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Office Romance – Part 1 | Arranged Marriage Tales

Office Romance – Part 1 | Arranged Marriage Tales

What are you saying?
– Yes, bro! Hahahahaha!!! Hahahahaha!!! You also make fun of me!
– Bro, are you serious? But I put my foot down, bro! This is not happening bro, who gets married at the age of 26? Hmmmm, Momma’s baniya boy, hmm!!
– What the fu– Don’t abuse Mr. Abhay Gupta, Abusing doesn’t suit men who are about to get married. Let’s go upstairs, bro! Your marriage scene looks set, bro! Bro, you seem happier than my mom!
– Obviously bro! And then she said, that I’ll be given an average rating I mean, what does she even think of herself? C’mon, relax Aashi! Enough of bitching, how’s Aditya? He’s good! What’s your scene like? Scene, as in? Marriage and all, you know! Ya, soon, very soon!
– Great! And, you tell me, what’s up? All well! Just got my rating, so it’s all good in the team. Ananya, who’s that guy wih Kunal? I don’t know Some new joinee maybe Okay Let’s go for shopping this weekend.
– Yup, let’s go! Excuse me, Is the machine serving, Espresso?
– Yes, it is. Thank you! Espresso fan? Yes, you too? Yup! Btw I’m Abhay, I joined he data science team, a few days back. I’m Aashi, research team.
– Hi Aashi! I suppose–
– I’ll get going then.. Okay!
– See you around!
– See you! Hi Adi. How are you? Oh, your mom left for office? Great! Minti has a test today, right? Did she study well? Okay! Nice. I was just leaving for office. Hey Adi, how are you? Oh, your dad left for office?
Okay, great! Minti has a test today, right? How much did she score in the previous test? Ohh that’s nice! I have just left for office! Eye contact and all? That’s great! Now, you will get married to her?
– What the fu– Don’t abuse, Mr. Gupta.. On a serious note, What better sign will she give you? Talk to her and take her out on a date. What say? Good! Hi Adi, how are you? Oh, you have already left for office?
Great! Oh really, you are eating bitter gourd today? And, what is Minti’s scene today? Oh, she is studying today? Okay! I have left for office!
On my way. Mixed signals! What? She is giving you mixed signals. Don’t become fancy unnecessarily. I am not becoming fancy, it’s a time-tested strategy of girls. How should I explain you!! You’re seeing this? This Lassi? You enjoy drinking Lassi, when it’s cold right? What? Bro, if the Lassi becomes hot, you won’t enjoy drinking it, right? Bro, using V-lookup since morning has given me a bad headache. Bro, open your mind She checked you out?
You checked her out? Okay Now, in this whole process, if she conveys her interest way too much, don’t you think she will show herself to be too available? So, as a result maybe you will lose interest in her? You mean, the Lassi will become hot? Exactly, bro You will enjoy drinking the Lassi only till the time it is cold. Aashi wants, that you should continue to feel attracted towards her. She wants to keep this process continued. I don’t agree with this. Doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree, girls think like that. Don’t try to act like a hero! Why are you getting senti? You want to get married to her or what? No, nothing like that!
I don’t want to get involved in any office romance. You should never date your co-workers. So damn true, Ananya!
– I Know? And these days people really this thing of calling their marriage a love marriage I don’t know why. It’s just a label, isn’t it? Trendy I guess? Indians and their obsession with marriage. What’s up? No, nothing. You’re right! You were asking me about that guy with Kunal, that day? Oh, which one? He is a new joinee, Abhay. Oh, that one. So, there is something really interesting about him. My cab is here, I’ll tell you later. Ok, bye.
– Okay! Bye. Hello?
Where are you? Oh, okay! You will reach in 15 minutes. Okay! I am standing outside the office. I’m waiting. Okay. So, how was your day? Okay. Oh, so you ate Apple Gourd? Oh, Minti made them? That’s great! I’m standing outside office. Waiting for the cab. How much time will you take? I have been waiting for half an hour. One second.
Listen! What the hell? Hi! Oh Hi!!
– All well? Can I help you? Actually, I’m waiting for my cab, the cab driver got late. So, I guess I’ll just go upstairs and wait. If you don’t mind, can I drop you? No no, that’s fine. The cab driver must be on his way. I’ll be fine.
– Are you sure?
-Yes. You want to walk for sometime?
There is a good place over there. You mean the hub? Actually I’m new, so I don’t know the terms. Maybe, you could show me around? Ya, sure! After you! So, You’re a part of Prakash Aggarwal’s team, right? Yes. And you?
Rohit Kapoor, I guess? Ya, Rohit. I have heard, Prakash Aggarwal takes time to clear the cab expenses?
– Yup, he’s a baniya. I’m sorry, it was just general. I don’t have anything against baniyas. I don’t remember if I told you– So, what else? Just a fun fact, Baniyas get married at a very young age. Are you married? Obviously not! But, yes my family wants me to get married soon. Arranged marriage and all?
– Why do you say so? See, I don’t have a problem with marriage. I’m just worried about compatibilty issues. What if I’m not compatible with the girl I get married to? But you have to adjust, right? Why? It’s about your wedding, it’s a life long commitment But you have to adjust, even when you are compatible with each other, right? That’s a different type of adjustment, this is different. That’s a compromise, not adjustment. Is that the driver?
– No, he is not here yet! Do you want to have some ice-cream? Sure! My cab is here, I’ll get going. It was really nice talking to you, I had a great time. Me too! See you.
– Bye Bye. Aashi!
– Yes! I am not a big fan of getting involved with co-workers, but I would like to know you better. Maybe, if.. I could take you out for coffee someday? Abhay, I’m really sorry, but, I have a boyfriend. Oh… problem, that’s perfectly fine. See you.
– See you.

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  1. Long distance aint working anytime, that the golden rule, always protect yourself from landing into shit like long distance

  2. Yaar who's that guy? Yaar woh mixed signal de rahi hai. Stay away. I don't date a coworker. Could I take you out for a coffee? SORRY I've a boyfriend. Okay. No problem. ROFl… Adi had his diaper changed. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Something missing in this series there's no charm and too much formality during conversation and quite least interesting . It can be improve. Good luck Guys.

  4. Last line ," that's perfectly fine'πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€mst thi..bhai ne dard chupa liyaπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  5. minti ki kya galti he ab bachche ki jaan loge kya? apne kaam se kaam rakho na aese log bade hoke cctv aunty bante he πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ aur kisi ki haaye lage na lage minti ki zaroor lagegi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Story bahut accha h everything's good but bahut zyada hi stretch kiya h….. There r very irrelevant parts u see… N that makes u lose interest but still its good ur work is appreciated

  7. minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti minti

  8. Sirf do banda aur bandi office mei? And ye dono google home page pe kya data mining aur research kar rahe hei kyi muje batayga kya?

  9. Pehle mammi ji, phir papa ji aur phir adi sab to office se nikal chuke aur ha bhai please someone go take minti and get her a life. Kitni padai karegi

  10. arrange marriage is a royal wedding, why would you miss that opportunity in your life? I don't want to miss my marriage rituals and everything. After all arrange marriage is a happy marriage πŸ’•

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