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Maurice Asks Monster About Moving to Huntsville | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

Maurice Asks Monster About Moving to Huntsville | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

Have you talked to
your mom about school? Like she said, I might be
attending a school down here. You actually are going
to be going to school here. So how did you feel about it? I just like how I am now. I don’t really
want to come here. I’m not trying to be mean. It’s just I don’t
really like it. At this moment,
I am the only one that wants this move to happen. I’m looking down the
road on this decision, and I think that everybody
will buy in the end because they’ll see
the change and growth, and everybody will say, oh,
this is the best move possible. What about my mom? What? What do you mean
what about your mom? Is she going to
be coming down here? We’ve had a lot
of conversations about her coming down here,
her and Xav coming down here. So she’s definitely
considering moving down here, but all of that
stuff is centered around her getting a job. But in the meantime, you’re
going to be starting school. I would know a good idea. Like if she came, like we
should keep her at your house, so we can, like, get
them on their feet. That’s actually kind of– that’s probably not
what we’re going to do. They’re looking for a
place for themselves. Like adults usually
have their own house. The innocence of childhood. I tell you, I can
only imagine trying to pitch this idea to Kimmi. Xav and Ky living in our house? I can say it’s temporary. And you know what she’d say? Death is permanent.

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  1. I was hoping we were hearing his nickname wrong. Parents be mindful of what you speak on your child. Words are not just words.

  2. Maurice is right. His son needs to live with him. He's an intelligent man, and it will work out as he said. I am proud of him (in the next episode) because he defended his brother as Martel and Melody try to ruin Marsau and LaTisha's marriage because misery loves company.

  3. Maurice is the only one that wants this move. So why move him? Maurice is only considering himself. Maurice ex is not going to stop disrespecting Kimmi. Maurice is not going to defend Kimmi because he wants his son in Huntsville. This situation is a "monster" regardless of the young man's nickname.

  4. Kimmie and Maurice argue about Kyuwia (apologize for the mispelling) while Monster is at their house. WHY would Monster want to stay in the same house where his mom is being disrespected???? Kimmie knew Maurice plan for his son B4 she married him last year. She knew how this child's mother feels towards her. Don't ask for an apology seven years later or act surprise that her husband's number one priority is obtaining his son and everything else is second, third and on..

  5. The son looks as tho he is old enough to go live with his Dad by himself. Plenty of young boys go live with their Dads once they reach a certain age.

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