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Nancy Grace’s Bizarre Marriage Keeps Getting Weirder And Weirder

Nancy Grace stoked controversy on the airwaves
with her intense approach to true crime stories. But there’s no shortage of eyebrow-raising
facts about her romantic life either. Here’s why Nancy’s marriage keeps getting
weirder and weirder. “Who doesn’t wanna solve a mystery?” If you’ve followed Grace throughout the years,
then you know her former fiancé, Keith Griffin, was murdered by a co-worker in 1979. Grace told Newsweek, “After Keith died, I had to learn to control
my thoughts…Even years later, I really had a hard time entertaining the thought of allowing
myself to have a family.” Grace’s outlook changed, however, when she
received a message from Griffin, in a dream. “I looked at him and he went, I want you to
go on.” Grace, who was struggling to make her long-distance
relationship with current husband David Linch work at the time, recalled: “In the dream, [Keith] said he was in heaven,
and he wanted me to go on…That next morning I called my boyfriend, David.” “I said listen, you’re either moving to New
York and we’re gonna get married and start a family, or we’re breaking up.” David moved to New York, and the happily married
couple had two kids. Grace’s courtship with Linch was anything
but smooth. Grace, who was still grieving the loss of
her fiancé, openly admitted she struggled to love her new guy. “My world exploded.” Nancy told The Hollywood Reporter, “[David] fell in love, by all accounts, but
I couldn’t. I would break down and cry…I just couldn’t
engage in a relationship.” As for Linch, he hung on for a while until
one day when he couldn’t take it anymore. He confessed to the outlet, “At times it probably was painful. One time I said, ‘I don’t want to be a placeholder.'” Talk about a patient guy. The good news is, Grace eventually developed
a deep love for Linch. The couple eventually decided to get married. But the strange part was that they kept the
wedding under wraps, even when it came to their parents. “Nobody saw it coming.” Grace confessed to the New York Post, “I told my family only two days before [the
wedding].” Although some might argue Grace has the right
to keep her privacy, it’s odd she would wait to tell her parents, given their strong ties. Grace was especially close to her father,
Mac, who died in 2015, and supposedly connected with him during an episode of Hollywood Medium. “Who had the congestive heart failure?” “My father.” It also turns out that Grace didn’t even break
the news about her wedding to fans, until two months after the big day. Considering Nancy Grace is incredibly outspoken
and dynamic, you might think she’d look for similar qualities in a partner. Strangely enough, though, Grace opted for
the decidedly mellow Linch. She told the Daily Mail, “David is very quiet, but extremely self-confident. He’s very unassuming and he goes along with
all my crazy ideas.” According to that description, it doesn’t
sound like the couple’s partnership is on equal footing. But on the other hand, maybe this dynamic
works because the two balance each other out. With over 85,000 followers as of October 2019,
Grace often shares snaps of her twins on Instagram. But the one person who is almost completely
absent from her feed is her hubby, David. Maybe it’s just us, but we think it’s a little
bizarre to barely feature your partner on your social media accounts. “Hi guys, we’re really ratcheting this whole
thing up.” Although we suspect Linch is physically present
for these important family occasions, we have to ask why he rarely appears in photographs
commemorating them. Even if he’s too shy to regularly appear on
her feed, one would think he’d strike a pose for the camera, just for the sake of appearances. Not everyone can handle a relationship with
a celebrity, especially with one as high-profile as Grace. Ever since she first started out on Court
TV, she’s maintained a very active career with multiple networks. Although it would make sense for Grace to
go out of her way to include Linch in her celebrity lifestyle, it seems like he’s merely
a background character. Want proof? Look no further than an interview he did called,
quote, “David Linch on being married to Nancy Grace.” “What’s it like to be married to someone that’s
so well-recognized for her work as that type of journalist?” “You know it’s great.” Luckily, Grace doesn’t take her husband’s
devotion for granted. She told Good Housekeeping, “I just never dreamed I could love someone
so much. And have someone love me back so much.” Fans can be extremely observant when it comes
to their beloved celebrities, a fact Grace probably realized when one of her supporters
wrote in to Parade magazine to ask about her missing wedding ring. Apparently, Grace was spotted without it,
following her stint on Dancing with the Stars in 2011. The source asked the outlet, “Nancy Grace hasn’t been wearing her beautiful
wedding ring. Is she still married?” “Bombshell.” But it turned out, Grace had a perfectly good
reason for not rocking her rock. It didn’t fit! A source told The Enquirer, “[Nancy] dropped a ton of weight on Dancing,
and her ring didn’t fit any­more. In fact, she nearly lost it three times! She’s having it resized.” Grace confirmed to Parade magazine that she
didn’t want to risk losing her ring, post-weight loss. Looks like this trouble in paradise was no
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