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Nicole Murphy Apologizes for Kissing a Married Man

Nicole Murphy Apologizes for Kissing a Married Man

(upbeat pop music) (audience cheering) Dirty! I got it. It is really dirty. It’s dirty! I’m gonna let you do all the talking. I’m not gonna say one word. It’s dirty. And I don’t need to. Okay. It’s time for the inside scoop, and here with the dish is our comedian friend and host of Hits 1 Hollywood on Sirius XM. Give it up again for Michael Yoyoyo! (audience cheering) Are you ready? Are you ready? Here we go. Nicole Murphy apologized for kissing a married man. (audience oohs) So last week we found out she was kissing a married man in Italy. And we found out who that married. Lela Rochon’s husband. Yeah Lela Rochon’s husband Antoine Fuqua. (audience gasps) A big prestigious director. Been married for over 20 years, (audience gasps)
and… Children and everything. Children and everything and what’s crazy about this story is after the pictures came out, these pictures right here. Nicole came out on social media, and said we’re family friends and (audience disagrees) that was just a friendly hello. (Michael laughs) I’ve never kissed you like that. Not yet no. (Wendy laughs) You do not say hello like that Wendy. Uh no. No so everyone called BS on that then she had to give out an apology, and she gave that to TMZ and she said, “Without going into the entire situation, I want to apologize to my family, and to Lela and the Fuqua family for what transpired. It was not my intention to be in this situation. (Michael laughs) I do not condone women kissing or interacting in anyway inappropriately with a married man. I too was once married and I would never intentionally undermine another woman, despite what has been written.” Then why did she kiss him? Well that’s a good question, so. Her body is sick. You know off topic she delivered those kids, she didn’t adopt them or steal them. I think she’s like 51 years old. And Nicole is gorgeous from head to toe. Gorgeous!
I like her. It pains me to have to talk about her like that but I have to. Go ahead. So they’re saying she kissed him because she thought he was divorced, and he wasn’t with Lela anymore. Now we don’t know why she thought that, but the rumors were swirling that he actually told her that. I thought it was separated. Huh? Separated, separated. Yeah. But she actually thought oh they were separated or going on divorce. Yeah but men lie. You know what I’m saying.
Yeah. (audience agrees)
Men lie and… (audience claps) Oh yeah. I mean.
Yes. You can’t lie about the actual divorce cause that would be on record, you know? But you can lie abut being separated like oh me and my wife don’t get along. She doesn’t please me and so on, so forth. But if she’s a family friend, why wouldn’t she just talk to Lela? Because maybe she was closer, (audience disagrees) No no no cause not all family friends are alike. You’re closer to me than you are with you know. Do you know what I’m saying? Yeah. (audience laughs) Like just cause you’re family friend doesn’t mean that your friends with both the same way. I understand that but that’s just shady. It’s just dirty. Well I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt because men lie. Oh we do, we’re horrible people. (audience claps)
We’re horrible people. You’re the worst!
(Michael laughs) But we love you. (Michael laughs)
Like we love you. No but we’re all. Dammit man. Yeah it’s sad, it’s sad man. But Lisaraye says uh uh this is Nicole’s track record. Oh oh yeah. (audience gasps) Just saying. Yes yes yes. So here’s what’s crazy is Lisaraye. She was saying that Nicole cheated with her husband, (audience gasps)
back in the day. You know the kings of the Turkens and the Caicos. Yeah yeah the chief of the Turkos and Caicos. And… Turkos, turquoise. Turquoise. Turquoise and Cuckoos. (Michael laughs) So they actually got her on tape, TMZ caught her on the street, and this is what she had to say about the whole incident. Nicole did the same thing in the early 2000s in your former marriage. Is that true, did that happen? That’s true, that’s true, absolutely true. So what happened exactly? Just what you said, she messed around with my husband. I don’t know if she a homewrecker or not, Right. I can’t answer that but I know that what she’s doing in people homes is just wrecking it. (audience laughs) You did confront her at the time back then? Oh I definitely confronted her. She know it. Do you think that she’s interested? Is she only interested in married men, or something like that? I don’t know anything about that. You got to ask her what she interested in. I know she interested in getting back in the same position that she was in. Who wouldn’t? Right, what’s your message to Nicole? I ain’t got (bleeps) to say to Nicole. (audience oohs and claps) Okay. Now I have to put on the record, Nicole did deny that this ever happened. Well wouldn’t you? Yes I would, but I have to say it. Now Lela’s deleted all her Instagram, all her Twitter, and everybody’s waiting for a coined statement. Well I’m waiting for Lela Rochon to give me a call so we can have her here for some more inside scoop. (audience claps) Okay.
