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MILLION SUBS Service CelebrationšŸŽ‰

MILLION SUBS Service CelebrationšŸŽ‰

(crowd cheering) – Hi guys! Guys, there’s a line outside. – [Jeremy] Look at this. What!? Look they made J-House shirts. How cool is that. (upbeat music) – Good morning. Today is the big day for
our service celebration. And we’re excited and a
little bit overwhelmed because we’ve never done something like this before. Hopefully things go smoothly. (upbeat music) – Well we just showed up at
the church where the event is being held. We’re like running behind
on a bunch of stuff that we’re trying to get ready and we’re super excited about meeting everyone
and getting this going. – There are so many people
here helping us today. We’re getting set up for
the hygiene kits right now. We’re so blessed to be
working with Heart to Heart International today. They’re like a well oiled machine. They know exactly what
they’re doing and they are getting it all set up. (upbeat music) I just saw Jeremy for the first time. He’s been busy running around. – Trying to get everything ready. – [Man] So you start right here, okay ? Can you grab a bag? Okay. – [Girl] Wash cloth.
Let’s pick up a wash cloth. – [Kendra] Elise is being our tester. [Man] Hand towels. – [Girl] Hand towels. – [Man] These are instructions
on when you should wash your hands. – [Girl] Toothpaste. [Man] Toothpaste. Let’s put
it in flat, okay, sideways. – [Girl] Shampoo. – (man) Shampoo. – [Girl] Toothbrush. – (man) Toothbrush. – [Girl] Comb. Soap. – (man) Yep, and this is a hard one. – Nail clippers! – (man) Yes! There you go. Now seal it. – [Kendra] Good job ‘lise. [Lady] Hi, now what I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna take it and I’m gonna place it in this one. – [Kendra] And look
‘lise, on the bags it says J House Vlogs. – [Elise] Oh! – And then I’m gonna put it over here and it’s gonna go in a box. – Your first. – [Kendra] First one’s done. [Man] Yeah! [Kendra] Good job! One down! Only one thousand seven
hundred and ninety-nine to go. [Kendra] Extra supplies. (upbeat music playing) – We’re sending these to Pico de gallo. – [Kendra] Isaac can’t stop dancing today. (music) – [Kendra] Nice! – We have a playlist going for this event. Aunt Julie made it for us and
the kids can’t stop dancing. Except for her. She doesn’t know what’s going on. (crowd noise) – [Lady] The balloon! Look up there. Nope. (people talking and laughing) – (lady) We’re not very safe but. OH! Yeah! Woo! – So we ordered the cake
half chocolate, half vanilla. But I’m curious. Poll question, which kind
would you eat if you were here? (upbeat music) Laura just got a balloon. – Well she got back her balloon. _(Kendra) Uh-oh, was that the one that lost?
– Yes – (Kendra) Oh, I didn’t
know that was hers! – We are now tying it to her wrist. – [Kendra] Very smart. We have the best volunteers! Yeah! These are my friends. Friends make the best volunteers. I can’t believe they’re
helping us with this ginormous thing. We have no idea what we’re doing. Jeremy’s on audiovisual. Look at him go. (upbeat music) Jeremy. – Trying to figure this
out the audio won’t play through the TV. The
TV doesn’t look good. – (Kendra) You’re amazing. (soft tinkling music) (crowd screaming and cheering) Hi guys! Guys, there’s a line outside. I am equally nervous that no-one’s going to show up and I’m also
nervous that so many people come that they don’t
fit into the building. Which that’s not gonna happen. I just passed Jeremy running that way and I’m running this way. We’re to the countdown. I think we’ve got 10 minutes
to go and a few things to work out before then. Did you just try to photo bomb me? – Yeah! (Kendra) Ah! In case your curious the last
thing you do before a meet up is brush your teeth. Nobody wants to meet you with bad breath. (music playing) (people screaming) – [Jeremy] I wanted to Vlog you guys. Is that okay? (people cheering) (Jeremy) Ready to Vlog the line. Look at this! (people cheering) What!? What!? (music) – [Jeremy] come on in. Jillian’s explaining what
Heart to Heart does and how we’re making the
kits for the people in Puerto Rico. So we have the first set of
friends coming to meet us. – I’m excited and I’m nervous. I always get nervous to meet you guys. I don’t know why. So you can tell Jeremy’s
been running around. He’s all sweaty. – I get really nervous. – [Kendra] It happens. He has literally been running up and down these hallways trying to get
