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Not your average wedding proposal video

Not your average wedding proposal video

– Hi, my name is Chris, and its almost been about
a year since I got engaged. Lizzie is my fiance, we’ve
been together for seven years and we’ve almost been
engaged for one year now and she’s just smart, talented, beautiful, just the frickin’ whole package, man. (laughing) (soft guitar music) So we’re in our house right now, in our condo that we’ve almost
lived in for the last year, and the day that we took
possession of the home was the day I proposed, and I knew it was the one
day that Lizzie would not know that I would propose to her, ’cause she was like, “Oh,
well we’re getting a new home, that’s already a big life moment.” And it was funny, because she was working on a YouTube video that day, and she had no, I could tell for sure she had no idea that I was gonna propose, ’cause we’re at a Starbucks
uploading the video before we even came in here, and she’s like, “Gotta get it up. Now we gotta get this” and I was like, “This girl has no idea what’s gonna happen to her right now.” We came in, we were
checking out the place, we were getting kind of emotional about, “Hey, we got a home”,
which was really exciting. And then I told her, I was like, “I have a gift for you”, and she’s like, “I don’t
have a gift for you”, I was like, “Just chill. I got a gift for you, close your eyes”, and then I came over and I had the ring. I got down on one knee and just started babbling my way through, “You’re my best friend, we’re
building a life together, we’re starting our lives and building a family
here in our new home.” And then I think she
was so caught off guard, I don’t even think she, when I asked her “Will you marry me?” she was like, I was like, “You didn’t say anything.” She was like, “Oh, right, right. I do, I will, yeah.” It was so real and now we kinda joke, it’s always like, “Do you wanna get pizza for dinner?” and she’s like, “I do, I will, yeah.” (soft guitar music) – [Interviewer] Can you
show us some of the footage? So, I can’t show you any of the footage because we didn’t shoot the proposal. It’s funny because, Lizzie and I are professional content creators, this is what we do for a living, we make YouTube videos, we make commercials, we do all this stuff,
we’re always filming, there’s always a camera in our hands and everyone’s like, “Oh, what do you have
planned for the video?” and I literally told them, “Nothing. I’m not gonna shoot it.” And that was the plan. So, we didn’t shoot any video, but I have these five Instamax photos, or Polaroid photos, that’s the only thing that
we have from the entire day. I haven’t seen these
photos for a few months and it’s kinda cool to just be brought back to that. And it’s nice to just look at, that’s all I need to look at, to get all the feels. (laughing) (soft guitar music) I think everything about the proposal was the complete opposite of what everybody expected from us. I think people expected it to be over-the-top, filmed, captured on video, in some epic location and it’s like, “Nope,
didn’t film any of it, did it at home in our own little place, and we’re the only people that known it”, and I kinda love that. (laughing) I don’t regret not filming it, because… Because I think it’s
interesting, when you’re filming, you become aware of the camera and then you kinda lose
yourself in that moment knowing that a camera
is shooting it as well, rather than just being, that’s the one moment in my life where I want to be 100% present and not worried about a camera battery, not worried about what people will think, not worried about remembering
that experience of proposing, one of the biggest life moments. Knowing how people will react to it. Reality is weird and awkward and complex, and I think when you
look back on those days, I look back at this photo or I think back on it, all I remember is the feeling and it was the best feeling in the world. (soft guitar music) I think it’s okay to not
want to capture everything, especially in a world where everybody’s trying to capture things and post them to Instagram
and social media. And, again, I respect how
anybody wants to capture big moments, or small moments, or anything in their life, but I think one thing to know is that it’s okay to just have moments for yourself. ♪ Yeah I’ve got a feelin’ I’m fine. ♪ ♪ Yeah I’ve got a feelin’ I’ll be fine. ♪ ♪ With you in my life. ♪ ♪ You in my life. ♪ ♪ You in my life. ♪ Memories are interesting, because you remember all these small little highlights
and things like that, but I think the brain always remembers the best parts about it, so it’s nice that I can
just look at this photo and just be like, remember the best parts, the feeling, the highlights, because we always remember how we feel when we look back on memories. You had one job, it’s like, just say yes. It’s like, “I do, I will, yeah.” Lizzie! (laughing)

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  1. This was one of my favourite videos to create. Do you want to see more short films or docs on this channel? 🙂

  2. Chris, this is amazing! – I remember hearing about “I do, I will, Yeah” on your podcast. But I never knew you proposed when you guys moved in! That’s awesome! I really love how you kept it to be just you and Lizzie. Incredible. Keep being the awesome dude you are! 😊

  3. Congrats to both of you! Be always grateful for the fantastic life your living as a couple. You got a job you love and passions you share which makes your living together absolute gorgeous, believe when I say that happiness and satisfaction brightly pops up in your video!

  4. Awesome story to share Chris! I proposed to my girlfriend back in 2016 and we've been married for over a year now. I chose to film our proposal and make a video since I had surprised her with a trip and her family could be there to see it. That was the start of my content creating journey and kudos to you for breaking your routine and choosing to live in that moment together. So awesome and congrats again!

