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Pete Davidson Confirms His Engagement To Ariana Grande

-Now, you know that you didn’t
have to get engaged to Arianna Grande
to come on our show. -But I did though.
[ Cheers and applause ] -You did. Yes, you did. -Thank you. Thank you very much.
-Congratulations. -Thank you. Thanks. -You know we love her so much.
I love you too. -Yeah, I feel like
I won a contest. So sick. [ Laughter ] -How are you — How are you
handling it all right now? -It’s [bleep] lit, Jimmy. [ Laughter ] -Oh, my. I was gonna say that. -It’s so lit. It’s so funny
walking down the street ’cause, like, dudes are walking
by and they’re like… [ Laughter ] Like, you ever see
that Derek Jeter commercial where he was, like, retiring
and everybody just tips his hat. [ Laughter ] -It feels like that? -Some dude came up to me
and was like, “Yo, man.
You, like, gave me hope.” [ Laughter ] I’m like, “I didn’t know
I was that ugly.” -Oh, my God.
-Jesus. -Oh, no way. -No, yeah, I’m
a lucky mother[bleep] -No, yeah. Absolutely.
You really, really are. -Yeah.
-That’s fantastic. We love you both.
And congratulations to you. -Thank you. -And — hey, just — this could
be a good place to get married, on “The Tonight Show.”
[ Cheers and applause ] I’m just saying. -It’s not happening.
-It could be perfect. -Sure, we could do that. -Yeah, how perfect — -Why do people care?
It’s very weird. -You think it’s odd? -It’s weird ’cause the president
is trying to pardon himself. And he’s, like, [bleep]
a porn star. It’s just like — shouldn’t we
care about that? -Yeah, no.
[ Laughter ] No.
[ Laughter ] No, we want to know — we want
to know what you’re wearing. -Okay. -We want to know who you’re
wearing, man. -Cool.
-Obviously, yeah. You know Rob?
-A little bit, yeah. -Yeah.
-A little bit. -I think he is one of
the greatest actors of our generation.
[ Cheers and applause ] He’s incredible. And, yeah, he’s just, like,
the sickest. -You became obsessed with
one of his films. -Oh, “Good Time.” “Good Time” is — yeah, it’s the
best movie ever made. Yes. [ Applause ] I am here to promote
“Good Time.” [ Laughter ] -His movie that’s already out?
-Yeah, no. It’s so good. It’s like the best —
-I saw it. It’s insane. -It’s the most insane,
crazy movie I’ve ever seen. -Who directed the —
your co-star, right? -One of the co-stars,
the guy who plays my brother is one of the directors,
Josh and Benny Safdie. -Yeah. -Holy moly,
that is a good movie. And those guys —
Which one is it? Josh or Benny Safdie
does the brother? -Benny’s my brother, yeah.
He’s also an amazing actor. -Oh, my gosh!
-It’s insane. And it was produced by Sebo,
my friend. -Whoo!
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] I love that your segment is turning into all about
Robert Pattinson. -What, no. -We’ll just talk about
his movie. -That’s why I came here, okay? What, I’m gonna promote
a movie I’m in for 10 seconds? Which is great, by the way.
It’s amazing. You know, whatever. Go see it. But he should have got an Oscar.
It was [bleep] sick. [ Laughter ] No, yeah, I really love
this movie so much. -You actually brought a clip of
“Good Time.” -I did. I brought
a clip of “Good Time” that I would like to roll.
[ Laughter ] This is a scene right after
Rob and his brother have robbed a bank and one of
the dye packs in the money — -Wait, you’re really showing a
clip from his movie “Good Time”? -Yeah. I’m serious, yeah. -This is already out on DVD.
You could stream it. -Yeah, it is.
-It is. -Go get it.
-Yeah. -It’s on Amazon.
-Robert’s in it. -It’s the best movie ever.
[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah, absolutely. -You are fantastic in it. -Should have got an Oscar. -You should have got an Oscar
for this one. -So, here’s Robert Pattinson
and Benny Safdie in “Good Time.” Take a look. ♪♪ -Hey!
[ Knock on door ] Yes, I’m going to get something.
Just give me five minutes. -Come out! Come out now! -Just wash your face. Nick, what the [bleep]
you doing? Get in the sink. Jesus Christ. Watch your head.
Watch your head. [ Banging on door ]
-Come out! -There you go. -Five seconds,
I call the police! -It’s either red or pink dye,
okay? -My brother is mentally
handicapped. I’m not going to pay for
the construction truck that hit him on the head. I’m going to come out
in one second. This is an emergency, all right? Please, give me five minutes. These pants got dye
all over them. -I like these pants. -I don’t care
if you like them or not. I gotta get them off right now. Got sweatpants underneath. That’s why you wore them. Hurry up. Hurry up.
