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It’s been a long week a real long week Yeah, you read the title correctly for the past week or so I have been banned from fortnites grandma Well a banned from grannyfortnight anyway But let me just give some backstory first basically you guys know that I absolutely love the game fortnight I was uploading videos all the time streaming all the time playing all the time tweeting all the time Literally living and breathing this game. I don’t know what happened to me. I’m obsessed I can’t remember how I came about but me and Jem challenged each other to do something and my Challenge was to get up before 8:00 a.m. Every single day so I could work on YouTube videos and have enough time to do everything I wanted to do in the day because I would get up any later Then I just make videos make dinner and go to sleep Which isn’t healthy, so I needed some kind of punishment if I didn’t get up before 8 a.m. And that was I wasn’t allowed to play fortnight or consume any kind of fortnight content Whatsoever no videos no streamers Nothing so for two weeks absolutely no audio. I was up before 8 a.m.. Every day. It was fantastic. I was making videos I was making videos for 3 days in advance. It was great then the fateful day came I woke up I checked my phone and then um I Got distracted before I knew it I checked the top little bit on my phone Just up here where the time isn’t it says 803 so I was like ok This is bad because the deal was I had to be up and out of bed not just awake so I tried to get up and before I know it I saw this from the other side of the beds, it’s Unfortunately, I didn’t get away with it I tried to explain that I was awake But not up BER rightfully so I was banned for an entire week So bad they kept bringing stuff out They literally just pull out the Valentine stuff, so I’d only played like two games with the crossbow now the grenade is out They’ve got crazy. Cool. Skins as well, and if you don’t get them in time they never got back Rightfully, so she banned me and the week is up the week finished yesterday. I loaded up the game I thought I was gonna be absolute trash so bad, but I won my first game. That’s right I came back, and I won so that was my little story for today what I’ve been doing the past week and I’m gonna buy explains the full night Let’s do this so Carla stay in the game Twelve wins abouts you pretty proud of that don’t look at the time played a matches played it doesn’t matter On another note look at this ridiculous glider and by the way, it’s absolutely massive It’s it’s a crazy one you also have these all these skins I actually really like this guy, but I’m not sure whether I’m gonna buy him Yep about ten hours to decide and some cool other stuff as well On another note the battle pass ends in like five days. I think so I need to grow ten levels That’s all I need and I kind of won the potato aim emoji as well, but the ultimate prize is this Black Knight So let’s jump into a game and see what we can do I completely forgot. I have the the shark pickaxe That’s like my favorite item in fortnight at the moment next time buddy next time so Before We jump other updates that they’ve made. They added other items. They’ve rotated out one of the SMGs which is fine No one liked it anyway They’ve also added new sounds and changed the way sound works, which when I was playing a really great changes Oh, I suppose dumped out ages ago. Let’s go. I kind of wish they’d do more of the umbrellas cuz I swear you used to be able to get some of the glider skins as Umbrellas like if you purchase the glider or not the glider you could have it as your umbrella skin as well if you had one They should bring that back that was definitely really cool Maybe they already do it, and I don’t know what we got what we got what we got we got a grenade launcher Interesting not exactly what I wanted right now. There’s nothing in here either. We’re gonna have to try and destroy this guy It helps if I don’t fall off. We’ve got so many grenades. It’s crazy try to put traps down as well I Don’t think so buddy. It’s coming in Actually worked oh jeez Probably should have checked for traps shouldn’t I where are they I hope I blew it up I think I did that was amazing so looks like we now have this place to ourself. I’m pretty sure anyway Okay, something’s going down over here Where is it? It’s over there? Okay? I can see them Jack and I could get them from here They’re running across, but I’m not sure where they’re going I guess to the ring. Maybe here we go I’m gonna get them from here. This is gonna be fine absolutely fine I promise you they’ve gone like awkwardly underneath the hill So I’m not really gonna be able to see them, and they’re firing grenades at me as well nice try buddy nice try Whoa, okay, okay stop that stop that right now someone’s coming up someone’s coming up. I’ve messed this up and missed this up massively And I’m dead I messed that up so bad. I’m keeping that one in just because they got their grenade kill Guys I just found the legendary scar in a treasure chest so now I’m gonna try and use it To kill someone and here they are This legendary scar is scary like actually really scary. There’s nothing in here. Oh, you know what that’s actually pretty good I’ve got a shotgun yet I think they would have looted most places and then just wrapped back around cuz I can’t hear nothing yep I think that’s what’s happened here. I need me some shields like desperately shields no they work Yeah, that’s more like it. Those are the shoes I was after thank you even better double shields Yes Hello fellow bear. How are you doing? I need to grab this and go like quickly I know I left a shield behind, but I need to get out of here. This is bad. This is so bad Whoa chug chug chug chug chug Okay, that makes me feel better problem is I dropped some good stuff While I was there, so I’m not quite sure what to do now guess I should just make a move and see what happens are there’s someone right down here. I could probably get them They’re just behind the tree How did that take so long hello I Mean, I’ll take it. I love I don’t mind problem. Is there’s probably gonna be someone literally watching over me right here I need something long-range this will do kinda. Yeah, what is happening up there? someone’s breaking something ah No no no no How did that just happen How did that just happen oh my goodness, okay? Okay? I have no idea how I just won that fight and literally took me by