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Queen Charlotte’s Dress at Kew Palace

Queen Charlotte’s Dress at Kew Palace

2018 is a really important year for Kew because we celebrate two bicentenaries the wedding between the Duke of Kent to Princess Victoria and the Duke of Clarence to Princess Adelaide and this took place upstairs in the Queen’s drawing-room The other anniversary is the death of Queen Charlotte in the palace The dress behind me is precisely the sort of thing that she may have worn to the double wedding at Kew Palace The lace that it’s made of is a needlepoint lace of the highest quality and there are little symbols about it which really show that this was a royal dress and specifically a dress that belonged to Queen Charlotte There’s a tiny detail on the front of little ‘c’s which have been embroidered in there are bunches of grapes. Grapes, of course being a great symbol of fecundity The other detail which I think really marks this out as a royal dress are the unusual scalloped edges, which are almost Gothic in style maybe looking back to a Tudor period this old-fashioned illusion really is almost a symbol of the lineage and the line of succession which was of course so important for this double wedding because the child that was the result of it was of course Queen Victoria, who was born a year later in 1819

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  1. Amazing lacework! I crochet and tat, but never could use the extremely fine threads required for something like this. So much is taken for granted nowadays, and there’s no appreciation for the older art forms. Thanks for sharing this.

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