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My “Just Said Yes” Engagement Story!!!

– Hey everybody. Welcome back to the second episode. I’m so happy you came back. Hopefully you liked the first one. And this one is hopefully even better, and we’re getting better and
better and better as we go on. Trying to learn this whole Youtube world. Episode two, I thought I
would kind of take it back to July 24th. It’s bad I don’t remember that. And to the engagement. And tell you kind of my
story and my side of it. So I got engaged at Wrigley Field. I was asked by USA gymnastics to throw out he first pitch at the Cubs game. And so I said, “Absolutely,
positively, never “in a million years am I
going to throw a first pitch.” Because, I think, three,
four, five years ago I threw the first pitch,
and I throw multiple first pitches and they were decent, okay? Believe me. So I decided to throw a first
pitch at the Des Moines Cup, my home town. And I threw it straight into the ground. Literally, 10 feet from me. Not even. Like went up up from here to there. My hand was like a claw
and would not let go. It was like hanging on for dear life. And it was miserable
because not only was it in my hometown, but it
went viral, so to speak. And everybody and their
mother was talking about it. I made Letterman and Leno
and ESPN’s not top 10. Four weeks in a row. So it wasn’t a proud moment. So I kinda swore off all
first pitches ever forever for the rest of my life. So the Cubs ask, and I was like, “No. “Not happening.” And I come home and
Andrew’s talking to me. He’s like, “Are you kidding? “This is like, you have to do this. “This is the greatest opportunity ever.” My dad’s like, “You can’t be a quitter. “You gotta do it. “You gotta go back out
and redeem yourself.” Whatever. They convinced me to say yes. And I’m terrified. It’s like two or three months before I was supposed to throw the first pitch, and I went out to the park
at least a few times a week with Andrew and I worked with
my dad trying to throw a ball. And I got better, I actually got better. But there was some mental issue in my mind that like my hand, this
claw still wouldn’t let go of the ball every once in awhile. So I’d throw like 12 great
throws, and all of a sudden, “No, I just don’t wanna let go right now,” and throw it straight to the ground. I’m like, “Great.” Part of me is like
confident I can do this, part of me is like, “What
if the claw comes back out?” Fast forward to Chicago Cubs. Andrew arrives, he meets me at the hotel. And he’s acting super weird. Like, super weird. So I’m freaking out. I wanted to quit, wanted
to call the Cubs, be like, “I can’t do this.” And we’re in the lobby
and I’m like, “Okay. “What do we do?” And Andrew’s like, “I have to take a call. “I have to take a call.” And I was like, “Okay. “What’s the deal? “(mumbles) Weird.” And he like had to go into a
separate room of the lobby, like a mile away to take this call, and it’s like, “You’re being sketchy. “I don’t like it.” Strike number one against Andrew that day. We get into the car,
we’re headed to the Cubs, we’re running late, and
it’s like we’re in this big black SUV, and it’s like
the USAG people up front, Alicia’s husband is sitting in the front. And then in the back row it’s Andrew, I’m in the middle and Alicia. In the entire drive, Andrew
has his whole body turned back like pressed up against the window. And he’s going like this. And he’s like texting the whole time. And I was like, “Okay.” This is when the true girl comes out. You know what type of girl
I’m talking about, ladies. I was like, “I don’t
know who you’re texting, “but I’m gonna talk about it later.” I am not happy and strike two. So we get to the Cubs and
we’re like on the field, warming up, and we’re on
the sidelines of like… Not sideline, that’s football. Sorry. Baseball. We’re like, sideline. Whatever. Sideline. And we have like baseballs
and we’re allowed to warm up, and I’m like trying to get Andrew’s attention the whole time. I’m like, “Babe, can we warm up? “I’m super nervous.” And he’s like completely off
in the opposite direction and at the other end of the field like talking to these people and I’m like, “I don’t know what your deal is today. “But you better get it together.” I was like, “I can’t
believe he’s not doing this. “I can’t believe he’s not here.” (mumbles) Whatever. “I have to handle this.” So me and Alicia were warming up. Time comes, walk out
to the pitcher’s mound, and we choreograph this
whole, throw the ball, and then walk on our hands type thing just in case we really biffed it. Kinda like make up for
what’s gonna happen. So I was like, “Okay. “Okay, I can do this.” Threw it, made it to the catcher. Greatest day of my entire life. I was like freaking out again, and I was like, “I’m so excited!” And then I was thinking,
“Andrew better have seen it.” So I turn off the pitcher’s mound, and normally the way it goes
after a first pitch is like, you throw the pitch,
the catcher catches it, they walk to you along with media to ask you how the pitch was. And so I turned, and the
catchers aren’t really walking up towards us. And I’m like, “Okay, this