surprise. I thought it was someone up top Somebody’s gonna be so mad. They just lost that oh my goodness. I had a shotgun and everything I have no idea what just happened dudes come on the storms coming in come on come on all right. Let’s go I think someone’s gonna be following me to be honest, so I’m probably not gonna do very well here Huh I just need to heal up to full. I just need one more bandage There’s only five people left, and there’s no buildings where we’re heading to next there’s someone with a massive base over there, though So I’m a little bit worried Everything should be fine look at that look at that thing okay There’s another massive base up there as well, and I think people are firing at each other So we just need to be super careful, and hopefully we can get out of this alive I don’t think we’re going to but it’s worth a shot Yeah, they’re trying to get me yeah They’re definitely try to get me the thing is they’re gonna have to move because they’re not gonna be in the next ring What just happened what just happens I had a wall behind me, and it was just gone what how did that happen? I could have had them easy and this guy he launchpad it in so I would have been out to see him But how did that happen there was no gunshots at all until I was got shot in the back And there’s no way I can do anything about it, then that’s so weird wait a second Wait a second new day new skin. Let’s go this goes perfectly with chomp jr. Ours is magical match made in heaven This is perfect and a little bit less crazy and standout ish than the teddy bear. I got to admit I’ll take that thanks for taking the wall down buddy much appreciated those a bit mean wasn’t it Oh Yes To Great Kills, that’s insane so someone just left a launchpad just chillin so don’t mind if I do. Thank you Yeah another victim down why are you building up? There? Is that in the ring? Are you kidding me Another kill like that that is insane at a legendary scar as well That’s ridiculous, okay, Weddington x-ring. I didn’t know I expect to get this many kills with a grenade launcher. It’s insane What just happened there, I can’t quite I can’t I can’t quite work that out. I’m not sure what happened there I was incredibly inaccurate So I am lucky my goodness right time to set up camp that crazy base is still over there. I wish we had more grenades Man the next ring is across the river That is gonna be killer to get to people are making their way across already though. I’m gonna have to go. I think because otherwise We’re not gonna make this this is super risky I don’t know what to top this mountain, but I guess we’re about to find out right okay? There’s definitely people up there. This is gonna get a little bit crazy guys. I’m not quite sure what to do here There’s a base right there. I reckon they’re gonna be able to see me so I am gonna build it up a little bit I’m a way more than enough materials. I just need to be super careful I’ve got nothing to one-shot them, so I need to be careful. I don’t think they know I’m here yet Okay, yeah, they know I’m here. They definitely know I’m here though Ended with an explosion it was such a cool game. I should have just rushed him know What That look like he came through the wall how did that even happen? Pump shotgun to the face buddy, not a nice look that was super weird though. He just traveled through the door, okay? What is happening here? This is super weird? Honestly I have no idea what just happens. There’s someone in here as well, so let’s try this shall we Oh Big shots big shots Yeah, buddy, oh the blue bust I love the blue burst oh My goodness someone’s got the heavy machinery out someone just died in there Did that bounce off I Think I just got myself killed Just die already geez I see you I see you. I am gonna get you, bro Come on come on. No. He launched padded out of here Really, I’m following you What do you want from me, buddy? Huh? What do you want from me? You want me to kill you like this is that what you want? Finally Geez okay, that’s a cup way too much of my time I’m leaving I’m going back to where I came from just because I’m still inside the circle that was intensely right Geez and I have no wood left Fantastic the only thing is I didn’t get to loot the other guy because I ran after thee I ran after him five people left I feel like we can do this. We just need to be super careful Probably worth noting. There is a jump out over there It’s annoying that he used it otherwise we could’ve that is an annoying structure over there Wow I don’t think there’s anyone up there It’s like a slanted piece. There’s someone over there though definitely Just chilling in the middle okay worth noting. Okay. This is it We’re gonna have to follow the storm in which is a little bit worrying? But it should be okay because I know there’s people over here So this could get a little bit sketchy and by a little bit. I mean massively so oh Geez okay, this is getting sketch. Just get it real sketchy. Oh geez oh geez No not like this not like this Jeez come on come on not like this not like this. Where did they go? Where did they go? They didn’t kill themselves Where did they go I have a campfire and I need to use it pretty desperately this should work this should work definitely No He was there the whole time the other guy. I’m so angry oh What a shot that was incredible good job, buddy Well done. That was a tricky spot. I didn’t pick up a med kit before I probably should have changed it for the sniper Because I already used snipers that much to be honest. I prefer a long range of salt rifle shots instead well You know what we’re only Six away from completing our battle pass, maybe I’ll unlock that in the next three days I think I should be able to you know what unfortunate couldn’t get the win today But we were so close a couple of times. I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please a big fat thumbs up That’d be greatly appreciated, and if it happens to be the first video you see me Please do consider subscribing to join team TDM today for daily videos leave a like for more fortnight I got some funny things planned, and I absolutely love this game I think I’m just this close. I get to the top five quite a lot, but like then I just didn’t know what to do the guy pinged me I didn’t even know he was there so leave it like more fortnight subscribe if you’re new and I’ll see you guys next time how? It amazing day good. Bye Thanks for watching!

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