  5. Duuuuude – This is absolutely beautiful. I'm so amped and stoked for you two! Among the nicest most caring people I've ever met. This is such a wonderful story!

  6. You are absolutely sweet couple! I wish you all the best! Ever in Moscow, Russia, get in touch over my channel for a warm welcome!

  7. Simply amazing. I got goosebumps just by hearing your story because I could hear every feeling and every inch of love that you feel for her! And You’re totally right! We all should get more moments for ourselves and “off-camera” because at the end of the day, feelings are so much better memories than photos 💛

  8. A proposal video about why you didn't make a proposal video lol. It was beautiful and the narration was on beat. you guys are amazing.

  9. What an honest confession from a professional photographer and videographer!! To want to be present WITHOUT all that was a beautiful choice.
    Not every part of our lives and relationships needs to be put on social media, even if we DO record it.
    This was a wonderful way to celebrate getting engaged and telling us about it, without spoiling your very private moment. Best wishes!!

  10. Beautiful video and incredibly romantic that the moment was captured in a few Polaroids and kept in private marking a milestone

  11. I feel trolled watching the beginning of this video, but I think it's because your sarcastic that I'm hearing that in your voice.

  12. I love the idea that that moment was for you guys only, totally expected to see some slo-mo emotional shot coming to this video but honestly I'm more happy for you both that this is something private that you two can share with only each other, forever. Very unique in 2019 for a couple of creatives, bravo.

  13. Chris ❤️ Lizzie 🔥🔥🔥🔥👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  14. "it's okay to have moments for yourself." Thank you for this because those words are so needed in a world filled with content.

  15. 5 minutes ago my wife ran to me and said with cute dog eyes "Can we look a video?". I thought "oh my gosh, what cat video is it now". Then she showed me the thumbnail and I saw the headline and every worries I had 2 minutes ago, were gone.
    Somehow a strange feeling to be younger than you guys but to look at you with my, now for already 1 year, wife and remember how I did it, and how it was for us. You're so cute!!!!
    By the way, I'm so with you bro! Everybody was also waiting for this moment and I chose the moment where we had SO MUCH stress, like university exams, looking for jobs, an apartment and so on… So she sooooo didn't expect it and to catch her off guard, while she knows me so well, was such a good moment 😀
    Greetings from Germany, Bavaria :p

    I wish you the best luck on earth, you are our inspiration of a content creator couple and how a couple should lead their business together 🙂

  16. The best memory is just that – a memory in your mind and heart! To have something to remember is great, nut I fully agree – there a moments that need your full presence, attention and no distractions present! Keep your love, your spark and never have distractions in your relationship! Give each other the full attention that you deserve!

  17. 4:38 for a second i thought that chris was gonna jump off the cliff and take lizzie with him saying "now that youre stuck with me for the rest of your life!"

  18. We just had our small wedding (50ppl). It's so much nicer when not everyone you know has to know about it or come and honestly everyone gets on with their life after a couple days and respected our decision not to invite them. Someone did hire a videographer on the day for ours as a gift but it felt so fake having to set up shots to tell a story, the best shots were from a friend who had a small mirrorless camera and a prime lens and took great shots. We threw it into lightroom and that was it.

  19. This had my heart swelling the whole time and I honestly think I like this way of sharing such a personal moment. Beautiful story Chris!

  20. Thank you for sharing your story after you proposed. Congratulations to the both of you! Some cherished moments should only be stored in our memories. Also thank you for uploading this beautiful piece on my bday ahhhh <3

  21. Such an amazing message Chris! So happy for you two. Who in the world is going to be capturing your wedding day tho? 😍😍😍

  22. That was so heartfealt and emotional, I just want to say thank you! Really hit me right in the feels.

    And you’re SO RIGHT about “it’s okay to just have moments for yourself”

  23. To me this was one of my favorite videos you have ever done! This made me think about my proposal to my now wife and those times that we had to ourself with no one else around. Those are the memories that will last a lifetime! Fantastic job Chris!

  24. My husband had this whole plan on how and where and lost patience so he ended up proposing while I was in sweats, had dinner in the oven, and doing laundry (simultaneously)…on my couch. Our friends (a couple) who live 20 minutes away came over and we had wine to celebrate. It was the best time. The only picture from that night…my hubby and his friend drunk simulating a proposal. It is a classic picture we share on our anniversary every year. Way different but the best memory. Edit: More shorts? I want, so do, yeah.

  25. I live it u should make more of these videos how u connect with the audience is so crazy. And u Lizzie r the cutest thing in the WORLD!!! 🌎

  26. If you're looking for someone to adopt, I do all of my chores, make my own money, and can cook a mean fettuccine alfredo.

  27. Beautiful just beautiful I have been following both of you on your journey with each other for the past 2 years, you both inspire and prove over and over that whatever you put your mind to you can do. My girlfriend and I are both photographers as well and we both say to each other over and over you're the couple to inspire to be, we both wish to be like you guys.
    @Chris Hau @Lizzie Peirce

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