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Our Wedding: The “I Do” Ceremony & The Party | Lucie & Michael

Our Wedding: The “I Do” Ceremony & The Party | Lucie & Michael

Lucie: After we went off to the locations. it
was time to go to the venue. We got married at the Parrish Art Museum, in Water Mill, which is a really modern art museum that’s sort of a long barn
structure on the side of the highway. It’s pretty much this kind of, like,
concrete with black wood… A very empty, raw space… So, in order to make it into a
wedding venue you have to bring in your own tables, your own flowers… you even
have to set up your own cook tent, because there’s no kitchen there… So it
was a really DIY project… We didn’t do it ourselves. It really took a village to
put the wedding together. We had decided a month after we picked our venue that
we didn’t want to have our wedding in the conventional spot where weddings
happen… which is outside at the museum. There’s kind of a spot where the sun is
setting where most brides and grooms set up their altar or chuppah, or whatever
they’re using, and they walk down that little aisle there, and they get married
outside. We were going to do that, but then we came across this really dark
theatre room inside of the museum… and just to kind of give you a visual of
the space, this is the room where most brides and grooms set up a disco ball
and do their after-party. So it’s, like, pitch black, the windows black out… a dark,
dark room that looks like you’re outside in the middle of the night. We walked
into that room and our planners said “We’ve always wanted to do a wedding
ceremony in this room in the dark, but no bride and groom wants to do it… so we’ve
never kind of fulfilled our dream of doing it.” And my first thought was “HECK NO. I’m not getting married in the dark.” I’ve actually always envisioned my
wedding ceremony and not only was it outside, but it was like on the beach,
like, in the bright sunshine… naturally lit… I love natural light, as you know
from our apartment… So I never envisioned that I would do a wedding ceremony
inside, let alone in the dark. But we thought about it some more, and pretty
soon we started to visualize what this might look like if we did the ceremony
indoors, in the dark, and had really dramatic lighting, and made it really moody,
and emotional, and twinkly… and pretty soon we couldn’t get the idea out of our
heads, and we couldn’t imagine doing the wedding anywhere but the room. And then,
to make it even more special, we came up with this idea that how great would it
be if, instead of setting up our chuppah– We had a chuppah because we had a Jewish wedding–instead of setting up our chuppah at the end and having a long
aisle with seats kind of facing in the normal direction… What if we put our
friends and family in a full circle around us, and we did our wedding in the
round with us standing in the middle under a circular chuppah? And we had this
idea, we kind of presented it to our event designer, and he was like “I know
exactly what to do.” Michael: By the way, you’re saying “we”… like, it was totally you. If it had not gone well I would be totally fine with you saying “we”… but it went
very well, so you could take full credit for it. Lucie: Well, I just love circles… and this
was probably the part of the night that I had thought the most about and I was
the most excited for, because I had no idea what to expect.
We’re readjusting quickly… It’s very sandy. The way we set up the room was that there were actually multiple aisles that you could walk down, so after
everyone was in place and it was time for me and my parents to enter, everyone
stood up… and, I guess the rabbi indicated that I was going to be coming in through
another door… so everyone sort of turned to face the door where I was coming in…
and when we opened that door, that was the door where the sunset was setting
behind. So, as soon as we opened that door… I mean, just think of being in a
pitch-black room with sunlight streaming in and behind you. I’m assuming it looked
kind of like a beam of light coming from behind us, framing our bodies… and I’m
assuming it just looked very dramatic… I’m really excited to see a video of it,
and some more professional photos… but I have to say… So, standing outside of that door was the moment of the day when I finally got nervous. After a whole day of not
being nervous AT ALL… I was standing with my parents… my mom was on my right, my dad was on my left… I was trying to listen through the door because we were trying
to hit a certain music cue… I walked down the aisle to the song “I
Will Follow You Into The Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie… which was very fitting
because I was following Michael into the dark room, and… Michael: *sneezes* Lucie: Bless you! Michael: Thank you. Lucie: Bless you. Bless you! BLESS YOU! And I was trying to listen because the song before us was “Blackbird” by the Beatles and I wanted to hear the song change so I knew
when to go… but I had nothing to worry about, because this was a choreographed
dance for our wedding planners… and basically I had two wedding planners
standing right in front of me and my parents with strings, so that they could
pull the door at the same time… one, you know, both sides would swing open at the
same time and reveal me and my parents standing there… and they were
communicating by cellphone with the other planners who were on the other
side, sending the bridal party down… giving them the exact cue of when to
open the door, and it was like a stage performance… and I was just blown away
because they opened the doors at the exact right moment… “I Will Follow You
Into The Dark” was starting… and I was… I think I said to my parents “My heart is
going to fall out of my chest.” because it was beating so loud that I… I thought I
