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  1. Beautiful wedding. These two have wonderful chemistry. They appear to be much in love and very happy! I hope their lives together are filled with joy. Congratulations Jack and Eugenie!! 💝

  2. Eugenie overcame so many obstacles, she is great testament for perseverance. Eugenie must join Prince William &Prince Harry to empower young women around the world, esp Prince Wiliam as Meg always thinks that she is the one introducing anything &everything, making it all about herself( do understand, as charity projects, got her second date with Harry) WHATSEugenie overcame so many obstacles, she is great testament for perseverance. Eugenie must join Prince William &Prince Harry to empower young women around the world, esp Prince Wiliam as Meg always thinks that she is the one introducing anything &everything, making it all about herself( do understand, as charity projects, got her second date with Harry) ……Love the Royals.Love the Royals….esp how Eugenie overcame so many obstacles…. she is great testament for perseverance. I need to compain though, why does the American media always show Prince William& Catherine at a bad angle…. TH BULL CRAP ABOUT THE MONEY SPENT ON PRINCESS EUGENIE ? ……Love the Royals.

  3. A nice wedding. And a beautiful bride. But the whole affair was second fiddle to Meg and Harry's blow-out! Meg's always has to be the center of attention!

  4. ….. The historical day! Amazing couple, especially Princess Eugenie, as the real "White Rose of Yorks" (Wowww!) in her universal, so conqueror, but very modest style white dress! But Prince Andrew remind me Shakespeare "King Lear"… with his always smiled, so positive & really charming "Fergie"!… The Life is not so long, that to be angry,… you can't make anyone to be perfect, as you are!, dear deep respected "Pisces-Mouse" ( astr. treaty) …
    ….. Congratulations from Georgia❤️!

  5. Princess Eugenie made a spectacular statement about body shaming when she chose to forego a veil and wear a wedding gown that revealed the foot long scar on her back from scoliosis surgery. Jack Brooksbank immediately grasped her meaning and handed his glasses to his best man. Later in the most romantic gesture of the wedding ceremony he reached over to lovingly grasp his new bride's hand while she was in a contemplative mood and was rewarded with a glowing smile from his courageous bride who is an inspiration to women and girls everywhere.

  6. An absolutely stunning wedding with a real and magical Princess who looked gorgeous Fabulous dress magical tiara adding colour Jack loves her so much he makes me cry – these two are a very special couple deeply in love and I wish them every possible happiness in their future together.

  7. EXQUISITE & ELEGANT———–describes this Royal Wedding!  The MUSIC was breathtaking!!  What a coup to get Andrea BOCELLI, too.  The selections were so tasteful for a wedding, whereas Harry's was too much raucous, jmo.  And, what a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE Princess Eugenie made.  Of course, Jack is very handsome as well.  LOVED the whole event, and even loved the fact that Sarah got to sit next to Andrew.  What a loving touch that was, even though he was afraid to engage her for fear of ruffling other royal feathers!!  Hope their evening was magnificent.  I heard it was!  Fergie looked great, but can we see some pics of the Bride & Groom??

  8. Their actually related far out but in hindsight not that far out,, it's all about the bloodline keep the blood pure. But diluted it now and again so we don't have any retards,, can't hide them away like we did in the past…

  9. It was more than a merely symbolic gesture insofar as Princess Eugenie wearing her gown open backed, exposing her vivid scar. Those young girls and boys as well who had scoliosis and other diseases that affected their superficial appearance are not alone. They know all of the myth and fantasy about being a royal princess, and to our youngsters, it's a very special position in the world. Now, they have a significant connection with a real princess in the real world. This is a good thing, Princess Eugenie. Good job. Great beginnings.

  10. The green stones match lovely eyes. No train needed. Let here extraordinary confidence and beautiful radiAnt all on their own. No veil needed!

  11. the ever supportive team of mother and daughters!
    she was simply so splendid!

    though i like kate's gown of all the british royal brides', i honor every significance and trademark of every individual.

    the simple tiara, the statement gown, and the hand bouquet really complement her soft green eyes and her sparkling grin in utter bliss like remarkable Markle's whose eyes always twinkle and smile sparkles, almost a triple bliss as her parents and big family and friends unite on her big day.

    neither of them need to compete and compare.
    they are both gorgeous.
    none of us need to fight.
    we all have our rights.
    meghan's message was in her veil.
    her gown instead signifies her messages.
    no fuss.

    kate didn't make any statement but she was so radiant, vibrant, fabulous, and electric!
    character wise, my heart goes to Diana and meghan, of course!

    emerald matches her earrings from her husband and her mom's chic dress.
    she is very brave and thoughtful we never thought all this time.
    she chose a tiara that belongs to her royal grandma; the Queen but at the same time honors her husband's ordinary root of a commoner.

    she is again thoughtful knowing that she is the youngest child like Harry, her cousin.
    Harry is satisfied with another ring for his bride out of his deep respect and love for his elder brother who should own mom Diana's ring for his bride, Kate, the future queen and his future sister in law much the same way Euge is reserving their mother's York tiara which was a wedding gift from the queen for her elder sister Beatrice out of her high respect for her being the eldest in the family.

    last night i followed her insta even though i hate that app out of my respect to the Queen's thoughtful grandchildren i usually don't really pay attention to as not every royal is royal in acts like Diana and her kids.

    today, Euge really proves that British royals in her generation really are people of substance and values!
    she may not be as thoughtful as Meghan with those 53 flowers of commonwealth countries but the fact that she took into consideration both her royal line in keeping with family tradition as well as her husband's and friends' background is very astounding and high class!

    i really love the way this royal family honors the importance of the seniors family members, their new family members like the parents of Jack and Meghan and Kate, and the people around their lives on big occasions like this.

    i adore the efforts and willingness of guests and well wishers to brave the autumn for the sake of celebrating two brave hearts taking a monumental risk of a marriage; a union of two different souls. this wedding is what respect, honor, love, reality, and fairy tales are made and meant to be!

    may Allah remarry their parents, Duke and Duchess of York whom i adore from the way daddy made face in wrestling with her train in gusting autumn winds while mommy watched on in a motherly exasperation. what a lovely family to keep and begin with!

    Prince Charles made me tearful for the honor and love to his daughter-in-law and her mother.
    Prince Andrew made me tearful for the honor and love to his daughter and her mother.
    how i wish Diana is here in every family occasion!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    from malaysia with love.

  12. This was a real princess wedding not a disney one. Similar to what Princess Charlotte may one day have. It was special and genuine. The other two can easily become Fergie.

  13. She's a much more beautiful bride then Meghan was,Meghans dress didnt fit her well,her hair was just a mess as always nothing special about her at all,she kinda looked frumpy

  14. Tutta la famiglia Reale è bellissima! Sono un bell'esempio di famiglia unita ultimamente! C'è AMORE! BELLEZZA! INCANTO! CHE BELLO!

  15. Jack Brooksbank looks sooo handsome, like Benedict Cumberbatch. rich and handsome and he seems like a real gentleman. the Princess caught a nice fish. shes beautiful too and a PRINCESS so he caught a nice fish too. soo lovely. 😀

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