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  1. I can't believe why they don't teach this in schools and universities….why the hell I'm hearing this for the first time in my life!!!! Fu*king love this guy

  2. Could you imagine is Jesus had a sense of humor? Why is humor so absent in major religion? Its refreshing to listen to someone who can poke fun at ideas that are blindly accepted as fact. Love it.

  3. God is a rapist .Jesus must b a bastard. It was certain he was never been son of Joseph: Golden words which can b spoken only if u r ready to face death the next minute. He was brave enough to say things which we can not even imagine sometimes.

  4. Acho q ele tem razão no que fala, mas p isso teria q muita coisa ser mudada, colocar um filho em uma comunidade já distorcida, não dá e o perdão é interessante pq os pais fizeram inconscientemente. Mas o q ele fala é muito correto. Somos o q aprendemos, se não tivermos psicopatia, ou outra disfunção cerebral, claro.

  5. Individual freedom can also be that everyone is free to decide if he / she wants to marry or not. Osho always speaks with such certainity that is very tempting simply to adapt to everything he says. In some parts I agree, in others not. Don‘t stop thinking for yourselves people.
    And I totally think you shouldn‘t be brainwashed into a certain way of life by society (like it seems almost mandatory to get a house, marry, have children and so on).

  6. Even a sensationalist documentary like wild wild country can't keep people away from the truth of Osho's words. It's undeniable.

  7. I love how people are wholeheartedly agreeing to what he is saying. But have you really considered the implications of what he is saying? Are you willing to drop your jealousies and possessive tendencies before you jump into such a social structure? What happens when you lose your youth and find yourself without a partner? He is talking about an amazing society of absolutely free humans but looking at how most of us behave in relationships, we are far from ready for such a thing. It's time to work on ourselves first to reach such an evolved state.

  8. While I disagree on what he says about marriage (i'm not against others and free love). He was pretty spot on with raising children. It's how we have done it for thousands of years. it takes a village to raise a child. We have lost that in our society, it is driving us further apart from each other within our own community. Sons repeat the mistake of their fathers, daughters repeat the mistakes of their mothers.. An endless cycle heading down for society as a whole.

    Watching his videos, Osho does speak some wise truths. You can see him as an cult leader or some crazy guy. but you cant argue that he speaks about true freedom for us all, to bring us all together in some way.

  9. Wow. Never saw it that way. Mary was raped. 5:10
    It takes a village to raise a child -African proverb. Yes I agree with that it makes much more sense. I want to move onto a co-housing cooperative one day.
    I still think marriage is important, but I see marriage reserved for when I want to have children. I don’t think having a bunch of single mothers has done much good in the world- look at the black community.

  10. I totally get him he is so right about marriage and how things change between two people after a while at first it's goosebumps and romantic but it does remain like this after being together for a while…and while everything looks good we change ourselves not intentionally but we do because to save marriage we have to drop our ego we have learn how to compromise and cope with a situation at beginning its fine but when you realize this is not who I am and I just have one life and I don't want to live pleasing others but there you are…stuck coz u don't want to hurt others…

  11. I can't listen to this nonsense anymore. He is saying that relationships should be open, free, willing and non-entangling. The theory looks on paper but the moment it is applied to society, the society will crumble. The outcome of this stupid spark is the inferno of irresponsibility that will consume the world. It's all fine and dandy for him to say all that, only, had his parents thought the same, he wouldn't have been here. His teachings directly go against and tear the fabric of society.

  12. I don't think the community handled all the need of a child. How many community are cracked an able to stand by their feet? The answer is simple a child needs a community as well as a family who support each athers.

  13. What is the man is deeply in love with a woman and during the period of relationship the woman falls in love with someone else. As per Osho, the woman is free to leave him and go and sleep with the new man. In such a case what will be the mental condition of the husband? Marriage is a bond that enforces the thought of non-promiscuity.

  14. Soo.. when children should be made? If you have no family, when does the little ones comes to this world? Randomly?

  15. Osho just said the Truth about the nature of human beings. Simple!
    Its us who made it complicated over the hundread of years.
    I have huge respect for this great man. ❤

  16. Real freedom can only come when one knows how to deal with every situation in their life peacefully and joyfully. He might be very advanced and able to handle all happenings in his life very well. That gives him the freedom to have an open relationship. But for most people who are still unconscious about the cause and effect of their own behavior, it is nothing wrong to have a stable relationship, potentially marriage, so that they can focus on other perspective of lives. Imaging an old man or a woman who doesn’t have a stable relationship n have to think “ oh which bar I should go to talk to someone or hook up with someone.” It is just sad.
    Would like to invite all to find video about Sadhguru and listen to his opinion about marriage and relationships. It might gives you some new perspectives. Then you can choose either way based on your own situation.
    All the best.

  17. Amazing insight.
    And children living in comunity will not only take advantage of the interaction with many adults…but also would not be forced to adapt to angry parents, they will simple move to another aunts and uncles..
    And there it will be many other children which gives an immense help.
    Children will test and live how is to COOPERATE. is exactly what we need as a human species if we don t want to face extinction.
    Amazing advantages to live your life while you learn to adapt and share with others.

  18. He’s so unrealistic! He’s making man more perfect, than he is. He’s setting up values and ideals that most people cannot fulfil. There is too much jealousy, too much possessives, too much fear of becoming lonely in anti-marriage. So man invented “marriage” to create a structure that can provide a feeling of security for him and her.
    Not being married is just too much freedom for most people. They can’t handle it, because it takes such a great deal of maturity.
    Me? I’m too primitive not to be possessive in a relationship. I simply can’t help it. And please respect that, because one day, in another reincarnation, I’ll be ready and mature enough to live out the anti-marriage ideal. So don’t shun marriage, and don’t disrespect others for being married, when they suffer. That’s their evolutionary state – it’s a natural necessity.

  19. I love his mischief, also being serious, as are the creators in many tales of creation…The honesty is lovely. Ahhhh, he is the only one I have heard say what is obvious about the fact that Mary's opinion was never asked before she was impregnated??? That's rape, in any definition..

  20. His description of the ideal for children is what the Contrada system is in Siena, the older celtic ways as well, and likely many others of the old ways…

  21. marriage creates families and there are many happy marriages, and Marriage protects women and children, when we are treated equal and able to survive as well as the male species and respected then by all means perhaps marriage would not be so important.

  22. I am 36 yrs of age and I can honestly say I have never wanted to be married. I do have a daughter and she is my everything ❤️

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