Yeah. All right.
Yeah that’d be great. There you go. In the meantime, all right Monique. Yes. Okay. We all know Monique is good at feuding with people in Hollywood, and that all started. Imma go back to the beginning. That all started when she said, she came out publicly and said she was blacklisted from Hollywood from Lee Daniels, Oprah, and Tyler Perry when she didn’t go and promote Precious. And Whoopi Goldberg she threw into that mix too. Now how it all started was. How you gonna throw Whoopi Goldberg under the bus? (scattered laughing) Well I don’t know. All right. But she’s saying.
Go ahead Michael. I’m just saying what’s she said, Wendy. Okay. Okay don’t attack me for what she said. I’m not attacking you. I’m just saying! Just deliver.
I’m trying! Go!
Okay. So she goes on the View, Monique goes on the View, and Whoopi asked her about this. Monique’s given her answer then Whoopi cuts in and says basically, she says “I could have schooled you on how this industry works.” She said something like that. Well Monique didn’t like that at all. Monique was mad about that, and said how’s she gonna give me advice when she hasn’t produced anything, she’s just the help. (audience gasps) Yeah well it seems like this feud is still going because. Wait a minute Sister Act was a huge hit produced by Whoopi on, like Whoopi is a chief. (audience claps) I’m just saying. But okay go ahead. Okay.
Go ahead. So this feud is still going. Monique went on Comedy Hype and said that, gave some inside information, she was talking about a personal conversation Whoopi had with her, and she goes, Monique had this big deal with Netflix, didn’t pay her enough money so Monique was very mad about that. Right. And she said she couldn’t take that money because it would hurt the Black females that’s coming up after her, taking such a low fee. So Whoopi, what she said, is Whoopi allegedly said, “Don’t worry about those people behind you. You got to worry about yourself.” And Oh. Yeah yeah and here’s the clip Oh! Oh yeah, oh yeah Monique went on record. Receipts, go head. Yes, go head Monique. So when I get Whoopi Goldberg on the flip saying, “(bleeps) them little ones coming behind you, you better give a damn about you.” That crushed me that day in her dressing room because see Whoopi Goldberg told me the salary she makes from the View, and that hurt my feelings that you’ve been there for 10 years, and you accept them paying you that and you telling me don’t worry bout the little one coming up. (bleeps) if I ain’t got to be worried about you too. Because you accept that salary, it makes it hard for me and how hard do you think it’s gonna make for the one who ain’t here yet because you accept that salary? What do you think Wendy? (audience claps) What’s your thoughts on this? I mean I, you know, she was real passionate with that, you know? I don’t know. I know Whoopi, Whoopi and I have gone through the fire because of my big mouth on the radio and we have since made terrific amends. I think that Whoopi would not be at the View if she wasn’t getting her money. You know she’s the one who heads up the table, she’s the one who takes off every Friday. Whoopi can show up or not, and when she is there she definitely has an attitude that I like which is what time is it? Can we go please? (Michael laughs) Can we go? Yeah. (audience claps) But I also I appreciate Monique’s bravery and her transparency to give people her truth, you know, because that also take, you know like. She’s showing her integrity in an industry where there’s not a lot of integrity in it. Right! In an industry where when you say stuff like that, you may never work again. Absolutely. But she doesn’t care! She’s putting it out there to educate all of us. I am confused! Yeah.
(audience laughs) I’m con-
Yeah tough. It’s tough. I’m confused. But she’s speaking her truth, and sometimes you’re lonely when you speak your own truth so. Are you lonely Michael Yo?
(audience claps) Oh no I’m not lonely. I have another baby coming! Oh yes Michael Yo is Pregnant! Yes! For more information on Michael Yo, listen first of all he’s going to be performing, he is a comedian, August 8th through the 10th at Levity Live in Nyack, New York. (upbeat pop music)

