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Primary Kids Explain: Marriage

Primary Kids Explain: Marriage

I would be married if I was a grown-up! A boy and a girl get in love then they get married Well… you kind of dance sometimes and have some little cake sometimes. so, you like, have a family and you get to have a romantic dance together! Well, someone makes you sealed together and then when you’re sealed together you live at a house and you have kids. They have flowers! And a pony!!! It takeses a really long time. by using your ‘noculars. ‘Noculars look really far! You put them on your eyes and they can see far things! By, like, saying… “Will you marry me?” That’s what a gentleman does. to…um…like… find a boy that listens to Heavenly Father And…um…obeys our mothers? 30 or 31 or 32 or 33… This long. Like, 13 or 17 or 14? or 34 or 35. That’s how old my MOM is! Cause they have true love for each other? So they can live happy together with their children. So they can be sealed as a family. Having FUN! So that you can be with your family forever. Hey… All you people out there… SUBSCRIBE! um, what is it again?

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