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Purdue Global Holds Its First Graduation Ceremony

Purdue Global Holds Its First Graduation Ceremony

♫ >>Welcome to each of you
to our 2018 commencement. This is our first ever
ceremony as Purdue Global. [CHEERING] ♫>>We are especially proud today to be part of the advent
of this new expansion of our historic land grant
mission, Purdue University Global. Therefore, very
grateful to those of you who are our first graduates. [CHEERING]>>You persisted. You stood up for
what matters to you. The purpose of Purdue
Global is to enable hard-working adult
students like you to earn your place at
the table of opportunity.>>What we learned over the
last 400 years in education and in our civic life is that
the more people we include, the more perspectives
we incorporate, the more open we
are to new ideas, the more talent we unleash, wherever it comes from,
the better off we are. That’s true for our country, that’s true for each
of us as individuals, and it’s true for institutions
like Purdue Global.>>May I be the first to
say hail, Purdue Global. Congratulations.>>You may now change your
tassel to the left side. [CHEERING & APPLAUSE]>>It’s my pleasure to present the 2018 graduating class
of Purdue University Global. [CHEERS & APPLAUSE] ♫

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