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Mormon Marriage

This is my wife Sienna! She’s been on the
show before. It was like the Easter episode, mm-hmm. She did such a great job that we wanted to bring her back. Actually, I just really wanted to bring
her back. Actually, I’m here because we’re talking about marriage and we’re married. Kwaku is not married though he would be very credible. She’s just a lot cuter it’s for the camera. In lots of Mormon circles you’re gonna hear some weird vocabulary. Like prophet, atonement, eternal marriage, spirit world, all of these things, and so we felt like addressing one of the main
foundations of the gospel of Jesus Christ which is the sealing or eternal
marriage as we say, marriage in a temple. Those who are worthy to enter the temple may be sealed to their spouse which means that they make covenant
between the spouses and God to be married for all time and all eternity
not just for this time that we have on earth but for forever. So when we say
make a covenant we just mean make a promise with God for all eternity,
and so in eternal marriage isn’t one of those things that you see at like a
regular church where people make vows with each other and it’s a legal binding.
So we do get legally bound but then becoming spiritually bound eternally is
something very important because we were talking about this earlier it’d be kind
of weird for Heavenly Father to prepare such a beautiful unit as the family and
not have it go on into the eternities. Right, you’d be like oh, here’s the spouse that you
really love to be with but when you die it’s like okay so we’re gonna just move
on? I feel like that’s marriage is intended to last forever it’s it’s
intended for us to make us happy now and to make us happy later after after we
leave this life. One of my favorite quotes about living together with your
spouse and that happiness that you feel on earth and for the eternities is from
Jeffrey R. Holland, he’s an apostle, he was just being interviewed it wasn’t
like a talk but he said I can’t imagine going to heaven without my spouse it
just wouldn’t be heaven to me. I think that’s so sweet number one just
very cute that a man would say, but number two romantic yeah it’s very
romantic number two though it’s it’s just like that totally makes sense why
would I want to live with God if I cannot be with the one that I have grown
to love on earth until I’m hopefully 95 or something like, right. So, Ian and I
got sealed last last April. No I was thinking that’s not two years ago it was
just a year ago. So last April and we got married in the temple
the DC temple it’s beautiful temple, and so we want to talk a little bit about
what happens in a sealing ceremony yeah yes it’s not something everybody knows
but I’m sure people are curious about it. So basically when you’re in the sealing
room of a temple which is where it happens, there is an altar placed in the
middle of the temple, and that altar is designed for one spouse to kneel on one
side and the other to kneel on the other side so that you’re looking over the
altar at each other. Then there is a sealer in the room or one that has
been given authority from God to bind you together and it’s it’s a great
moment where the sealer can kind of talk to you about what you’re about to do, but
then in the actual ordinance you are bound by the priesthood so that you know
that family that will be created in that moment can live on into the next life.
Marriage is not meant to just end to death; it’s meant to go on for all
eternity. Your family’s supposed to stay with you.
There’s this beautiful symbolism of that in the sealing room where when you’re
kneeling at the altar there is a mirror behind the person that you’re nearly
across from and then there’s a mirror on the other side of you which means that
you can see through that mirror and you can see it going on forever because
since the mirrors are across from each other you’re seeing it go on forever and
it’s it’s this beautiful symbolism of eternity of being married for forever
It really feels like generations can just go on forever your
posterity will go on forever. One of the greatest insights I think that happen in
the ceiling is that when you are married there is an altar, and in the Old Testament altars were used for sacrifices, and we’re not
sacrificing anything in the sealing room; however, that sacrifice is a symbol of
the Lamb of God. You would shed blood, the firstborn of your flock as the symbol of
the son Jesus Christ being the firstborn and the only begotten son of the Father
shedding his blood for all of mankind through the atonement. I love how
the altar is right in the middle, the symbol of Jesus Christ, the symbol of the
atonement, because it shows that Jesus Christ should be in the center of that
relationship, that when you hold hands across the altar and the sealing happens
you are being bound in the middle by the Savior who has atoned for us. Right, and
it’s not and it’s also saying that this ordinance isn’t just happening between
the two of you but between the two of you and and God. Of course you’re not
getting married to God, but you’re it’s between you and your spouse and the Lord. Your covenanting to him that you will be together and faithful towards each other. I mean in our
marriage I remember in that moment there was the power of God made manifest. I
think you can feel that promise being placed upon us that kind of that mantle.
That’s how I say it in the scriptures, like there’s this kind of not a weight
but there’s this responsibility. Heavenly Father is truly at the helm of that new
family that has started. It’s a really special ceremony. That was fun. It was fun it was and I only plan to do it once but it was a good memory to have. I
love you. Like we said in that moment you make a binding covenant with God and
your spouse, and it’s not something that just happens there and you forget about
it and you never return to the temple, and yeah we did that in the past, and we
don’t really practice any of that now. But the covenants – if they come in to
be faithful towards each other to be devoted to the Lord and to promise to be
obedient to his commandments. I think those are the foundational principles of
a happy marriage is being devoted to the Lord one which will in turn naturally
make you devoted to your spouse in all things making sure that they’re okay,
making sure that you understand their desires needs and wants. I think making
sure that I treat Siena as someone who is equal as me like Jesus Christ and
God’s CSS equals, and we will be equals in the heavens, and so making sure that
in this life it’s so important to make sure that our goals and aspirations are
understood by each other. So, if you have any thoughts about eternal marriage or
questions or comments please comment below let us know yeah we’ll respond
yeah. Also if you truly want to see what the
inside of a temple looks like and you’re not a member or you want to see the
sealing room go to an open house. So temples are being built all over the
world and there’s probably one in the future or now that is being dedicated or
has an open house you should go check it out you can see everything inside. Yup, you see the sealing room like a room where we got married. She’s
really cute yes – she’s cute like dang cute. I don’t like these compliments in
front of other people you know I’m very much more reserved.

