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Marrying yourself in Japan | Love and Sex in Japan Documentary

Marrying yourself in Japan | Love and Sex in Japan Documentary

In Tokyo, the Japanese government is increasingly
worried about the future of the country and its people. In the past 30 years, the number of marriages
has fallen by 30%. But Naoko has nevertheless decided to tie
the knot. -With the package that you’ve chosen, you
can design a custom bouquet, you can select the flowers you want. At just 29 years old, Naoko is just thrilled
at the idea of living a fairytale. She’s opted for a Western-style ceremony for
her dream wedding. – I’ve loved planning it all. Tomorrow is a big day. To make sure everything is perfect, Naoko
is assisted by professional wedding planner, Yukiko. – You are so cute, that looks amazing on you! – This is an empire-style dress. It’s like something from Napoleon’s time. But although this may look like preparation
for an ordinary wedding, in reality it is not quite so, as the young woman has no fiancé. – Yes, I completely forgot to look for a boyfriend! In fact, Naoko is going to get married on
her own. In Japan, they call this a solo wedding. It was Yukiko who invented solo weddings just
over a year ago. And since then, she has had hundreds of clients. – At the beginning I had a 34 year old employee
who had no plans to get married, and yet who had wanted nothing more than to wear a wedding
dress since she was a little girl. She was quite upset at the idea that that
was never going to happen. And one day, she confided in me that she would
really like to have the opportunity to dress like a bride, and she asked me to organise
that for her. Naoko also wanted to live out her dream wedding
experience, all while remaining single. -Marriage is a life choice among others. I don’t know yet if I want to get married
or not, or if I want to live with someone or not. For the tidy sum of €2,400 the solo wedding
service lasts 24 hours, and includes a wedding dress fitting, a visit to a make up artist,
a hair stylist, a florist, and ends with a photoshoot. – Look at the camera please!

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