might have a heart attack, or, I don’t know… I thought something bad was going
to happen! I don’t even know if “nervous” is the word… Energized. I was SO ready for
that moment. I had literally dreamed of those doors opening and… Sand! Actually
the best thing about being in the bride’s position in that case is, as the sun is
streaming in… even though I was probably a silhouette to most people, I could see
everyone’s faces ’cause the sun was hitting everyone. I just saw people’s smiling faces
looking at us as I walked with my parents to be given to my husband… Fiancé at the time… I remember my dad kind of stepped on my dress at one point… We got
to the end, my parents hugged Michael, and then hugged me… And then everyone sat down and it was just the two of us and our rabbi beneath
the chuppah. And the moment I stepped up under… onto the platform… it was like we
stepped onto a new planet. Michael: The way the lighting was, and the moment and everything… it just made it so that the ceremony we could really enjoy just
between the two of us… There were moments, especially during our vows… when our
rabbi stepped aside… off the platform, I think, entirely… and so it was just the
two of us up there, and the way that the room was lit… whenever I looked at Lucie I
I could kind of see people in the background, but not really. So it was kind
of just like the two of us up there. And I don’t know about you, but I… I just kind
of, for most of it, forgot that we were surrounded by 200 people, and it just
kind of felt like we were talking about and professing our love for each other,
to each other, privately in a way. Obviously not completely, but it just
felt very natural. Lucie: There was some Hebrew spoken, there were prayers read, we did
the classic drinking of the wine… but I would say that it was a little bit more
spiritual than religious, and I remember my favorite moment beneath the chuppah
was when our rabbi asked us to put our heads together and to take ten deep
breaths. And, just, the whole room went for a moment of silence… And then he said one really beautiful, poetic line that I will always remember… orienting us where we
are in the world… and so he brought us from the Milky Way galaxy, bringing us
down to planet Earth, taking us even further to America, and then we were on
Long Island… which he called “God’s last brushstroke.” Which I thought was so
beautiful. And, you know, that’s where we were standing… We were on Long Island,
beneath this beautiful chuppah, surrounded by our friends and family… The ceremony
was very much about love, and about us bringing our love around the world and
spreading the love that we share to other people… All of our bridesmaids, and
groomsmen, and family we were in the front row, and I could see
their faces illuminated, and then I saw a few people in the surrounding rows… but, I
think my biggest memory was reading my vows to Michael, because… something just
happened in that moment, and as I read him my vows, no one else was there. I just
have this memory of seeing Michael and then seeing the glowing chuppah kind of
over his head… and it was just him, and the twinkling lights, and darkness. The
best part… At the very end of a Jewish ceremony, the man slams on glass… I guess… Is it always the man? Michael: We asked that question. But I forget. Lucie: I was certainly not wearing shoes that were conducive to slamming glass, so… Michael: I asked you, actually if we both wanted to do it. Lucie: Oh. Yeah, no. My shoes would have broken. I had these beautiful shoes, by
this amazing woman, Lucia… And she engraved the bottom, they said LNM and
9/21… They were really special. So… Michael slammed on the glass, and then… He doesn’t remember, so I cannot wait to see the photos and videos of this moment… but, if I’m just gonna imitate kind of what he did… He went: WOOOOO! Is that how you remember it? Michael: I… I mean, I have no recollection of that moment. I… yeah, I
think I was just really, really excited… Yeah, I think before the ceremony… I
definitely wasn’t worried about how any of it was gonna go. And we had walked
through it a few times… but I also… I don’t know. It felt like we were kind
of winging it, to some extent… Like we knew that there were ten different
things that we were gonna have to do during the ceremony… and we knew there
was some order to it, and that our rabbi would orient us… But… We didn’t really
know exactly what we were doing, and it all just kind of felt right once we were
up there… Lucie: Yeah. You know, truthfully… I think doing it in the dark was an amazing idea and it made it really special… but it did
make it so that in the few days after the wedding I couldn’t really close my
eyes without seeing it… which was kind of sad, because… we kept saying, like, “We’re
not gonna be sad after the wedding, we’re just gonna be so excited, and we’re
starting a new journey…” But, to be honest… It was a little sad. And it wasn’t
because it was over and we had nothing to do… or we, you know… It was mostly
because it was SUCH a special night, and it was the only night in our lives when
that group of people was going to be together celebrating our love. But we
always have the memory. We always have the memory. Michael: It was really nice– Not that
we needed any sort of validation for doing it in that room… but it WAS really
nice to… once we saw all of our guests and started enjoying the party, and all of
that stuff after the fact… people seemed to really enjoy… kind of a different
experience with the ceremony. Obviously, us having been together for 10 years, our relationship is such that it is a little bit different, I think, than a
lot of people that have ended up getting married at that stage of their
relationship… and so I think that really came through in our vows to each other. Lucie: So. The ceremony ended. We ran out of the room… We went for a private moment.