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  1. “For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.”
    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭22:30‬ ‭

    Jesus says you won’t be married for all eternity! If you don’t leave Mormonism you will go to Hell!

  2. I am not LDS. I do enjoy your shows and learning about other religions. I know of no place in the Bible that our Lord speaks of heavenly marriage. In fact, in the Gospel of Matthew he refutes the idea. He says "in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but as are the angels of God in Heaven" Angels are neither male nor female and do not marry. I'll leave the entire quote below. MT. 22:23-33 23The same day came to him the Sadducees, which say that there is no resurrection, and asked him, 24Saying, Master, Moses said, If a man die, having no children, his brother shall marry his wife, and raise up seed unto his brother. 25Now there were with us seven brethren: and the first, when he had married a wife, deceased, and, having no issue, left his wife unto his brother: 26Likewise the second also, and the third, unto the seventh. 27And last of all the woman died also. 28Therefore in the resurrection whose wife shall she be of the seven? for they all had her.

    29Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God. 30For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven. 31But as touching the resurrection of the dead, have ye not read that which was spoken unto you by God, saying, 32I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. 33And when the multitude heard this, they were astonished at his doctrine.

  3. GOALS. Also, this is such a happy belief! Yay for eternal families! (How fun is it to watch Ian be so excited about spending eternity with Sienna?! 😂)

  4. I've never felt comfortable with the idea of going to heaven to worship my Lord but not be able to be with my husband. It never felt right, and still doesn't. It was one of the things within my Christian faith that always felt incomplete… Still searching for answers as I research the LDS faith but this point is one that fulfills the love of God, IMHO.

  5. When a couple get married in a church they declare "Till death us do part." But this just means the seperation until they meet again, because usually someone dies earlier than the other. I think a lot of people understand your point of living together for eternity and believe in it. I think so too.

  6. “For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.”
    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭22:30‬ ‭

    How can you be married for eternity? Jesus said you can’t? Is Jesus a liar?

  7. Thank you for this episode! I had a couple questions about eternal marriage but luckily you guys answered them. Going back to the "Gay and Mormon" episode from a while ago, I've been trying to learn more about how the church views LGBTQ+ people and I've found very vague descriptions or next to nothing for those who are transgender or non-binary. Could somoeone please briefly explain the churches views on being transgender/transitioning etc.?

  8. serving a mission definitely helped ME understand the importance of eternal marriage, so i love this topic!! you two are adorable! 🙂

  9. What happens in the case of a young widow/widower, would they be allowed to remarry? And also, what's the church's stance on divorce?

  10. I'm getting baptized in a couple weeks and the first investigators class I had was on the eternal family and eternal marriage 🙂

  11. Ok, I’m Mormon and have been since birth, my question has to do with things like divorce and remarriage. In regards to remarrying, how exactly does that work? One of my aunts got remarried last year after almost ten years after her first husband died. I was there, but I didn’t entirely understand how that worked.

    Also what happens when a couple gets married in the temple and 5 or 10 years later and for whatever reason a divorce occurs, what happens then? In my old ward (I’m going to the singles ward now) one of the elders had been married three times( and he is in his late twenty’s or early thirty’s, so he doesn’t look like he’s been married three times) so my question is, if you are sealed for time and all eternity the first time you get married, what happens when you get married again?

    I’m currently going to institute and we are studying about marriage. I don’t want to take up the half the time the lesson is just to answer my question, so some clarity would be appreciated.

