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Meet the Customer Service Hub in Customer Engagement

Meet the Customer Service Hub in Customer Engagement

The Customer Service Hub in Dynamics 365 helps
customer service representatives and managers monitor their workload and get a unified view
of service issues, so that they can provide faster resolutions to their customers. 
Check out dashboards to view your most important data in one place. Select from the list of
dashboards available for your role. Use Activities to track tasks, email messages,
appointments, phone calls, and other customer interactions. The timeline lets you view user interactions in a chronological order. 
Apply text and visual filters to home in on pertinent data, and perform inline actions
on notes and posts. Add, view, and download attachments for notes. Catch up on what you have missed from the
previous day in the What’s new section, that lists your missed interactions like calls
and emails. Manage and store information about the customers
you work with, using accounts and contacts. Leverage the case form to seamlessly create
cases, track customer requests, and issues. Define the level of service or support that
your organization agrees to offer to a customer by using Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
Track the time remaining to complete a task and monitor SLA KPI’s using Timer control.
Let Entitlements define what kind of support your customers are eligible for.
Drive your cases from initiation to closure easily, using the business process flows.
Benefit from the automated contextual actions at each stage.
Track your customer’s social media presence using social profiles.
Use Queue Items to organize, prioritize, and monitor the progress of your work.
Author informative and useful knowledge articles, which the customer service reps can use to
quickly assist customers with their issues. Leverage the advanced rich-text editor to
create engaging content. You can also preview the content to view its compatibility on multiple
devices, like tablets or phones. You can even share the articles with customers
or make them available on a Customer Service portal to provide self-service.
Customer Service Hub in Dynamics 365, Customer Engagement. Get the data you need to connect
customers with resolutions, fast.

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