So, normally after you get married, they kind of put you in a special room where
it’s just the two of you with some champagne and some food, and they give
you a moment to just reflect on what just happened… And that moment was so fun. I just, like, kicked my feet up on Michael like this… and, I ate the food, because I was
really hungry… We just were looking at each other like… You are my husband. And
you’re my wife… It was CRAZY! I was like “We’re married!” We were just sitting in
this room talking about what had just happened and how amazing it went, and how we felt like our rabbi did such a good job, and it was so meaningful, and it was
so special… and as soon as the private moment was up, I did a hair
change. I wanted to switch from my braid… which had my flowers in it… to just
wearing my hair down. And, as you could probably tell from my braid, because my
hair’s not that long… I had extensions in the braid… and the plan was when I
took the braid out, I was gonna keep the extensions in… but I was gonna, you know,
re-curl my hair and wear it down. And I decided with my hair person that my
extensions just looked way too long, down. Like, it looked kind of witchy almost…
They were just too long. So he said don’t worry, I’ll just cut the extensions when
they’re in your hair. Once we take the braid out, I’ll just give your
extensions, like, a brief cut. And I said “Okay, great.”
So we get into this private room and he starts cutting the extensions… and then
he just is like looking at me like “hmm, hmm” and he’s like “If you don’t mind, I’m just
gonna give you a quick haircut.” And I was like “Okay!” You know, I really wasn’t
focusing… I was getting a makeup change… And I was just on a high from what had
just happened… So I was like “Do whatever you want! Just make me beautiful!” He takes out a razor and just starts, like… *cutting noise* all around my head… Three minutes later, I
look to the ground… and, like, half of my hair is on the ground. My real hair, and
the extension hair. Before the wedding, I think my hair was down to, like, here… And
I’m pretty excited about that because I really wanted to get a haircut after the
wedding, and now I don’t have to! My wedding planners came into the room to
see how things were moving, and if I was almost ready to enter into the party… and
they came in and they’re like “Oh, okay! So you’re getting a hair cut… Got it. Okay…” I
remember my makeup artist Stephani put this really sparkly eye shadow on me for
the party, and it sort of fell into my eye lids a little… like it was stuck to
my eyelashes… so my view through my own eyes was sparkles. It already was kind of
sparkly because we had these really pretty lights, and it was like glowing
and nicely lit… but the view through my eyes was just like… a filter of sparkles. Michael: I feel like… especially doing what we did, where we had hours and hours of photos…
and, obviously, getting ready… a lot of that more… a lot of that was more for you…
It was really important that we had good relationships with the people that we
were working with, and it just seemed like such a nice… it WAS such a nice
group of people. Like, we needed all of those people to be there during the day
to help us with various things, but also it was nice to just have a good vibe
around everything that we were doing… From, like, your hair and makeup people to your stylist… Lucie: My stylist Lizzie was unbelievable. Michael: To… All the party planning
people were incredible… To the videography team, and the photographers,
and obviously our family… Like, just everyone was so great. Lucie: Oh gosh… Sand! Michael: And you don’t realize, but you end up spending… You end up spending a lot of time
with those people on your wedding day, and so it’s really important that not
only are they doing the job that you need them to be doing and you want them
to be doing… but also that they… they help you enjoy the day and take it all in. Lucie: Yeah. Party time. Lucie: So, what I think was so amazing about the party, is that we had planned every aspect of this party from the plates that the appetizers were
served on… to the exact song that was gonna play it this moment… to… as soon as the last plate goes down we go into this… and so, in my mind this party was going
to be very logistical… Michael: Yeah. One thing. Next thing… Lucie: Very organized… We were gonna enter… Our entrance song as husband and wife… You know when they say “For the first time,
Mr. and Mrs. Morris! WOO!” We walked in to the song “21st night of September…” because it was the 21st night of September… and I remember, like, having a vision of us
coming in to, like, everyone in their seats, sitting down, like, looking towards