Lace them up. [ Banging on door ] Yes! Yes! Yes! Please! -That’s a great clip
from your film. [ Cheers and applause ] -Wow. I wish we could show more. -How many times have seen it? -I’ve seen this movie 30 times. I swear I’d watch it
all the time. -That thing on your shirt
right now? -Oh, yeah.
This is — yeah, dude. [ Laughter ] -You’re obsessed with this.
This is insane. -What? I love it. What?
I’m very into it. -I think it’s great.
-It’s really great. -I think it’s funny that you’re
here to promote his movie. I want to talk
a little about you. And say congratulations to you. Just — you can plug your ears
if you want to. -Thank you. -Congrats on everything on
“Saturday Night Live.” -Oh, thanks.
Yeah, I’m on there sometimes. [ Cheers and applause ] I’m in the background. -You’re not in the background.
Please. -No, I’m like that guy that just
comes in that’s like, “I got pizza.”
And then it’s, like, gone. -No.
-Yeah. -Tucci gang was big.
-Oh, yeah, thank you. -That was good.
That was very cool. -Yeah. -You were one of the youngest
cast members ever to be on that show.
Do you know that? -Yeah, I guess. -Yeah.
-Yeah. Thank you.
[ Applause ] I’m, like, the fourth though.
It doesn’t matter. Right? -Oh, no, it matters.
You’re on some type of list. Yeah.
-Cool. -Oh, that’s the tattoo? -Yes, I got a — yeah. -I seen it on the news.
-Yeah, I did too apparently. -It’s the number-one story. -Apparently when I take a
[bleep] it’s, like, news. [ Laughter ] -I already read that.
That’s old news. -Yeah. -What were we talking about?
You’re the fourth — You know you can’t say that word
on television. -Oh, hey, man, you asked me
to be on here. Like, you know what I mean?
[ Laughter ] I don’t do these things
very much. This is why. -But you know the rules of
television, don’t you? -I don’t. I know “SNL.” -You work on
“Saturday Night Live.” What are you talking about? -I could get fired from there. I can’t get fired
from your show. [ Laughter ] -Yes, you can!
-I don’t care. [ Cheers and applause ] -You are fired! Get out of here! Nothing can happen to you. -This is my first and last
“Tonight Show” appearance. [ Laughter ] No, it’s fine. I’ll go on “Seth.” I don’t give a [bleep]. -You could go on “Seth.” -I actually have Seth’s number. I don’t have your number.
So I’m just saying. [ Audience oohs ] -And you’re never gonna
get it either, so, yeah. -Exactly, see? -That’s all right.
I’ll call Arianna. -Oh, yeah.
-We’re good. [ Audience oohs ] -I’m forever, like, known as,
like, her plus-one. [ Laughter ] Oh, there’s actually water
in this [bleep]. -You really are going to
get fired. -It’s my last time.
I’m enjoying every second. -Every second of this. Pete, you do have something
that you’re in though. -Oh, yes. I’m in this movie
called “Set It Up.” It’s on Netflix. [ Cheers and applause ]
Yes. -You’ve become
a whole different character. -Yeah, it’s doing quite well. I’m in it for like 10 seconds,
but it’s a great movie. And you should see it
for the other great actors that are in it. So, I think we have a clip of
that as well? [ Laughter ] -At this point,
you’re just running the show. -No, it’s a hilarious movie. You should see it. -Yeah, here’s Pete Davidson in
“Set It Up.” Take a look at this.
-Yeah. -Susan’s coming over.
That’s nice. -Why did you say it like that?
Why’d your voice go up? -‘Cause, you know,
she, uh, she sucks. -What? -If take away her face
and her boobs, you kind of realize she’s not
really saying anything. -That’s the most heterophobic
thing I ever heard in my life. You just don’t know her. -Well, how well do you know her? -I know everything about Suse.
All right? We talk all the time.
I text her all day. -Like? -She’s from Puerto Rico. She’s a model. She uses La Mer products. She doesn’t like dairy. There you go. -All right, well, what do you do
if you want to have, like, an intimate, meaningful
conversation with somebody? -I talk to you.
-That’s not what I’m for. That’s what your girlfriend’s
for. She’s supposed to be
your best friend. -That is ridiculous.
You’re my best friend. I’ve never even pooped at
her apartment. -Well, whose fault is that? Should have did that the first
date. Mark your territory. [ Laughter ] -Pete Davidson, everybody!
[ Cheers and applause ] The last appearance of
Pete Davidson. [ Cheers and applause ] You were great. -I’m sorry. -No, we love you. Please check out “Set It Up”
on Netflix.

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