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New OSF Office in Lille – Opening Ceremony

New OSF Office in Lille – Opening Ceremony

OSF emphasizes the well-being of its employees. It’s a fashionable and a little overused topic but it has been a reality at OSF since 2003. OSF has set up, in particular, a structure that is sufficiently flexible to allow its employees to choose their working hours, where and how they want to work. I have in mind a colleague who has always wanted to work in the United States and who recently went to work for our San Francisco office. All this makes it possible for employees to reveal their talents, to have excellent communication within their teams, in order to finally meet the requirements of our customers. I joined OSF a few months ago. What I liked is the dynamics of the company, the ecommerce sector which is very varied, and the range of our customer portfolio. We work with large groups and also with SMBs. I also liked its methods of work which are methods of the future for the employer, for the customers and for the planet because less travelling means less pollution. Thank you all for being here and Merci beaucoup pour votre présence. I will speak in a bilingual way following a good Canadian tradition. Delphine helping us develop business. We have many projects. Thank you and welcome! Having the opportunity to choose either to work in a remote mode or to work in a ‘classical’ office is great. In addition, our office is superb, located near the city center of Lille not far from the station. So having both modes of work available allow us to choose the right approach in the right context so it’s a real plus for all OSF employees.

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