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My first ever CARTIER piece | LOVE Wedding Band | Unboxing | CC available

My first ever CARTIER piece | LOVE Wedding Band | Unboxing | CC available

Ok, friends! I am so excited to share this with you!! Fed Ex just showed up and this was delayed
on day because of weather conditions so I am so excited that it is here! You won’t be seeing me today, I really wanted
to experience this with you. Let’s go ahead and get started. *sigh* Speechless. This has been something that I’ve been wanting
for years but never really wear rings so we decided it was time to get used to wearing
one ALL the TIME. Plus, I lost my last band. Actually, I don’t know if it was stolen
or fell in the sink. I was at family’s house and took it off
to wash dishes and forgot. Anyway, long story short, it’s been on my
wish list. If you watched my last video, I did mention
that I had a medical procedure and it’s nothing big or major but I will not be having
any more kids- permanently so maybe because it was Valentine’s and that reason is probably
why my husband decided to gift this to me. So yes, I’m just so excited to have this
that I’m speechless and flustered and now spouting out random things!! Since this is my first product from Cartier,
I’m unsure of their shipping standards but it could be because of Valentine’s day that
this was sent overnight but it was delayed. He ordered this on Sunday and didn’t ship
until Valentine’s day, so it took about one whole business day to process. Here is the envelope with the receipt, return
exchange form, and receipt. And this here, I LOVE IT!!! Oh, there is more. I don’t want to lose anything. This is the certificate. Do you want to see what it looks like? Let’s do it. So, here it is! I love that it is dated on Valentine’s Day,
I love that. This here is the care manual. Ok, help me get that all out now, grab the
box. BARE WITH ME, MY SON IS HELPING LOL. Ok guys, all the trouble to not ruin the package. Here it is. So nervous. So gorgeous. It says, not returnable if removed. *GASPS* there she is. Oh my gosh. There is is. There she is! It’s rose gold and perfect. This is attached and is not returnable if
removed! And it’s perfect. I was in Las Vegas, and I went in to get my
size and they told me 51 but it was the perfect snug fit and I didn’t want it to look like
that. I wanted to go back in stores but it’s quite
far and I ordered the 52 and I love it. It doesn’t look tight and it the perfect
fit. I won’t be wearing that one for while unless
I stack to mix and match and whatnot. But I do like to mix my metals. My david yurman is gold and my Pandora is
rose gold or “pink gold” so, some details, this is the love wedding band. Cartier does have two love bands, this wedding
band is much thinner and the other is called the love ring and it’s more of the fashionable
one that people stack and mix and match. This wedding band does cost a bit less but
nonetheless, I still have the love ring on my wish list. Thank you so much for tuning in with me today. That was a lot! I had so much! I can’t wait for my husband to come home
so we can take this off together. Again, thank you for tuning in. To my new subsrcibers, thank you for being
here today and to everyone that has been with me. I love you so much. I hope you feel the love that I feel every
day from your partner or your spouse and MOST IMPORTANTLY from YOURSELF. TBH, if my husband didn’t get this for me,
I would have gotten it for myself because I deserve it! And, I LOVE MYSELF! Alrighty, THANK YOU and I WILL SEE YOU NEXT
TIME. Buh-bye.

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  2. Such a classy ring! Idk about it matching those bracelets though..maybe you need the love bracelet too haha jk🌷😳😇

  3. You act like this is the most expensive thing Cartier has.. Its a $1000 ring. No diamonds nothing. The cheapest ring they offer..

  4. Love your ring and all the nice close up shots. I’m going to keep watching so I can make up my mind on getting it 😃

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