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  1. yeah, pizza? you mean a high risk of getting cholesterol and ( diabetic due to the flour) and inflammation and damage in their intestinal tracts by ( the gluten ) eating pizza it's fine but people should control the amount and intakes

  2. "Democrats, always a friend of the little guy."
    Except in this case, dear Stephen, the little guys were the Clintons, not the multi-billionaire Indians.

  3. I can attest to that last part. I once tried to help this crusty old man named Mr. Plinkett milk his cat and it did NOT go well.

  4. The technical stuff is very telling: fat sells, sugar sells. Yup the crust has a glycemic spiking effect, creating mayhem internally, like whiplashing the pancreas

  5. A guy in my hometown sells coke pizza I mean how else do you get a Lamborghini selling pizza? everyone who eats buys it daily so like wtf lol

  6. Get this straight people Trump is not a self-made millionaire he has made over $250,000 a year from when he was two years old, thx daddy, in addition he has a slew of failed businesses record lawsuits and he gets his money for laundering Saudi Arabia and Russia money via his properties it doesn’t take a genius to see all of this. Yes his narcissistic personality has helped him raise his brand via the apprentice and this is exactly the reason Putin and other dictators know how to take advantage of this dumbass narcissistic selfish pig!

  7. Cows are forcefully impregnated so her baby can get stolen after hours of being born…only to be either murdered for veal (baby boys) or exploited for her reproductive organs also (baby girls). Drink plant milk, and stop breast feeding from a different species.

  8. I don't know if it helps any, but I eat multigrain pizza crust whenever I can. I just like it more, and I feel far less gross

  9. Also on pizza-addictive-properties: Cheese produces a byproduct in your body that is 1/10th the strength of injected Morpine. It's called casomorphone & it's from the protein Casein in cheese. this Casomorphine compound also leads to inflammatory responses in your body.

  10. I am generally against wasting so much money but Mukesh Ambani deserves huge respect !

    The Ambanis are self made people! Mukesh Ambani’s father – Dhirubhai Ambani was just a high school graduate and was working in a gas station! He and his sons Mukesh and Anil Ambani built such a huge business empire and are now counted among the richest people in the world ! Doesn’t he deserve to girl his little girl the wedding of her dreams ?!

  11. Sometimes I Jones for a Pizza. I'm not actually an addict. But when I put pizza in a spoon and then melt the cheese and suck it up in a syringe and shoot it up. I am definitely a dabbler. And that taste of pepperoni in the back of my throat is like heaven on earth… But I digress.

  12. Go big tomorrow…His whole family is involved…

  13. rather pay my 10% and taxes to the big cow than to get my 10% stolen and my taxes never done or late or can't work because the Lil cow be messing with me and my family.

  14. What a potentially life changing question, would we eat cows if they were the size of cats? Would the cats try to eat the cows?. Would that in turn put the cows in the guinea pig category then? Also, Afgooey… If you're wondering what I'm on.

  15. For those who haven't seen it, there's also the slowed down version of that Pizza song:

  16. Hey you fucking anchor if your jokes are so funny why do you have to put those laughing sounds as background……., No one is interested in your this unmeaninghful jokes……., LoL……..Indian Weddings are awesome

  17. 对了,推銷期是空军建升空期,後来大慨又寻先知打探和博士探学生期,先知猷酋大慨死掉,所以大慨是推銷期先知众死??,生而死??,好像死不相往来??,,,??。

  18. Anyone else have a homer Simpson moment when he was talking about pizza and just went "mmmm carbohydrates…" while slightly drooling

  19. I believe "Habit forming" would be a better description of things like Pizza, and Chocolate. The study worded it as "Addictive-like reactions" but on the other side of this debate, you have pseudoceliacs proclaiming themselves "Deathly allergic to wheat." In a Papa John's. True story, but you see those people throwing semolina coated dough into the air? If she was "Deathly Allergic to wheat," she wouldn't be able to breathe, much less yell that out loud to the cashier to inform her that she's just picking up a pizza for a friend, and the buffalo bites (Which are coated in Panko) are for her. I'd like to see the EEGs of Pseudo-celiacs getting an endorphin dump out of telling people that wheat can kill them

  20. That pseudocientific explanation for "addiction" to pizzas is pure bullshit. I am an MD with a solid background in biochemistry

  21. Originally elsewhere:
    Platonism* was discounted centuries ago, although mathematical axioms and proofs are permanent while scientific theory and "proofs" are largely temporary. I believe that science split from religion around the 1800s with John Dalton's discrete atoms discovery. The ancient Greeks made no distinction between science and theology.
    *see, Platonism related to mathematical religions

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