home?  I bet parents are laughing their butts off that someone finally took deadbeat son off their hands.

  3. How does she put up with him he's dispicableb needs charm school he'd so gross she can't see beyond her nose obviously. He must be good in bed what else would keep her with him

  4. She's beautiful ❤️ he's discusting please open your eyes seem hard up u don't have to be. Run away from him fast

  5. She needs to drop those so call friends of her. Brian is who he is, no airs about him, you either accept him or you don't.

  6. I don’t get it????
    I wouldn’t date him for one minute and I don’t have any $$$. I’d rather be single. Yucky 🤢

  7. He kinda looks like Spenny (from Kenny vs Spenny) also a bit of Jim Carey from (Me myself and Irene) “ when he has cotton mouth from his medications” 😂😂😂😂

  8. She deserves so much better I seen in the beginning how patient she was with him and now shes starting to get more irritated and im so proud of her✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  9. I hope this is just for TV… This guy has some mental disease… Two important things in life you have to really consider … who u get married to n who you have children with!!

  10. I like them together actually. I think they're perfectly imperfect. I also think she lets her friend's get in her head way too much but he also needs to be a bit more mature and make himself more useful to her.

  11. These two are horrible together and hes a male golddigger she gave me a wallet and no cash umm that wallet probably cost more than anything you ever bought yourself dude 😑

  12. 1:27 ha lol this guy looks like he wants to ERUPT!!! His face is quivering lol ha. He is soooooo MAD right now! And she looks like she wants to smack him in the mouth! This is so gross and weird

  13. A new wallet definitely can be a gift on its own, wallets can be expensive. And the “empty wallet” comment made him look thirsty for her money.

  14. Brian is SO GROSS & he lives with his parents!! Giiiiirl he lied to you about it also! And I hate how he always emphasizes the last letter of a word🥺Get a grip!!

  15. Gentille run 🏃‍♀️ he’s classless and creepy anyone that talks through there teeth 🦷 has a story. It’s bones in the attic.

  16. This guys whole outlook is so Michael Myers mixed with some Jim Carrey!! That smirk on hes face…. eeri!!!! She needs the Hulk next to her, not giraffe in Antmans body.

  17. I saw last episode when she finally realized he is not right for her. At his age, even at small income he claims to have (construction doesn't pay that low) and he lives with his parents, why doesn't he has any savings? None. It's not like he is spending his money on her, or his clothes. So…the question is – where his money are going to? Addiction? I am glad she finally "walk up". I use to ear very little money, and I earned a lot. Even when I did not make much money, I was able to save some. It is weird she excuse him telling "he doesn't make much".

  18. I’m so relieved this didn’t happen. Gentille is beyond!! It never made sense why she was with him. I mean who lives with their parents ‘works’ and has no money?? Cheap pearl necklace and gum?? With his alleged building skills they could’ve been a dream team. Buying, fixing and selling properties like that but he’s so pathetic it couldn’t happen

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