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President Trump Participates in the FBI National Academy Graduation Ceremony

President Trump Participates in the FBI National Academy Graduation Ceremony

Thank you very
much, everybody. That’s a lot of years
since the last President, and we’ll be back. (laughter) And thank you to Attorney
General Sessions; thank you, Director Wray;
Assistant Director Resch for hosting me here at the
FBI National Academy to address our wonderful
local police and sheriffs from all over America. A very special honor. And it’s an honor to
stand here today with the incredible men and women
of law enforcement. Thank you. (applause) We’re here to celebrate
your graduation from the National Academy
at Quantico. For over 80 years,
this rigorous and world-renowned program has
trained America’s most dedicated local law
enforcement officers from all across the country. So respected. Let me begin by saying
to each member of the graduating class:
Congratulations. You left home for 11 weeks
to enroll in this program because you love your
jobs, you love your communities, and you
love your country. Earlier this week, you
completed the harrowing 6-mile “Yellow
Brick Road.” Just signed that
beautiful brick (laughter) I just signed that brick –
designed for the Marines to push even the
toughest to their limit. You endured muddy waters,
barbed-wire fences, icy creeks, steep hills, and
so much more, knowing that your elite training
will help save lives. The training you received
at Quantico will give you that extra edge you need
to defuse a threat, to disarm a criminal, and to
deliver a child safely to her mother’s arms. I am here not only to
congratulate you, but to honor you for your courage
and for your devotion. And I want you to know
that with me as your President, America’s
police will have a true friend and loyal champion
in the White House – more loyal than anyone else
can be, I tell you. (applause) Thank you. Thank you. I also want to take a
moment to speak to all of the law enforcement
families here today. You make tremendous
sacrifices. American families can
sleep soundly at night because of the burden that
you carry for all of us. So on behalf of all
Americans, to every law enforcement family here
today, and all across the nation: Thank you, thank
you, thank you very much. (applause) And you do that under the
most difficult conditions. You very rarely get the
recognition you deserve, I can tell you that. But your families know
what you deserve, and ultimately, that’s the
most important thing, isn’t it? It’s not a news story when
our officers save a life, rescue a family,
or stop a crime. It’s just another
day on the job. Yet, no matter the
circumstances, you serve tirelessly, selflessly,
and heroically. You do it because you
really believe in doing your duty and
doing it properly. Being a police officer is
not just a career, it’s a calling. And I’ve seen it. I have so many friends
that are police officers – so many people in the FBI. These are great,
great people. These are really
heroes for all of us. So thank you very much. (applause) And as we, as a country,
must do a better job showing our police
officers the respect and gratitude that
you have earned. And we will do that. So when you return home to
your local precincts, I want you to deliver a
message to your fellow officers: The President of
the United States has your back 100 percent. (applause) I will fight for you, and
I will never, ever let you down – ever. Now, more than ever, we
must support the men and women in blue. In the last two years,
America has seen a tragic rise in violent crime. In 2015 and 2016, we
witnessed the steepest two-year consecutive
increase in murders in nearly half a century. And you look at what’s
going on in Chicago. What the hell is
going on in Chicago? (laughter) What the hell is
happening there? (applause) For the second year in a
row, a person was shot in Chicago every three hours. You don’t think these
people in this room can stop that? They’d stop that. They’d stop it. And just north of our
nation’s capital, in Baltimore, on average,
someone was murdered nearly every day
of this year. Police departments are
overstretched, they’re underfunded, and they’re
totally underappreciated – except by me. (applause) Instead of holding up our
police as the role models and mentors they are, they
have been subjected to malicious attacks on their
character and integrity. This anti-police sentiment
is wrong, and it’s dangerous, and we
will not stand for it. Most concerning of all,
we have seen an alarming increase in violent
assaults carried out against our
police officers. Last year, an officer was
assaulted in America, on average, every 10 minutes. In 2016, more than 140
officers lost their lives serving in the
line of duty. These deaths fill our
hearts with pain and with grief. Every drop of blood
spilled from our men and women in blue is a wound
inflicted on our nation. And when a brother or
sister in uniform is hurt, on that day, all of
America bleeds blue. I want to send a message
today to those who threaten violence against
our police: We will protect those
who protect us. And we believe criminals
who kill police officers should get the
death penalty. (applause) One of my first executive
orders as President instructed the Department
of Justice to take all necessary steps and legal
action to protect law enforcement from acts of
violence against them. The Department of Justice
has also announced more than $98 million in grant
funding to help your local police departments hire
desperately needed new officers. Also, just as I promised,
we are allowing our local police to access surplus
military equipment – something the previous
administration, for some reason, refused to do. (applause) Explain that one. Explain it to me, please. Never understood that one. Somebody out
there can explain. Anybody want to stand
up and explain it? It’d be tough. (laughter) If we want to bring down
violent crime, then we must stand up
for our police. All of us gathered here
today share a common goal. We want every child to be
able to walk safely home from school, and we want
every mother and father to know their children will
be secure when they tuck them in at night. No family should have to
worry about bullets flying through windows, or gangs
recruiting on street corners. Every American child
should be able to grow up in a safe community,