is different, but whatever.” But I turned and Andrew’s
walking out with a camera crew. And in my mind I’m like,
“Okay, this is an interview.” But I was also confused
because when they got really close to me, it
was like me and Andrew and the camera. I was like, “Babe. “What are you? “Get out. “It’s an interview. “You can’t be here right now.” And not to mention, he’s like walking up, and he’s like super
somber and he’s serious. And I’m like the happiest
person in the world. Like, “Why are you not excited? “Did you miss it? “Don’t tell me you missed that.” And he’s like mopey. So he gets up next to me. He takes my hand and he starts talking. And he gets down on one
knee, and I literally… I literally started shaking. Like I thought the whole
world started slowing down. It’s like, “What? “What is this? “What are you doing?” And it just clicked. I was like, “Holy crap. “He’s proposing. “Like this is happening.” And it all kinda made
sense, but I literally, in that moment, I don’t
even know if I remember exactly what he said. Sorry baby. I love you. But I was just so in shock because girls dream about this moment. Like, you dream about it. And knowing Andrew as well as I do. He’s really humble, quiet, family guy. I always pictured him doing
it in a scene of like, in a restaurant with a
family, or even at home, just like super quiet and intimate. Not in the middle of Wrigley field on live national television
in front of everybody. And so I was like, “Is this
really happening right now?” But I’m so excited. And so he says, “Will you marry me “and spend the rest of your life with me?” And he’s, again, down on one knee, and I’m just like covering
my mouth like this, like shaking. “Yes, yes, yes.” And I jump on him. I said yes. He bought the ring, he
put the ring on my finger. It’s just stunning. And I’m just like, “This
cannot be happening. “This is real, this is real life. “I’m getting married.” Oh and I was wearing this jersey. He was, oh my gosh. He had this jersey made by the Cubs. It was so cute, it was a Cubs jersey. And on the back it had his last name. And 15 for the year, and
he kind of gave that to me after he proposed. I put that on, and we’re
walking through the stadium. The first thought that kinda
starts to come to my mind is, “My parents aren’t here. “I have to tell them.” I’m an only child, like daddy’s daughter. It’s like a big deal telling my dad, because he’s like my world. And my dad’s watching this on TV, trying to see how the pitch goes, cuz he knows this is a big day for me. I was like, “Hey Dad, how ya doing?” He’s like, “Hey honey. “Good, how are you?” And I was like, “Good.” Okay, so he didn’t say
anything right away, so he doesn’t know, he does know? I don’t know. Like, “So did you watch it?” He goes, “Oh, it’s delayed. “It’s like tape delayed. “We haven’t seen it yet.” And I was like, “He doesn’t know. “Oh my gosh. “This is so cool!” So I don’t know how to break it to him. I’m like, “Okay.” Then he goes, “Hey, wait. “How’d it go? “How’d the pitch go?” And I was like, “I made it,
I made it to the catcher,” and he was like so excited and so stoked. I was like, “Okay, just wait
’til you hear the other part.” I was like, “And, Dad, after
the pitch, Andrew proposed.” And no joke, this was his response. He goes, “What? “What?” I was like, “Dad, Andrew proposed “after I threw the first pitch.” Then he goes. No joke, he goes, “Alicia did what? “Honey, I’m sorry. “I can’t hear you. “What?” I was like, “Oh my gosh. “Dad. “After I threw the first
pitch, Andrew came walking out, “he got down on one knee,” I
like spelled it out for him. “He presented the ring,
he asked me to marry him,” and my dad just starts like
blubbering over the phone. And he just started bawling. He’s like, “Honey, I love you. “I love him. “I just love that guy. “I’m just so happy for you. “I love you, I love you.” And all that. So I got off the phone and just kinda like spent the rest of the day with Andrew, sitting watching the game. That was the greatest day ever. Oh my gosh. It was really exciting. And I don’t think it could
have been any more perfect. And girls, I know we know
all worry about this. Like we worry about what we’re wearing, and what our hair is going to look like, and there’s pictures and
if it looks flattering, and if our nails are
done and all this stuff. It doesn’t matter when
the day comes around. Like, I had fire hot pink nails on. They were halfway grown out. My hair was all a mess
cuz it was super hot out. And I’m like dripping sweat
and I had sunglasses on and sweating through my shirt. It was not attractive. But it worked. And it was the greatest memory ever. And I get to marry the love of my life. After being proposed to in
the middle of Wrigley field. So that is my engagement story. Kind of my just said yes moment. I wanna hear if you
guys have any questions, anything I didn’t tell you. And I can’t wait for
you to hear next week’s, cuz it’s gonna a good one. So stay tuned. Next Thursday at 4:16 PM. Thanks for tuning in. I love you guys. Hope you liked it. See ya later.

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