all the audio visual stuff to work. It didn’t all end up working. We were supposed to a really cool J-house trivia game and it didn’t happen. So we’ll have to find a
different way to share that game with you guys because there were some good questions. I think we would have stumped you. – Like what’s the name
of the tree in my office? – Nobody’s gonna know that. People are coming. (music) – [Jeremy] These guys
were here I think like an hour before it started. – Yeah. – That’s dedication. They made J-House shirts. How cool is that? I love it! Number one fan. Is that what it says? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] Yes! You proved it. Kendra saw, what’s your name? – Noni. – [Jeremy] Noni has this purse. – The phone works! – [Jeremy] The phone works. – [Kendra] This is the coolest thing ever! – [Jeremy] Stop it. That is so cool. Now I know what I’m getting
Kendra for Christmas. (crowd cheering) (music) – We’re playing rock,
paper, scissors tournament style with everybody. – [Jeremy and crowd] Rock,
paper, scissors, shoot! (crowd laughing) [Jeremy and crowd] Rock,
paper, scissors, shoot! (crowd noise) [Jeremy and crowd] Rock,
paper, scissors, shoot! – [Kendra] Are these the finalists? Here’s the rock, paper,
scissors finalists. (crowd playing rock, paper, scissors) – [Jeremy] You guys ready? Are you a little nervous? A little bit? What’s your strategy? Do you know what you’re
going to do or do you like wing it? You’ve already decided? I always like wait to the very end. One, two, three. – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. (crowd cheering) (winner’s music) (crowd laughing) – Where are you from? – Spring Valley. – We really appreciate
you coming and winning. – The United States of (mumbling) (music) – Okay, so there’s a twelve
generation set and it says if you want to change the
world go home and love your family. And that is something that … Oh! (laughing) – [Jeremy] Or waive randomly. – That is something that
we’re a very imperfect family but we’re trying and Jeremy
and I like to try and remember that some of the
greatest service that we can do is at home. So let’s just all go home
and love on our family. (upbeat music) (crowd noise) – What was your name? Ryan? So cool! – Triplets! They’re triplets! – How old are you? – [Boy] Eleven. – Eight. Royals fan? – Yeah. – Right. – Hi Kendra! It’s good to meet you. I just want to thank
you guys for everything you’ve done. It’s made such a difference in our life. You’re so loved and the
boys love your kids. – [Jeremy] Landry was
the winner of our rock, paper, scissors tournament. – Woohoo! – [Kendra] What’s your advice? Which is best? Rock, paper, or scissors? – Rock. – [Jeremy] Rock? – Callie was showing us this doll. Check it out. They’re reversible. So one of the things we had up was just a board that people could write
what they’re grateful for. And I love seeing it at the end. It’s so beautiful. Let’s see what we can find. My family. My loving family. Can you see that white balloon up there? That is the second balloon
that Laura has lost. – Third. – [Kendra] Third? Good luck getting that one Thomas. We could not have done this
without all of your help. Thank you so much. This is what 1800 hygiene kits look like. Headed to Puerto Rico. – It’s amazing. So we couldn’t have done
this event without all of our volunteers. They’ve been amazing. [Photographer] Alright, ready? (upbeat music) – So I remember when we
had one day without power and how traumatic that was. And there’s still people in Puerto Rico who don’t have power. It’s been weeks and so I’m
grateful that were able to do something meaningful that is gonna make a difference. These are going to people
in Puerto Rico to help them out. (Soft music) [Jeremy] Thanks so much for coming! Look at all the parents. This is awesome. (crowd noise) – So my sister has to leave. – [Jeremy] We’re so sad. You were very helpful. She was watching Laura
the whole time and Laura was tired through a lot of it. (soft music) – J. – J. – J. – J. – House. – House. – House. – House. – House. – House. – House. – House. – J-House Vlog! [Kendra] We got my sister Tiffany from the airport! – Laura’s pants. – Do you want to go swimming? (upbeat music) Holy splash. So our swim time ended
with a scary moment. (upbeat music)

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