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  1. Is he ever getting out though? It's like there keeping him in there because they know when he comes out he's gonna be famous and loaded.

  2. what does that make me? Charles Bronson has a wife. Charles Manson had a wife!! I'm still single!! should I change my name to Charles?

  3. This women is a 100% loon.She talks about him as if he is an innocent little school boy.She needs to go talk to all his victims

  4. Yes marrying serial killers, murderers etc is Crazy, women are crazy…. The boston bombers got fawned over, got fanmail and shit.

  5. I hope he gets released soon so he can just live a normal life on the outside. I think he's learned his lesson now and won't be a danger to society.

  6. He hasn't killed anybody he spent 44 years in prison consecutively. 36 of those years spent in solitary confinement in the fucking dark! Half the time he was forcibly stripped of his clothing anybody in a goddamn dark place for that long with nobody to talk to would be driven mad… Even when he did get out of prison for that short amount of time he sold his art and gave most of his money as donations for the Brain tumor charity, Keach hospice and Oxford homeless ect… Even then when he did have the time to talk to others he spent it conversating with disabled children it really helped him recontextualize what he and others have been put through. Now I'm not saying he doesn't deserve to be incarcerated. But the way that people are going about it clearly isn't working. There needs to be a better system. So yes I do think there is a reason why his wife sees the good in him, he's broken.

  7. I wrote a letter to Charles discussing about Art. I'm an artist myself and I'm quite fascinated with his work. He replied, he seemed pretty chill despite his reputation as "Britain's most notorious prisoner". He said to me that listening to music while doing Art can be very therapeutic. I still have his letter in my room lol

  8. Drunk hoe gtfo of him, he is just sentimental, man with sensitivity, and you babylon harlot took the opportunity

  9. Vice is cool when they stay out of politics.
    Yo Vice, stop trying to force straight people to suck dick, it doesn't work. You'll just make trump supporters out of everyone.

  10. She will likely have regrets when her ovaries are empty and shrivelled that she never had children yet devoted her life to someone who is never likely to be released. I feel quite sorry for her because she is still giddy in love.

  11. RIP Paula such a beautiful soul,,,, hope all your demons have left you and now protected in the arms of the lord xxxx

  12. Has he ever been seen properly by a psychologist or psychiatrist on a regular basis? I mean the man is institutionalised poor bastard but where and why did it all begin. For his ‘crimes’ outside people havent served anywhere near the time he’s done. I know he’s been a bad boy outside. And i know when he’s been released into prison society he’s been picked on so some guy can ‘take down’ Charlie Bronson and he reacts, of course he does anyone would. I just wondered if he’d ever been given a correct diagnosis

  13. Lol this chick was caught blowing some other guy on video and he found out and didnt put hands on her lol how can he be the most dangerous prisoner i call bs not doing it as a publicity stunt i cant see how not you wouldnt be on vice if it wasn't that you were married to action Bronson

  14. If that's "Britain's most notorious prisoner" then best the poms steer clear of Australia. My Grandmother's done more illegal sh*t than him and she didn't even make it into the local obituary section when she died.

  15. What the fucking hell does this have to do with crop circles?! I wish to goodness, YouTube can get itself straightened out. Out.

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