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  1. You have me so excited I don't know what to do!! "Andrea"…Stay tuned I get at cha this week !  Prince's Friend's Friend

  2. If you're a fan of the Madhouse albums go to the LP Music show, Eric Leeds and St. Paul Peterson (The Family) headline, I wouldn't be surprised if some Revolution members pop in too.

  3. Had NO idea there were so many events going on in the cities during Celebration…this video is quite the wake-up call (lots of planning is definitely in order for me now)!!! Thanks for doing so much research for us lol!

  4. First thank you for the breakdown of the events, Minneapolis is going be popping!, you party sounds like so much fun, when I go to celebration ( which I am shooting for next one) , and if you do this again, I’ll be there. I want to see first avenue because I heard it’s so much smaller in person , I’ve seen purple rain so many times and it doesn’t seem that small, especially when apollonia runs in. How they do that? Don’t know if you mention it , but is stone going to celebration and your party?



  7. Sounds Really Fab!!…I would love to go.
    Your Party sounds Great, you sound excited, wishing U a Great time😁

  8. @Prince's "Friend.  How do people get from one event to another?  Do they rent cars, buses,  use taxi's/car service or trains?   I can't go this year, but may in the future and I hate driving in strange cities.  I am sure the hotel will call car service for you, but are there other modes of transportation within or among the cities.

  9. Love 💕 your videos thank you for your information. Please think of me when you are there . I have a broken heart 💔 that I will never get to go. You will have fun partying, hopefully not to hardcore.

  10. Please join us at Axel’s Restaurant at 8 PM on Saturday, April 27th in Chanhassen. We’re heading over to my cuz’s mural around 9:30 PM. I will post the details on social media. The mural will be lit up and I booked an HD drone to capture some aerial shots of us. We’re going Live on Facebook and will plan to stop over at the Moxy. Peace- #Justice4cuz

  11. i believe 'erotic city' on 4/20 is not a band, but a dance party given by dj lenka, dj shannon blowtorch and other local djs. they have burlesque dancers dancing on stage and this is an annual event. it's packed and so much fun!

  12. Have an AMAZING TIME!! ! Love yall… PURPLE RAIN HOUSE??? WHERE?? & What's it all about??? ( IM INTRIGUED. . LOL. )…. Did i miss something? ? Im assuming The movie house. YES??

  13. You should take some of the Patreon cash and go the VIP thing, just to let us know what its like. For the first time ever, I wish I was an American – I would be dancing my butt off at that whole thing – Have fun!!

  14. Man, I wish I could go! Your party sounds great! Maybe next year after I'm done with grad school I'll try and make it to Celebration.

  15. Love2the9s was awesome last year – a real highlight of Celebration week, so though not as bouncing as I expect the NPG or the parties will be, you should definitely consider it. Yes Tommy’s there and it’s fronted by Julius Collins of Dr Mambos Combo, and they did some really deep cuts (In A Large Room With No Light, Still Waiting, All My Dreams, Splash) last time. Will be going to that after your party!
    Also the Combo will be playing on Sunday and Monday nights at Bunkers, which is always fun and funky!

  16. Kristi Abbott? Lol, we need to meet 🙂 I'm going to try and go to your party but have an event at 6:30 PM first. 🙂 BTW Nice Video

  17. Everyone, if you haven't seen 'Chase and the Ovation' check out his Prince Tribute Band sometime (not sure when he plays next), he does a really nice job playing his music and I'll swear sometimes I feel Prince's presence through him, a comforting connection and it's fun.

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