    Or you know, you could make a second video about this topic cause I’m sure that their are many (or at least enough)people that have been in circumstances or those similar to those that I have already described, that might like know what to do next.

  12. If couples are sealed to each other for eternity, are children sealed to their parents as well? What happens in the case of adoption? Thanks!

  13. You said, Why would I want to live with god if I can't be with the one Ive " grown to Love"on earth.. does that mean that the person you married you didn't love before you got married, because when you say grown to love that usually means its taken a long time to love them and that you had no connection with that person like no love at first sight or attraction when you first met. I to believe that when you marry not only your bodies belong together but your souls too, marriage is sacred.

  14. you said, "Jesus…the only begotten Son." Don't mormons believe that Jesus was a brother to Satan? Which one is it? Did Jesus have a sibling or was Jesus an only child like the Bible says He was?

  15. You guys are SO CUTE!!! We can see how much you love each other and how happy you are. This is GOALS FOR LIFE! My bf is going to the mission and we will get marriage on 2020. I can't waaait to the temple and the blessings and have my own family. This church is perfect ❤

  16. The Bible says that there will be no marriage in heaven. How do you justify completely ignoring this and following the human-made idea that you have an eternal marriage?

  17. 1) I think all Christians believe they will meet up with spouses in heaven. For most though, the continuation of the marriage doesn't end up being important. There's a belief that, in God's heavenly presence, we will be able to love ALL people more fully–in a way we can't imagine now.
    2) Wanted to point out that, like LDS, Catholics and Orthodox (at least half of all Christians) view marriage as a sacrament/ordinance, making it significantly more important than a legal binding. For them, marriage is a big, sacred deal that takes place in front of God, family, friends and the entire church community (as well as the altar).
    3) You two are adorable!

  18. But what happens when one dies and the other remarries and does the same, get married in temple, do they all hook up in the after life? And, why isn't the word love mentioned in a LDS wedding? But you better get them lil crumb grabbers coming cause membership is down which means tithing is down. What a lousy example of a church, but hey, they're a cult

  19. Question: for example, a couple has married and sealed. but suddenly a spouse dies at young age, leaving no child. so what should another spouse do? can he/she marry someone else and has a progeny? I'm really curious

  20. Mormons don't believe that a non temple "legal" wedding is performed by the proper authority and legitimate in heaven, but yet they don't consider sex within a non temple "legal" wedding to be fornication and don't consider children born into a non temple "legal" wedding to be illegitimate from a spiritual perspective. The belief is totally inconsistent.

  21. Of course I love the idea of an eternal marriage. I love my wife, and would love to be together forever. I just would prefer the idea of an equal one where she is not referred to as my property. The temple marriage ceremony bothers me deeply. When my wife and I were sealed I was under the impression that our marriage was egalitarian. In other words, I thought we were making the same promises to each other. However, if you pay attention to the language it is not. I covenanted to “receive” her, and she covenanted to “give” herself to me. When I realized this I was bothered that I in no way “give” myself to her, nor does she “receive” me as hers. It certainly leads to the idea that the man is somewhere above the women in that she is referred to as something that is owned. which is obviously sexist. This is especially sad as in this video you also seem to be under the impression that the ceremony sees the man and the women equal. I am glad you two see it that way, but that is not the covenant you made.

    After noticing the verbiage of receive and give I paid close attention to other parts of temple attendance and realized that the endowment is also deeply sexist. As observed by others "A female temple patron usually understands that she goes to the temple to make covenants with God (again, we adopt the language of the male spiritual experience), but she does not… Women pledge spiritual allegiance to a husband who will someday be exalted as a god like Heavenly Father, whereupon the wife’s power, her priesthood, will come through the exalted husband. In this model, the woman is eternally dependent on her husband for a connection to God the Father."

  22. Speaking of Mormon marriage… How about an episode on the 38+ secret polygamous marriages Joseph Smith was involved in? Including other living men’s wives (polyandry), sister pairs, mother-daughter pairs, his own foster daughters, maids, and several underage girls as young as 14. You could detail the way that he lied about his polygamous behavior to his wife Emma and the general membership. Maybe talk about how he sent Apostle Orson Hyde on a mission and married Orson’s wife (Marinda Hyde) while he was gone… or you could read the letter that Joseph wrote to Sarah Ann Whitney telling her that he’s lonely and that he wants her to come over, but only if Emma is gone. Just some historical ideas. That would be an interesting video.

  23. Sienna (Cienna?), how do you feel about your husband having multiple wives in the celestial kingdom? Since we know from Brigham Young that this is a requirement for celestial existence. I'm sure he'll love you all equally.

