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  1. I wonder if they give survey cards or something like that to audience members when they arrive. It's hard to believe the producers put that couple in the front row by chance.

  2. I heard that aussie good at kangaroo boxing.. Dont wanna mess around🥊🤣. I'm picking fruits.. Dont mess with my head🤺. Pls marry me. 💍Haha.

  3. I don't know what's funnier the anniversary story or the fact that the guy in the video's main job is to sell sausages on tv and is nationally known for it 😂

  4. Could you imagine James asking Lou and Harry about how they proposed… That would be pure entertainment
    "It was kind of like…. Umm. You know when…. You… Um… Kind of…. Like… Well"
    "For fook sake this is what happend-"
    James left stunned 😂❤️

  5. Love the band chiming in with that 60’s/70’s porn music coupled with Reggie’s hella smooth “…ohhhhh yeeeahhhh…” echo! “Yeeeeeeah baaaabyyyyyy~! Yeee-heaa-heeeaaa-yaaaaaaah…” -Austin Powers

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