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  1. Hahaha Hollywood is a business and they don't care about Monique's American brat demands, Hollywood just goes an gets people from Uk and Africa to play black roles. They are done with the fake victimhood of American actors

  2. Having spent a lot of time around the powerful shot callers of this country, I have learned that they win gradually and quietly from within the system even when they are beyond corrupt. People like Mo can be 100% correct but her strategy is to be nasty and publicly blast people all the time. You can see how her attitude has prematurely aged her. I agree with pretty much most of what she says generally and yet dislike her so much. She should learn how to maneuver and politic within Hollyweird from Whoopi, and work on how to dismantle the system from within, because you wont shout it down from the outside. And Mo can just discard the parts of Whoopi's advice she doesnt agree with. Instead she does yet another blast video smh. You cant fight everybody geesh!

  3. Nicole kiss me baby…..kiss me like a porn star baby, you so fine let me taste those lips spit in my mouth

  4. there is a huge difference in being sorry and then being sorry that you got caught. When Nicole Murphy was originally approached the first time before the pictures surfaced she denied it and then when the pictures surfaced she apologized.And Nicole had been involved with Lisa Raye's now ex-husband and she went on a date with Shannon Sharpe who was and is involved with another woman. So in a nutshell Nicole is a full fledged whore

  5. Sorry I’m with mo! We need to stand by her! She’s not speaking her truth she’s speaking THE TRUTH! Whoopi ain’t never been for blacks she married a white man.

  6. They both are WRONG.And why APOLOGIZE for something you set out to do INTENTIONALLY. Either way you cut it….. It's BS.

  7. 2:40 Wendy is not a girls girl, She is shady n THIS confirms it
    2:57 NO WENDY U WERE JUST TELLING ON YASELF bc women lie too- 
    (then realized what she said too late…) #backpeddle

  8. Monique talks too much! Sometimes it’s best to be quiet & move in silence. But because she’s so hurt she doesn’t care who she brings down or throws under the bus. It’s sad that we are watching her continue to kill her career.

  9. Oh shes looking for another eddie Murphy…naw them dudes just gone have they fun.not marry her.shes looks good but washed up

  10. My ex told me he was getting a divorce with the girl he cheated on me with. I replied back good for you and took a screenshot of the text and sent it to the girl. And guess what? The poor girl didn’t even know she was getting a divorce. Some men lied for no reason 🙄

  11. I feel like it’s 100% okay to believe NICOLE is wrong because women can be so hypocritical!!! They will mess with peoples men when they’re lonely and don’t have a man but as SOON as a woman has a man they expect their man to be faithful …. so yea women need to be held accountable for
    Their blatant disrespect!!!!

  12. I can see both sides of Mo and Whoopi BUT…..Mo is not marketable. Plus She knew what she was signing up for because just like they just said, theres not too much integrity in that industry….and to add to it, it did not become that overnight.

  13. I think viewers that have jumped on Mo's bandwagon, have responded constantly telling her about having integrity and that's what she decided to go with (which seems to be the wrong choice of word to use when it comes to her) Mo's integrity has been lost a long time ago. However, Fighting with "Integrity" in today's era is very challenging and can leave you hanging dry by yourself (this wether in that industry or not in the industry).

  14. Why is an unmarried woman in trouble & nothing is said about the cheating man here? HELLO… The cheating jusband IS the vow-breaking homewrecker, not his unmarried lover! Wives love to demonize/blame & take their anger out on the "other woman" & then keep the unworthy, cheating husband. Exactly how is that going to heal the broken trust & repair a marriage bond? Will attaking his lover(s) make him change into a respectful, loving & caring husband/family man? A husband "who won't walk away from a sexual escapade" after saying: " NO thanks, I'm married!" Is "the problem" that should concern any wife.

  15. The silence, waaaaoouw !!! She always give others a piece of her mind and tell us what she thinks and will do. But does her church deliver ?

  16. Hos come nicole gets the whole blame? Yess she made a mistake but how about the ugly and disgusting black dude? Why nobody shame that dude, cos he's nobody?

  17. Gold digger. Loved her on the show but I now lost all my respect. Yes he has fault too. My on the show she was on she come off as the classy one. But it’s fake.

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