  24. Y'all have fun doing some handshakes and having the woman be revived by the husband, and she not know his uber secret temple name? But muh eternal life tho!

  25. What about when someone gets divorced and then remarries. Do you get to pick who you spend eternity with or do you get to have both or…..??

  26. Marriage IS intended to last forever – it is the marriage of Jesus the bridegroom and His church, the bride. Heaven is being with God, and God should be all that you want. Earthly life ends and heavenly life begins.

    If you think you need more than God after death, then you do not fully trust our God, and I am very sad for you!

  27. Since the majority of the church's time frame has been polygamous (first non-polygamous prophet wasn't until almost 1950's), and since there is nothing on the books about it never returning as a practice, is this something young couples discuss and prepare for as a possibility in LDS premarital counseling? As a "never-Mormon" I'm sincerely curious. . .. also, Ian–and please forgive me if this is too sensitive–if the Spirit commanded you as in days of old, would you be able to give Sienna unto the current prophet? I am seeking to understand culturally.

  28. I dont think I will Get married I dont want A partner though I am Bi-sexual There See not all Bi-sexuals Are greedy

  29. Wow now that's a narrow idea of marriage I would much rather be in the presences of my creator and savior rather than another creation. Luke 20:3 "But those who are considered worthy of taking part in the age to come and in the resurrection from the dead will neither marry nor be given in marriage" . Eternal life is not about being with family its about being with Christ.

  30. Is it hard to convert to LDS? The woman I want to marry is Mormon and it is a big part of her. I want to be united with her for ever and would like some tips please.

  31. Just watched this video again, and I think there's something I have to call: I don't know that I believe Sienna when she said that the sealing was "fun." I dunno, her tone of voice just didn't sound joyful. I've never been to a "sealing" . . . maybe she meant reverent or something. If you've been sealed, was it thrilling, weird, lighthearted, somber, or what? Is it personalized at all? (And is it true younger siblings can't come to your wedding?)

  32. My husband & I are eternally married; God does allow for this when it's True Love, and in the spirit world we become one, tied together with spirits from God. The husbands spirit covers the wife's, and God's covers the husband, creating a mini spirit home. God adds spirits to our tabernacle as we add virtues to our bond; tenderness, trust, honesty, sacrifice… In the spirit world, they look like jewels; sparkling lights that twinkle as we touch on those emotion laced spirit jewels. Our treasures in Heaven can never be stolen, they are bound with us. Truly, eternal marriage is a wonderful thing. God calls me His prophet & has shown me lots of things. I grew up Christian, but currently practice what God has shown me. It's cool that your church knows so much that I would've never known if it weren't revealed to me by God in visions & words, visually seeing and hearing… prophets do exist now days! God loves His prophets… often we can't help but spend all our time with God & isolate a bit, but we just thirst for His presence 24/7. While it creates misunderstandings on Earth, God gives us a special place in His heart; He does this for anyone who devotes their heart to Him while our spirits are in these 'spirit egg shells' we care for. It means a lot to Him that we acknowledge His reign & His Kingdom even before our true eyes are developed, and we are taken into His realms beyond this one. Humanity is a special time for us; and His ways are there for us to feel good & enjoy life fully now and store up experience for our entire lives, not just our human life. He knows how spirits should live, He is the Great Spirit! GOD LOVES YOU!!!!! May you cherish your Holy Spirit & seek first the Kingdom of God each day, and enjoy the peace that comes along with that choice!

  33. I have no idea how i ended up here, actually i do from a movie trailer
    Anyway, i’m a believer, not a mormon but the way they look at each other when they talk is lovely. Really wish my partner would look at me like that.

  34. Marriage is not intended to make you happy, it's intended to fulfill a biological need in a moral manner. It is God's framework for sexual behavior and procreation continuation of the human species, and it's really fucking fun and feels great. But no it's not for your happiness that is a lie of the postmodern cesspool

  35. Why are LDS men so efeminant? The men are not rough like old leather, and hard like whisky. They are soft like butter. Some women like a rough guy with whiskers and callouses on the hands. Some women prefer a guy with grit.

  36. I'm a child in a part member family, and your videos about the temple help me so much, because my parents can't really tell me anything about the temple. Thank you.

  37. I would like to know what Mormons think about the scripture, Mark 12:18-27, when Jesus tells us, "Are you not misled because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God? When they(husbands and wives) rise from the dead, they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but they are like the angels in heaven." And how do you refute God by taking a spouse for all eternity?

