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NBC Anchor Announces Engagement To Woman

NBC Anchor Announces Engagement To Woman

Double congratulations are in order for NBC
anchor Meagan Fitzgerald! On Saturday, June 1st, 2019, the NBC4 Washington
weekend reporter took to Instagram to announce her engagement to longtime girlfriend Kelly
Heath, just as the world rang in Pride Month. Captioning a gorgeous post from the happy
couple’s proposal, Fitzgerald wrote, The post included a close-up snap showing
off her beautiful engagement ring, which, according to Brides, is an emerald-cut. However, what makes this story even more special
is the way Fitzgerald revealed her engagement news at work the following day. According to AOL, the occasion marked the
first time she spoke openly about her sexuality and her relationship with Heath on the air. The local news anchor notably used the opportunity
and her televised platform to share a message of hope and encouragement with her LGBTQ+
viewers. She started by acknowledging how difficult
it can be to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. “There’s the coming out process, finding out
who you are, being comfortable in your own skin and your own truth. It takes courage to be your true authentic
self.” She went on to directly address any boys,
girls, men and women watching who may be struggling. “It’s worth it. Being just who you are is enough. I know this because I’ve been through that
journey.” As NBC News reported, Fitzgerald, 33, and
medical devices salesperson Heath, 30, met on a popular dating app back in 2017. According to the newscaster, With a big smile on Sunday, June 2nd, Fitzgerald
shared the deets on her future wife’s proposal on TV. “And I’m excited to share with you some news. I’m engaged! My beautiful fiancée, Kelly, popped the question
yesterday.” The newly engaged pair celebrated with dinner
at the Washington D.C. tapas restaurant Barcelona Wine Bar, which Fitzgerald called “a special
place for [them].” “The people there were so gracious and kind,
they made it a memorable night. And, of course, lots and lots and lots of
champagne.” In addition to clearly marking a major milestone
in Fitzgerald’s personal life, the proposal announcement was also a doubly symbolic way
to begin Pride Month which she noted on Twitter, saying, The importance and timing behind Fitzgerald’s
decision to publicly share the engagement news wasn’t lost on her excited co-anchors,
who shared their congrats on-air. Sharing her network’s coverage of the happy
occasion, the reporter later wrote on Instagram, Just days before Fitzgerald and Heath’s engagement
news broke, the news anchor shared a sweet selfie of the pair alongside the simple caption
“My love.” And now she’s looking toward the future, tweeting
on Tuesday, June 4, Congratulations once again to Meagan Fitzgerald
and Kelly Heath and a sincere thank you to the NBC News anchor for the reminder this
Pride Month that love wins. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  1. First Comment notification squad here coming in keep up the amazing videos 😀🦝🐒🐦🎩🏴‍☠️🐧

  2. I don't mean to sound rude, but they're not famous, why should I care? That one chick is just from a news affiliate station. People get engaged every day.

  3. Unknown woman on a local tv station…. People who chose gay relationships are so few and far between you have to pick unknowns to promote your pride agenda.

  4. It's pride month and Meagan announced that she is getting married…straight people announce their engagement every second but gays are supposed to live in silence about our lives smh. Any little thing a gay person does we get attacked for it. If we go to prom with the same sex we get attacked, if straight person knows a gay person at the workplace then we get attacked. Why such bitterness at gays for living our lives?

  5. If she wants to be taken seriously then she needs to remain professional and keep her personal life off the air, whether straight or gay!

  6. Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to those that call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

  7. Is this really what you should use your platform to do? All these comments from snowflakes dying to defend this lame shit makes me sick… let the gay be gay, but why glorify it? Honestly most of the people defending this are some weirdo mf'erz….

  8. They look so happy together in every picture. You don't see a lot of couples looking that excited to be together

  9. He that created mankind made man and then the woman after. This is the Creator and founder of marriage. He is the only Judge and will judge them at the end of their lives. It is appointed unto man to die once and after it’s judgement day. He has the keys in His if eternal life and eternal death. All power on heaven and earth was given into Him (Jesus).

  10. Hormones maybe off due to food/environment and then instead of fixing the hormone issues they are gender confused/gay and just adapt. This still doesn't seem right except friendship is good. People may not know anything about health so just leave it.

  11. I don't watch the news much but my wife and I live in Wisconsin and the governor put the pride flag up on the Capitol building today and happy pride month to gays

  12. You will go to a devil hell it is a sin an ilegal union an abomination a female and a female cannot reproduce a child unless adopt or a surrogate God Said be fruitful and multiple and replenish the earth just like a man and a man cannot reproduce it is a sin millions upon millions are going to end up in hell for all eternity 🔥 burning up for gays God will judge with righteous judgement God is not in the ilegal business a man and a woman should be married not other way around not be unequally yoked up either government made laws not given ordained by a holy righteous God who will come back will judge all young old small great living and dead it is not worth going to hell for a thousand years from now you still be in hell and burning up no ac no fan no water not a single drop of water no help no relief there is a entrance to hell no exit. Get out repent from sin and homosexual behavior hell awaits

  13. Must be running out ideas again NS. Congrats to the couple. Is this video supposed tie in for your support of pride month.

  14. Good for her but why is this a big deal? The way you worded this video opens the door for negative comments and fighting. "A news anchor is engaged to a woman" is going to set some people off unfortunately.

  15. It's videos like this which set LGBTQ+ progression back. You wouldn't make a video like this about a straight couple, so please stop trying to make gay relationships look 'unique'.

    NS would be like that girl at the party who sees a gay couple and instantly says "you look so cute together!" 😒

  16. I'm waiting for all of the triggered Christians to show up….Go on, then. Quote scripture all in Caps…

  17. Abomination must mean something totally different to people who celebrate gay pride or same sex relationships 🤔

  18. What I don’t like is as long as you are all for gay marriage and their lifestyle you can comment as long as you like, but the moment you say you’re against this lifestyle you’re branded a hater. I’m against this lifestyle but I’m not a hater. I just don’t believe that this is right and it’s MY opinion.

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