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Overgrown Colorado spruce finds a new purpose for ‘Christmas on Broadway’ celebration

Overgrown Colorado spruce finds a new purpose for ‘Christmas on Broadway’ celebration

it’s wonderful and you notice the tree just behind us here yeah big trip forty feet and it’s 3,500 pounds and I didn’t say wrong 3,500 3,500 pounds yeah yeah it’s it’s just barely fits in Matt’s house so you better bring it out but you know the tree has quite the backstory it really does and we want to show you the chopping now the crown jewel of the show that’s right let’s take a look let’s see how it came to be just luck I guess a man and his family happy this tree in their front yard is finding a new purpose we were looking at removing the tree just because it’s gotten too big for the landscaping area that it’s currently sitting in instead of just scrapping it evan grote Matt’s wife had a different idea ask Steve shine if he wanted it for Christmas on Broadway he came out he and his wife came out took a look at the tree decided this is the tree they’d like to use for the Christmas celebration this year and that’s pretty much how everything came to be for shine selecting just the right tree is a big job and when there’s ten fifteen thousand cars a day that come by here we want to make sure that the tree is befitting of the of the celebration of Christmas growth Matt is just happy the tree found a new home at the center of the show I just think it’ll be a pretty cool thing to be down there see the Christmas tree lighting take place and know that that’s the tree that was had been in our front yard from the chopping block to the star of the show now the groats Matt’s tree becomes a symbol of Christmas for everyone in the summit city [Music] our thanks to the grope mat family for donating that big tree and I guess there’s quite a waiting list for people who want to do the same thing yes Steve shine talks about there’s five years of people waiting five years that’s why it’s kind of cool to see the story of the tree you know destined for the chopping block now hundreds of people coming out to see it star the show

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