  38. Hey so I'm a recent convert (as in early 2018) and needless to say there's a lot of stuff that I'm still confused about sometimes, even when I'm absolutely certain about the promises I've made. This channel has helped reaffirm my testimony like you wouldn't believe and I fully believe that I found it through the Spirit.
    In short, thank you so so much for doing what you are and being who you're meant to be.

  39. As a member I’ve always been told that what happens inside the temple is so sacred that you’re not supposed to describe it to anyone, the only way anyone can really know is if themselves get sealed. Do you guys ever run things by your local bishop before you post them online?

  40. I love your program I'm not in youth. I'm hoping to find an eternal companion one day thank you for sharing this

  41. I pray for the both of you to find the truth about God. That way you CAN live together in heaven. Please consider

  42. Here is just one scripture that clearly refutes the LDS teachings on marriage. Matthew 22:30 30: "At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven." I could list numerous others, but my point is that the LDS church is in error regarding what it teaches about celestial marriage and marriage in general.

  43. My first marriage was in a park outside of Fairfield California. My second marriage to this same wonderful woman why is in the temple of our lord at Las Vegas Nevada! For us double our pleasure double our fun. We celebrate two anniversaries.

  44. I've got a genuine question for you both……..say you discover at death that the Mormon faith isn't true, what then? Say your marriage doesn't continue after death, what then?

  45. If Heaven is not Heaven "without your spouse" then your missing the entire point of what Heaven is for. It's for the glorification of Christ for all eternity, not our personal satisfaction and joy. (Of course, being in Christ's presence for all eternity will be immensely satisfying for those who are called according to His purpose.)

  46. For Christians the Holy Bible is the rule of faith.
    In Mormonism Joseph Smith's teachings and writings are the rule of faith.
    The Lord Jesus specifically taught that marriages and the marriage covenant do not continue after physical death, ( MT 22:30, MT 12:25, and LK 20:35), as you see, recorded three times for emphasis.
    Christ's teachings are the reason Christians are not considered married for eternity, Joseph Smith said it would happen, Jesus Christ said it wouldn't.
    These lovely newly weds believe that if they continue to faithfully and obediently obey all the rules and regulations taught by Joseph Smith and the current church leadership, including tithing 10% to the LDS church exclusively, they will hold the right to enter the Temple, ie a 'Temple recommend', literally a ticket to heaven,and be with God, and actually BECOME a God.
    This couple fully expect to become a God and a Goddess, ruling over their own planet and sexually reproducing millions/billions of spirit children that Will be sent down to live on that planet, and so it will continue ,(they believe) for all eternity, they call it exaltation /eternal progression, this they unquestioningly believe, because Joseph Smith said so.
    The God of Joseph Smith and his church is an exalted man with a physical body like us, this lovely but deceived young couple believe they can, and will, become like God one day.
    Joseph Smith said that they could, the Bible says very clearly that they can't.
    Mormons don't fully trust the Bible, (8th Article of faith), they do however trust Joseph Smith and the church leaders completely.
    This is the fundamental reason the LDS faith is not Christianity.
    Read the Bible and trust it ,and trust the real Jesus Christ found in its pages.
    Kind regards to all, especially this young couple.

  47. Just curious. Love the show, but are there verses of Scripture that you use to prove that me and my wife will be married in heaven? I would love to believe this, but I can't find it. Thanks:)

  48. Hey guys, interesting video! What happens when a spouse passes ? Is remarriage allowed? What if you accidentally marry someone unsuitable? I dont mean a couple that no longer get along, but if you find yourself sealed to an axe murder or some other horrible scenario. I seriously doubt that's a real common problem but is there a contingency plan?

  49. I think once we are in union with God in Heaven for eternity it would be impossible to direct our attention to anything else but Him. And our spouse will be in Heaven too, and they will be sharing in that union with God along with us. If God is infinite, how could I choose to put my attention to anything other than Him?

  50. If your spouse dies before you and you get remarried and sealed to that new spouse are all three of you bound together?

  51. Did you also vow to not laugh too hard or you would be bound under the power of satan? What a wicked false religion

  52. God is all loving and eternal. If someone feels a need to have an earthly person spend eternity with them rather than our God, then their faith in God is empty. God's love is fulfilling – period. There is no need for anything or anyone else in eternity.

    Jesus preached about marriage – the marriage of Jesus as the bridegroom to his bride, the church. That is eternal marriage, not earthly marriage. Jesus also taught that there is no marriage in heaven. So the Mormon teaching of eternal marriage is not the true gospel of the church. Peace!

  53. Amen to most of the replies who do not believe in eternal earthly marriage. It is not what Jesus taught.

  54. What happens if your spouse dies, are you allowed to get remarried? If so, then you will be sealed to two spouse's in Heaven? How does that work, just curious.

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