the door, waiting for us… and, like, clapping gently as we walked in… That’s
how it actually has been at other weddings I’ve been to… So that’s what I kind of thought. But when we were standing outside and the
planners were like “Okay, they’re about to announce you…” I just remember
hearing the party and being like “There’s no way people are in their seats! Like, it
sounds like people are up and dancing…” and they said “Mr. and Mrs. Morris!” And we walk in the room, and everyone’s on the dance floor… No one’s paying attention to
us… Michael: Yeah. There’s literally no space for us to enter the dance floor. Lucie: We’re like coming up behind people being like “Excuse me, we’re trying to get in…” I
think it was actually more exciting for people because it was like one second we
weren’t there and then one second we were… But from our perspective it was like we
came in to a PARTY. And pretty much from that minute forward, the dance floor was
not empty for one minute. The band… We had a band called Brooklyn Sound from Hank
Lane Music, and they were unbelievable. Every single one of their songs sounded…
It was a live band that sounded like every single original recording… Michael: Even better in some cases… and we were dancing for a large, large majority of that. Lucie: I was really happy that I got for myself and all of my bridesmaids these sparkly Keds
sneakers… so pretty early on I changed out of my heels and I put on these Keds,
and then I was able to dance the full night away with no worries, or no
blisters, or anything like that. Michael: It was great, too, because we… Having been to cocktail hour for like 10 minutes, I felt like I was swarmed by people… which was
fun, and it was nice to start seeing people that way… but then throughout the
night I feel like we just interacted with most people on the dance floor.
Because most people were just having a great time and enjoying it out there. It
was a really, really… really special time. Lucie: Yeah, one of my favorite parts was…
another traditional Jewish wedding section is doing the hora… where you go
in a chair next to the… you know, the bride and groom go together, and the
bridal party, or… all the men at the wedding come and lift you up, and you’re
kind of going up and down… Lucie: That was so much fun. I know most people do that at their Bar or Bat Mitzvah… but I didn’t have one of those, so it was so
much fun. They sent us up, and then they sent our sisters up, and then they sent
both sets of our parents up… our moms together, and our dads together… Lucie: So fun. Michael: All of the separate pieces and the set of stuff was cool, too. Like, we had our first dance together… to “Somewhere Only We Know”… which was really nice. Lucie: Oh my gosh, the party was amazing… In the Hamptons you have to finish your parties and live music at 11:00 p.m. So the
party ended at 11:00 and we brought all of our friends, and our cousins, and all the young people at the wedding back to Michael’s house and we had a s’mores
bonfire afterparty… It was actually pizza, s’mores, drinks, popcorn… and we just hung out until about 3 a.m.? Michael: Yeah, somewhere around there. Lucie: Yeah, and then the following morning we woke up at 7 a.m. so we got very little sleep… and we went into the ocean with our photographer, Dan,
and did an early morning sunrise photoshoot… I wore my dress from the rehearsal
dinner because I really didn’t want to ruin my wedding dress… but we went into
the water in our dress and his extra tux. Michael: No, no. It wasn’t a tux. My suit that I’ve had since I was like 16 which was… was ready to be tossed. Lucie: And that was the wedding! Michael: That was the wedding. Lucie: And now we’re married. So we’re husband and wife… And we will be forevermore. And we’re on our short little mini-moon right now… We’re doing our real honeymoon in January 2020… And, in the meantime we’re
just gonna go to the spa… and chill. Comment below if you have any questions
about our wedding day… I’m happy to share a lot more… I am gonna be sharing more
photos and videos on Instagram in the coming weeks… and as soon as we get our
video footage you better believe you’ll be getting some videos… I just haven’t
seen anything yet. Michael: Thanks for listening. Lucie: Thank you so much to everyone who was invested in this wedding, and signed up for my newsletter, and wanted to be part
of it and wanted to get behind-the-scenes photos and videos… It
meant so much to me that you guys cared and wanted to be part of the day,
and I hope you felt like part of the day… That’s it! Michael: That’s it. Simple as that. Lucie: See you soon! Michael: See ya! Lucie: *blows a kiss to the camera* Michael: Mr. and Mrs. Morris out!

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