surrounded by a loving family, and preparing
to embark on a bright, beautiful future. As President, my greatest
duty is to protect our nation and to
protect our people. As we have witnessed
recently, America faces grave threats. Terrorists have struck in
the streets and subways of New York City twice
in a few months. Both terrorists came to
our country through the dysfunctional immigration
system that we are correcting, and rapidly. And one came through
chain migration – chain migration; the
other, visa lottery. They have a lottery. You pick people. Do you think the country
is giving us their best people? No. (laughter) What kind of a
system is that? They come in by lottery. They give us their worst
people, they put them in a bin, but in his hand, when
he’s picking them is, really, the worst
of the worst. Congratulations, you’re
going to the United States. Okay. (laughter) What a system –
lottery system. We’re calling for Congress
to end chain migration and to end the visa lottery
system, and replace it with a merit-based
system of immigration. (applause) We want a system that puts
the needs of American families, taxpayers,
and security first. That is why I have also
directed the federal government law enforcement
to work closely with our state and local police to
destroy criminal cartels like the savages of MS-13. (applause) Already this year, the
Department of Justice has worked with partners in
Central America to arrest and charge roughly
4,000 MS-13 members. And the Department of
Homeland Security has arrested nearly 800
MS-13 gang members and associates, an 83 percent
increase from the previous year, and we’re much
higher this year than we were last year. And we’ll get rid of them
completely very soon, right? Right? They’re working hard. (applause) Earlier this year, ICE
officers conducted the largest crackdown on
criminal gangs in the history of our country. In just six weeks, ICE –
these are great people too; great people – and
the Border Patrol agents – great people – and our
law enforcement partners arrested nearly 1,400
suspects and seized more than 200 illegal firearms
and nearly 600 rounds of narcotics –
over 600 pounds. That’s a lot of stuff. Recently, prosecutions
of criminal firearm possessions were
up 23 percent. To any member of MS-13
listening, I have a message for you:
We will find you. We will arrest you. We will jail you. We will throw you the
hell out of the country. (laughter) I mean, somehow, I like
it better than jail. Jail we have to
take care of them. Who the hell wants
to take care of them? (applause) You know the jail stuff is
wonderful but we have to pay for it, right? (laughter) But these are killers,
these are people that are sadists in many cases. We don’t want them. We don’t want them. They’re getting
out of here. Our cities should not be
sanctuaries for criminals; they should be sanctuaries
for Americans. It is our duty to serve
the hardworking citizens of our country who raise
our families, cherish our values, salute our flag,
and make this land our home. These are the citizens you
represent, and these are the citizens you
courageously protect. By the way, you
are great people. You are incredible people. Just so you understand,
you are great people doing an incredible job. But I hope your
families know that. I’d say 90 percent of – probably 90 percent
agree, right? (laughter) The other 10 percent,
that’s not working out so well. (laughter) We heard from one such
hero among us earlier today, your class
spokesperson, DEA Officer Craig Wiles. It is truly amazing to see
Craig’s father sitting in the very seat where Craig
himself sat 40 years ago, when he was just
15 years old. Where is his
father, by the way? Where is his father? Where is your father? There he is. (applause) He’s better looking
than you, by the way. (laughter) It’s a great story though. It’s fantastic. Thank you for being here. That’s really nice. You proud of
your son, right? Good. So am I. That day, Craig watched
his father speak at this podium. When he listened to his
father’s words, he was filled with pride and such
devotion that, at that moment, he too decided to
become a law enforcement officer. Terrific. Today, it’s incredible
that his own children have joined us for this
special moment. His daughter, Ashley, is
carrying on the legacy of her father and
grandfather. She now serves in law
enforcement at the FBI. His son, Austin,
is in college. And no matter what he
chooses to do, I think we can confidently – and we
really can, with great confidence – say that,
this, he will always be better because of his
father’s lifelong example of selflessness and
courage, and of love. So, thank you, Craig
and your family. It’s a terrific story and
really is a great honor to be with you. Thank you very much. (applause) But as I look out in the
audience today, I see many young, bright faces. To them, and to many other
young Americans watching at home, of which there
are many – you see, there’s the fake
news back there. Look, everybody. (laughter) Fake news. No, actually, some of
them are fine people. (laughter) About – let’s see,
who’s back there? Yeah, about 30 percent. (laughter) You are the men and women
who teach them what it means to be a
police officer. You are always
there for us. The men and women in blue,
in the dark of night, in the rush of danger, you
break down doors, race down alleys, chase down
suspects, and bring down criminals. And you do it with
strength and skill and pride. There’s a reason that your
children look up to you with their eyes full of
awe and full of wonder. There’s a reason that they
rush to the window just to catch a glimpse of your
sirens flashing by. Because to them, and to
all of us, and to me, you are the guardians who keep
us safe, who ward off danger, and who confront
evil so that the good will always prevail. You represent the
best of America. And you leave us with a
debt we can never hope to repay. Today, we honor you, we
thank you, and we know that by your example, some
of the children here today and watching at home will
be inspired to fill your shoes, to continue your
service, to follow in your footsteps, and to take the
oath, to carry the badge, to wear the shield, and to
join the ranks of heroes. Thank you to our police,
thank you to our sheriffs, thank you to the FBI,
and thank you to our law enforcement families. God bless you all. Thank you very much. (applause)

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