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Picking a Mother of the Bride’s Dress : Revealing Mother-of-the-Bride’s Dresses

When you’re looking at styles, there’s a lot
of things you can do to cover up things. One of the things too that we recommend mothers
look at is whether or not they will have to wear strapless because a lot of mother’s don’t
want to have to wear a strapless bra. This one, you know, we might be able to get by
with a regular bra but a good tip is to be sure and have a good bra, especially when
she comes to try things on because that makes a big difference in how things fit. There
are very loose fitting styles, especially good for plus sizes if you feel like you have
maybe more rolls and lumps and bumps than you’d like to admit. Something that has a
soft fabric that’s not fitted tightly can be a real comfortable dress as well. Dresses
that are what we call faux two piece, they’re not actually two piece but they look like
two pieces. This little part of the dress right here can really cover some sins and
that also makes you feel much more comfortable. It’s not one of those dresses you have to
go around all night holding your stomach in.

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