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Next Level Engagement in Higher Education

Next Level Engagement in Higher Education

So one of the problems at a large
institute like ours is you have a lot of individual players who have the need for
data who want to query the community. What you get after a while is survey fatigue.
In the past, we probably would have had a town hall meeting or very small groups
of people that were engaged face to face and when you’re only talking to 20 or 30
people you really don’t have the sense of the entire college but when you get
500 people there’s a big difference there. Thoughtexchange has provided a
platform and then the behind the scenes intelligence to immediately engage the
community to keep them engaged and we use it for educational planning or for
strategic planning or to ask for input on our campus development plan for
example. What this allows us now to do is assemble a road map of key themes and
signature activities for the Institute. Being a new president, what I wanted to
ensure that the community knew about me was that I was interested in what people
had to say about the college and the direction that they wanted to see the
college go and Thoughtexchange was my first step in making sure people did
know that because the process was so engaging and transparent. Over the past
three years we’ve used Thoughtexchange for our strategic plan and also to kick
off our campus plan, campus renewal process and so this gave everyone voice
and that was the big difference for us. What I do at BCIT is I work across 32
School of Health Science programs. I am bringing people together around things
like simulation, collaboration, inter-professional education. So what I really
enjoyed about the Thoughtexchange was the fact that I had a voice. I felt I
could give an honest opinion and I really like the ability for me be able
to track what others are thinking. So what is it that others are thinking? I
can track and rank some of their ideas. There’s over 3,000 employees we never
know what everybody’s thinking about so this really brought us together and I
think that was a great opportunity. I’ve had nothing but a great experience with
Thoughtexchange from any technical support to thinking through processes to
the data analysis that’s done that would take so much time to take all of that
and do that yourself but to get that report in the end where that was done
for me was brilliant.

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